I’m pretty excited about interviewing Mary Trump for next Fire Drill Friday. We had a preliminary “talk” yesterday and she’s way smart and interesting…as is her book. One of the things I like about her book is that we learn what made her uncle the way he is and with that comes empathy. I know that a lot of you will go “whaaaat the f….” Why should I feel empathy. Here’s my perspective:. While he has done hateful, evil things, many of them, if we hate him, we lose. Hate is a heavy and toxic emotion to carry. It does us no good to lug that baggage around. Evil actions, cruel deeds, are the language of the traumatized. We can and should hate the deeds but feel empathy for the traumatized. I’ve felt certain over these four years that Trump experienced major childhood trauma. His lack of empathy, his cruelty, speaks of early trauma, the sort that makes a man scared and scarred and believing that any act of kindness or accepting responsibility or even getting sick shows weakness. You’re a loser. Sick people are losers. All the covid victims are losers. Wearing a mask is for losers. That’s why he doesn’t care. At least it’s one reason. It’s quite terrifying that such pathologies are now running our country. Especially at a time when we truly need leaders with compassion and humility and the willingness to listen to experts.

So Friday is going to be really interesting. Every day this week is going to be interesting. I’ve started to promote my book so I’m going interviews with interesting people. For instance, my interview for the magazine “Interview” is going to be with the trans “Pose” star Indya Moore.. Indya was a guest on Friday Drill Friday awhile back and is impressively interesting and intelligent. Monday I do Andy Cohen’s show. I did a very fun photo shoot for “Interview” with Luke Gilford last week. Wild. Everybody but me wore masks and kept a proper distance. I looked different than I ever have in my life. It’s rather surprising to me that I can still look different at my age. Amy Winehouse eyes and black lips, for instance.

But what I’m really into is the squirrel that’s been hanging around our cul de sac. She (I choose to believe it’s a girl) comes out early and romps around fearlessly. I’ve started laying 3 walnuts out on the top of a low wall every morning. I’ve not yet seen her actually take them but they’re always gone. My hope is that one day she’ll eat one out of my hand. Hey, we get our kicks where we can, right?

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  1. Jane, It made my heart feel good to see all that support for the Post Office & it’s workers. Dimondstein and Karol were excellent communicators. Their passion and dedication was evident plus lots of good information. I had located the place to drop off the ballot as a back-up plan considering I am sitting smack in Republican territory, but after hearing them I hate to not trust in the post office workers to do what they have always done. If I get the ballot early and I will ask for that, I will fill it out the same day and take it back to the Post office immediately, all should go well. It was an excellent FDF event. Thank you. P.S. Did you get the Owl pictures I mailed you? (Ollie looking in the window.)Have a great day. Dona

  2. Jane,
    I’m just being me times a thousand! Lol. That is my second favorite episode the tremor. My favorite episode of G&F is the coup. Mic Drop! I’ve been watching G&F the last couple days to keep my mind off negative thoughts. I want to ask you how did you like the DNC? This was the very first one I have ever watched. I thought it was great and informative. Michelle Obama was my favorite speaker. I keep her catchphrase in my mind “ when they go low we go high”. I posted a lot on Facebook about the convention and speakers. After it was finished I looked at all the comments and was sad. Most of them were negative. I’m not a fan of posting negativity on social media so when I saw that from people I know it was disheartening. I don’t understand the hate? This is the first election I’ve paid attention to. Were they all like this? I mean people saying communist, baby killer, racists? I mean those are harsh words. I can handle my mom calling and saying 4 more yrs. How did you ever handle the hate you got in your earlier yrs? I wish I was as strong as you. That’s why I look up to you. As soon as I’m done with your book I’m going to use the meditation you have in the back. There is so much I want to ask you and say. I am just going to pray and keep thinking positive thoughts and volunteering. I can’t wait till FDF can be out in the streets again! (Hopefully). Thank you for being such a strong positive role model.
    Love always,

    • Yew, Stacey, there’s always been the haters and their heinous rantings. But Donald trump has caused it to multiply many times over because of his own hateful rants. I thought the DNC Convention was terrific nd I hope they continue doing them this way…much more concise and coherent, in my opinion.

      • Jane,
        I think that is terrible and sad. Though I don’t have anything to compare it to I think this way was a great way to conduct the DNC. Less distractions.

  3. Hi Jane, help, !!!

  4. Jane, I also forgot to mention I’m sure you already heard that the house approved an additional 25 billion for the US Postal service!! Great news. I have a feeling your interview this past Friday might have had a little to do with that. At least that’s how I feel!

  5. Jane, you’ve been with me through thick and thin, and I am so grateful! Originally from the USA, I’ve lived in Israel for all of my adult life. I live in an area that suffers periodically from rocket attacks. Grace & Frankie became my TV sisters in the bomb-proof room, and continued to keep me company through all of the seasons. (I was in seriously withdrawal when the last season ended). Now with COVID upon us, you’re helping me to keep fit. My abs have never been so engaged! When my 91 year old Mom in CT fell ill and it was impossible to fly over to be with her, you helped me to keep my sanity. My Mom was the type of woman that you will certainly continue to be: trim, fit, beautiful, intelligent, and glad to dispense smart advice. Thank you for being there for me!

  6. Hi Jane, I think you’ve shared a really interesting perspective on Donald Trump. I suppose it can be very easy for the media to present him as inhumane and heinous. It’s definitely worth having empathy for everyone, I only wish that he could show empathy and sympathy towards those he finds incomprehensible, but I suppose that would be a different world. I think it’s really important of you to share that perspective. Sometimes he does seem like a strange, almost made – up persona (sadly not) – I can understand why people shroud him with hatred, but you it’s helpful to be reminded that you can’t fight fire with fire. – Found this post really thought – provoking.
    Thanks Jane

  7. Jane I am Catholic, I try to live and act congruently according to the teachings of Christ, I fight with my husband defending the Clergy that he constantly criticizes, but these days I am reading in the Catholic Press that they are alerting people to Why not vote for the Democratic candidates in your country and I believe that the Church should not get involved in that, this time sadly I must admit that my husband is right, what do you think?

    • Wow! That’s scary, Candita. The church is actually saying “Don’t Vote for Biden”?

  8. Jane, I think is a god oportunity, and is going to be soon:

  9. The title of the book says it all. Unfortunately, the US election is not just an American issue. After all, the American President is called “the most powerful man in the world”. Even though intellectually I dismiss this label, because I would never grant that much power to anybody, the butterfly effect is evident everywhere. Just think about his poodles, NATO slaves, memorable handshakes, and of course the never-ending warmongery.

    I believe in the saying “History likes to repeat itself”. I cringe when I think about the 1st victory of George Doublya, but the re-election was beyond my comprehension. Therefore I know I might not comprehend what happens in November, 2020.

    People always say I’m a pessimist, and I correct them, saying that I’m a realist (don’t like being called pessimistic much). I also believe in the saying “Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst”, like someone you know, Jane, but nothing ever can prepare one for what might happen this autumn. Apart, perhaps, from frontal lobotomy.

    He had his shot at being the Superman, thank you, but now please get rid of him – empathy or not…

    If the worst happens, you will just have to, quoting Alec Baldwin, “drink bleach to make America great again”.

    • I’ll do my very best, Bob.xx Jane

      • Jane,
        I know you will! I believe in you, like I did in the 70’s, when I was just a kid and you were my political hero: common sense + pacifisim + justice + guts + outspokenness + honesty + determination + integrity. Even if we fail – at least we tried, unlike the mindless masses (that seem to run the planet).
        By the way, my previous comment wasn’t addressed directly to you, when I say YOU, but to all the American people – a plea from the other side of the globe.
        Keeping the faith, x B.

  10. Jane,
    on a different note – are you familiar with the fantastic study of squirrels’ nut burying habit & technique conducted by UC Berkeley? Maybe we humans are not the most intelligent creatures around here… Unfortunately I can’t remember the title or makers of the fascinating documentary I once watched wagging my tail.
    Good luck with hand feeding!

  11. Jane I watched you today at your rally, what happened to your wrist?

  12. Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much for everything you do. You’re such an inspiration to me. I’ve garnished a lot of anger for Trump, but there were moments in the last four years, where I saw the same thing you talked about. It’s also quite astonishing, how obvious (for some of us), he makes his childhood trauma. It makes me pity him, and his upbringing, I do feel empathy for him, but it hurts me more that we’re paying for it, as I’m sure you understand, and may also feel. But I thank you for encouraging not to hate. On the grand scheme, it won’t make this battle any easier.

    I do have a question for you – first I recently heard you say in an interview about Joe Biden, “I’d rather push a moderate, than fight a fascist,” which I thought was genius.

    To that point, every day, when I see the news headlines, I become more concerned that we’re heading in the direction of tyranny. I’ve thought this since the 2016 election, when I saw so many people in his base, the blind devotion. How (basically state/trump-owned media) Fox News brainwashes them, and then this narrative is reinforced and validated, for many, by social media algorithms that feed personalized, highly targeted content. But in 2016, I thought, maybe it won’t be that bad, maybe I’m being extreme and paranoid. There are processes in place, to help prevent this, experts and other leaders who he can defer to.

    Of course now we know, he doesn’t like to defer to these experts, basically across the board. It is worse than I ever could’ve imagined. Sometimes I ask myself, am I being insane by worrying about tyranny here? But I know I am not. I reread works from the 1930s and beyond, about signs of fascism, and tyranny, and how it could come to the US. Everyday I get more concerned, that this is it.

    I know this election is critical, for this reason. If Biden doesn’t win, who knows what our country will be in four years. I believe if we have an election that is secure and fair, that Biden will win. But I don’t believe Trump is going to let this happen. He’s of course doing everything to create confusion for voters, even in his own party. Now encouraging some to vote twice!? A good president would want to secure the faith in our voting system, for this election and for elections to come. I fear we will never have a fair election again. I used to criticize the voting system before, how naive I was, back then.

    Anyway, my real question is – what can we do now? What can we do to help prevent Trump from claiming victory before the mail-in ballots are counted? What can we do to prevent him and his base from self-militarizing when the results come in, especially if they don’t come until a few weeks after Nov 3rd? What can we do, to help prevent the russian interference (the propaganda is one thing, but I also recently learned there’s hard evidence that they were in the voting software that most polling places use. I imagine all it takes is one weak link, to let them back in.)

    I’m going to drop my ballot off in person, early. I am encouraging others to do the same. But there are so many things that can go wrong. And since he’s the one in the single most powerful position in the world, he’s not going to care to take measures that would secure our confidence.

    I’ve given up trying to persuade Trump’s base. Some people are too far gone. Instead I’ve been focusing, whatever I can, on encouraging people I know to vote who wouldn’t vote otherwise. I hate to be pessimistic, and I am actually hopeful at times, but everyday, things get worse.

    I studied Political Science, I saw these signs right away. It’s like, if anyone could go back to before Hitler began to consolidate power, I assume they would, and warn everyone. Some of us are trying to ring these alarms, and I understand why his base doesn’t want to listen (b/c it’s not convenient for them, or they just don’t understand, etc), and of course there is that notorious chilling phrase of “it can’t happen here.” I don’t know, I also feel like public leaders should be doing more to ensure the security of the election. For example, polling places, shouldn’t be connected to the internet at all. Eliminate the opportunity for hacking by disconnecting. Use the machines to count and then manually submit them. I don’t know the specifics on how all of the polling places operate, but from what I read, it seems many of the machines are automated, and then send in the results via the internet.

    The funny thing is, you would think, Trump wants to be remembered as a legend and the greatest president in history. If he wasn’t so narcissistic and childish, he had the opportunity to do great things during these unfortunately horrific times. I guess the problem is he values his ego, more than the truth, and take shortcuts. Instead of doing the right thing, I’m going to make my true supporters, believe I did the right thing. Or maybe he convinces himself what he does is right, I don’t think he’s that naive, though. I think he knows what he’s doing.

    That’s another thing that gets me, the way he tries to punish cities, states, and voters who didn’t vote for him, by withholding federal funding. That come from our tax paying dollars. That’s a huge indicator for what he could possibly do should he be “elected again.”

    As a gay woman, I’m concerned. I’m concerned what will happen. Not even just for me, for all of us. For black people, muslim, latino, asian, all women, all children, lgbtq, and really all americans. Maybe I’m doing the most I can do. I am getting involved in phone campaigning, and postcards, but there must be more at a larger scale. Who has influence that can help make the elections fair? I also contacted my local congresswoman with some ideas.

    I hope we can look back and just say, it was a threat, and we got close, but the American people came through in voting Biden in in a landslide. I’d rather that happen, than ever being able to tell Trumps base, “I told you so.”

    Anyway, I apologize for going so dark and for my comment being so long. I would edit it and trim it down, but it’s a stream of consciousness, really. I just wanted to see your thoughts on this. The american people, I believe are waking up, to racism, climate change, trump’s tyranny, and many other issues. That’s the one positive thing that came out of this. I just hope we’ll be able to use this opportunity. I hope it won’t be robbed from us.

    Thanks again Jane, for everything you do. I listen to your interviews, and firedrill fridays often, they help me a lot, your perspective, everything. You’re genuinely such an inspiration. I hope I get to attend a firedrill friday in person, sometime in the near future.

    • Christie, you’re right to be worried. It’s very dangerous what trump is doing and planning. We just have to do all we can to keep him from winning. Early voting, volunteering for an organization that’s getting people to vote. Fire Drill fridays is one of them and people are loving their volunteer experience. Also, there’s a huge need for people to work at voting precincts. You can Google what that looks like. (Google your state and then Poll Workers)You have to start now cause there’s training involved. Obama made a call-out to get people to go this.

  13. Hello Jane Fonda,

    I think you are great! I love your shows and your work. In the 80’s I did the Jane Fonda workout daily. I will never forget when my boyfriend said “wow, you have a firm butt”. No doubt. Thank you Jane. I am going to buy the cd and get back on it!

    Trump definitely had trauma when he was young, no one who is healthy acts like he does. So sad that the world has to suffer so BIG because of it. I felt very relieved when I heard Biden say that there are many in DC, military and gov, who will escort him out WHEN he looses fair and square. Then I hope they escort him right to prison. Or better yet he disappears and we never have to hear his name or see his face again. Ok I digress.

    Sending you lots of love.
    In gratitude,
    Shannon S

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