My squirrel keeps eating the walnuts I leave but she doesn’t seem to be getting fatter or showing me more love. Are any of you knowledgeable enough to know if it’s a girl or boy? I think girl. All I know is that feeding her my nuts everyday makes me feel good. About 7 years ago, I was in a swimming pool in Baha, California, when I heard the news that the Fukushima Japanese nuclear power plant had had a serious accident. I know something about these things. I made “China Syndrome” and I’ve studied the subject of nuclear energy so I was overcome with emotion. Right then, I saw that a bee had fallen into the swimming pool and was struggling. I wanted above all else to save that bee and I did, scooping it out of the pool with a leaf. In fact, I think I blogged about doing that and how it made me feel better. Just doing that little act of kindness helped. It’s like that with my squirrel.

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  1. Hi Ms Fonda squirrels only retrieve one in five nuts they burry I leave the two that visit our garden monkey nuts and watch them munch away. X

  2. Hi Jane! I was going through some of your old workout videos, and I saw Leslie Lilien. I searched the internet for her, but there were no records of her except a very tiny imdb credit. I was wondering, are you still in touch with her, and if so how is she doing?

  3. I have found from my many walks around Lake Balboa Park, if you make a high pitched kind of sucky squeak- ok good luck figuring that one out- they come to you- I have become obsessed since I moved out here-
    I wish I could post a picture – I have videos of these squirrels coming up and taking a peanut from my hand- it’s amazing – email me and I’ll send you a clip- it’s so cool –
    Love Grace and Frankie
    Everyone says they wrote it about my sister and I-
    She’s the oldest but I’m the fire -she’s going to be 80 in Jan- And me – 62..we hit up Every march around –
    And I always say I’m about to lose my shit- lol-
    Anyway – if you want to see the video – send an email and I will attach it-
    I have a few and they are short – they are on my phone-

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