Since my last squirrel posting, I got a “picnic table” for the squirrel and attached it to a tree in front of my house. It’s 12:30pm and I’ve already filled the little pot 3 times. Maybe there are a lot of squirrels and I just choose to think it’s one squirrel…my squirrel. A girl squirrel. But if that’s the case she’s on track to become a very plump squirrel. My social media followers tell me squirrels hide and/or bury the nuts. She must do it very fast. I went to the gym to workout, filling the pot right before that. When I came back an hour later the pot was empty. My neighbor, the artist Joan Scheibel, took this picture while I was working out.

Just out of sight I recently hung a hummingbird feeder. I think there’s only one humming bird drinking from it but maybe that’s because it’s no longer hummingbird season. I know i’ll get a lot of opinions about this very soon.

I’ve also ordered a bird bath. All this shopping (online) happened last week when it was 112 degrees in Los Angeles and I saw a bird sitting on the ground panting. I could see her little tongue so I’ve also ordered a bird bath. This is what I said yesterday at Fire Drill Friday about birds:

Birds are needing our help. Last week I read an article in the Guardian entitled, “Birds Falling Out of the Sky in mass die-off in south-western U.S.” Swallows, flycatchers, warblers…maybe 100s of 1000s dead already. Turns out, because of climate change they were migrating early from Alaska and Canada to Central and South America before they had a chance to build up their normal pre-migration fat reserves. Normally their migration route takes them over the resource-rich coastal areas but the fires there forced them inland over the Chihuahuan desert where drought has killed off insects and dried up the water. Biologists say the bird carcasses they examined show no body fat. The birds may have starved to death or smoke from the fires may have damaged their lungs.

Climate change, you see, has damaged the Alaskan tundra where they breed and destruction of the rainforests in central and south America is damaging their winter habitat. As I have mentioned previously on this show, there are already close to 3 billion fewer birds in North America than there were in 1970.

Because their lungs are so fragile, birds are early warning signals for the rest of us. ‘Canaries in the coal mine.” So are the great white sharks that are suddenly appearing in the Bay area, far north of their normal range, because of warming ocean. How birds and fish are behaving as their environment changes is telling us something about the future:

Global warming isn’t a faraway phenomenon in the global south or a somewhere- in-the-future crisis that will be a problem for our great grandchildren. It’s right here. Right now.

My friend, Iain Armitage, star of “Young Shelton,” has hamsters and saw my posts about my neighboring squirrel and sent me this little “movie” which I find fun and interesting. So I’m sharing.

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  1. Hi Jane! I just wanted to say that I love your blog- I am a big Grace and Frankie fan (although I’ve known you since my mom had my sister and I doing your workouts with her growing up, my friends and I also were obsessed with monster in law- we literally know all the lines by heart we have watched it so many times!) And I love all your activism work and your Fire Drill Fridays. Thank you for using your voice to help the environment… Oh and I watched an interview where Lily said we should leave her messages on your blog- please tell her I’m a huge fan of hers too- obviously I LOVED Ms Fizzle when I was little, but I also remember her from Desperate Housewives. You’re both incredibly talented actresses and I can’t wait for the next season of Grace and Frankie- but also to see what other projects you both get involved with in the future! Lots of love, Ally (From South Africa) 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right, in all environments hapen in my Town a tropical place without changes of seasons with rain and heat all year round, everything has changed, things are happening that we never imagined would happen, such as that it no longer rains as much as when we were children and that affects everyone, my husband loves the land he cultivates has a ranch that according to my practical way of seeing life gives him more expenses than profits but he is happy there and forgets all the pressures, I have learned to respect that and I enjoy when he brings me organic fruits and vegetables I don’t complain anymore.

  3. I love how you act globally and locally. I remember a comment from Mark Bittner in the film The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: “If you want a relationship with nature, begin in your own backyard”. I have squirrels and birds living in the space behind the gutters in my 19th century house. A stray cat has adopted my as their person. Wild or domestic, unfortunately non-human animal are dependent upon us for their survival. Thanks you, Ms. Fonda.

  4. Your squirrel table is brilliant. Have you named her!?

    Iv noticed that Swifts and Swallows are leaving their nests her in the UK earlier each year. We have nests in the roof of our stables and have had nests full of chicks for years.
    We put food and bird baths out for our birds too, in hope that when they leave us for their journeys they have enough fat reserves. Interestingly I captioned a swallow tucking in to horse poop in one of the stables this year!

  5. I’ve just finished reading the amazing book “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” (2016) written by the Dutch primatologist, Frans de Waal, Professor of Primate Behavior in the Department of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta. I never knew until reading his book how many experiments were done on animal’s cognition and behavior. Reading a book like this may answer to your question why the pot is emty in no time. It is known that squirrels are hiding nuts in all kind of places, but it could also be other explanations for “her” (you think is a she) apparent “greed”.
    I can hardly wait to read de Waal’s newest book, Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves (2019).
    take good care of you XXX

  6. I loved watching the birds at my birdbath! I learned so much by watching them. One thing is they need the birdbath to have bushes close by to be able to flit over to feel safe after being so exposed when they were taking their bath. Big birds need room to fly in and out. Keeping it clean is extremely important, so they don’t get sick. I adopted three crows. I learned that like racoons, they like to wet their food down before they eat it. So if I put out nuts, they would take them to the bath to wash before eating. Crows like squirrels will take and hide, bury under leaves, extra food rather than overeat. Or they may caw and invite the “Murder” to come and share their food.

  7. Do you have red squirrels.
    We have a visiting Robin in our garden, singing since 7am .
    Please give Lily,Martin Sam and rest of G&F family my best .Wish had more confidence in Joe Biden to save U.S.

    • First let’s make sure he wins. Then let’s make sure he do4s what’s needed to “save us”

      • Dear Jane,
        WOW! It hasn’t been Donald’s week; first the disgraceful behaviour during the 1st presidential debate, now health problems (is it just a flu…very much under control…, ha, ha?). Looks like luck is on your side. Our side, actually – as the world is a small place and the American president makes an impact on every human (and not only) life. Beginning to feel more optimistic.
        Much love, Bob

      • Hi, I am the director of the association of foreign press correspondents in the USA: We want to submit a request of a virtual interview of Mrs. Fonda with foreign correspondents in the US. Unfortunately we do not see any contact form in your website and that’s why we try to reach out through here. May you please tell us how can we contact your office? My email is the one I registered on behalf of the association. Thank you and we hope to hear back from you!

        • Stay tuned, Thanos. I am sending your message to my PR team.

    • Hi. I just joined your blog/site for many reasons. But it’s not my normal thing so please excuse if I miss out on the etiquette. I’m from Canada but have lived in the UK for the last 25 years. My husband is a London Cabbie (they do the ‘knowledge’ and drive the ‘fun’ cabs that have that plastic barrier between passengers and driver. Anyway about your squirrel 😁. My husband loves to take breaks in the Rose Garden in Regents Park and he brings peanuts for the squirrels with him. And they remember! When we first dated we were walking there and a squirrel ran out and put his PAWS ON Anthony’s legs looking for the peanuts!
      Anyway we both found out this week that squirrels are very territorial. So your little sweet one is probably the one taking all the sweet stuff. They love peanuts apparently

  8. OMG! That is so cute! There is probably more squirrels than just the one female. You just might see more now that you have the feeder. Also the bird fountain will help the birds too. Love and admiration as always! Please stay safe!!

  9. Hi Jane. I try to tune in to all the FDFs via Facebook. During the FDF on September 25, you encouraged viewers to maintain their optimism about the possibility of change through action. It was good to hear this message, especially now when the world seems to be falling apart on all fronts, not to mention lead up to November 3 and what’s sure to follow. You’re one tough, determined, and tireless cookie <3

  10. So great! I laughed and nodded, “Oh, yeah! I’ve been at war with them when I use to feed birds with seed. When the seed on the ground attracted rats I changed to the bird bath and feeding just enough specialty items for the crows to finish off in one sitting. I am definitely going to share this with a friend who still does battle with them and the racoons. What a show. Here, we can only do hummingbird feeders in this park. I think the owls go after the rabbits, but they loved the birdbaths. I’ve never seen them take a bath, like the crows lowering themselves down into the water.

  11. Jane, I do not want to break the charm but my husband says that squirrels are a pest they eat all the fruit and it is wasted because they go one by one, they do the same with vegetables they are a headache for farmers the coin always has two sides.

    • Very true. I appreciate that.

    • My husband often says the same as yours Candita. He also discourages me from rescuing injured pigeons and other such ‘pests’ or ‘vermin’but I just can’t help it… I’m an Empath and believe all living things are worth our time. Kim

  12. Hey Jane, it’s Giovanna from São Paulo, Brazil. How are you?
    I would like to share a book tip with you, called ” Odd Birds ” by Ian Harding, he is also an actor. Have you read it? It’s so good, I indicate this book for all animal lovers I know, especially bird lovers as you are.
    Ian Harding during the book deftly interweaves both acting and nature-loving into a unique group of memories and experiences.
    I heavily recommend this reading!!!
    By the way, I loved the video you shared with us, thank you so much for doing that!

  13. This is a blessing.

  14. Jane,
    So I showed the video you posted from Iain to some of my residents at work. Most of them have bird feeders outside their apartment windows. The squirrels are always sassy and eat the bird seed lol. Their words. Long story short they want me to build something like that! Lol yea, I will get right on that! I love my residents. Maybe though I could get a few of those picnic tables and attach them to a couple of trees maybe that will solve the problem. That is such a great idea Jane. I might try it.
    Love always,

    • Thanks so much, Candita. I enjoyed the videos and learned quite a bit.

      • Jane, please keep taking care of yourself, I know it’s been many months but this COVID-19 is still tough, I keep praying for you every day💕💕

  15. Hi Jane, I’m now a Greenpeace Leader-thanks to you! I attended Fire Drill Friday in Washington, DC – your birthday event – and was arrested for the first time! I rode with you in the paddy wagon and spoke with Gloria Steinem in the slammer:-). I sent in a request for you to join our bookclub and I’m wondering if there is a timeframe I might hear back?
    Love the squirrel – bet she loves you too!

    Pamela Clifford

    • Jess Wilson on the FIre Drill Friday team is in charge of the book clubs. I told her to be in touch with you. Right now we’re scheduled to do one or 2 of them every day. That’s a lot. I’m not certain how they are chosen but you should hear from her. Thanks for asking about this, for coming to the DC rally and gettong arrested with all of us. That was quite a time, right? xx

  16. Jane, thanks for keeping the blog. I can imagine how busy you are these days with the forthcoming elections in US and the the activist work that you do. I was wondering whether you had a pet when you were a little girl? Do you think it is important for kids to have an animal to take care of when they are little? Did your children have pets in their childhood?

    • There’ve always been animals in my life from when I was little till now. Early on we had about a dozen cats. This was during WWII. They lived in a small playhouse that my dad buiolt for my brother and me. When they cats startyed living there, the place smelled totally foul. My dad’s best friend, Jimmy Stewart was in the airforce and when he was “home” on leave he would stay with us…in the playhouse with all te cats and their smell. I don’t know how he survived.

  17. Hi! hope you are doing well. In my backyard, I haven’t seen much of squirrels but I have seen a lot of hummingbirds! I just bought a couple of feeders for them.
    best regards,

  18. I received your book in the mail today with your signature!! I was so excited. I am like Jane Fonda actually signed this! So awesome! I had preordered another one so I already had read it. I was going to give one to my parents , but since we aren’t talking right now why add fuel to the fire. I just don’t understand how anyone can vote for that man? I feel sad and sorry that my parents don’t get it. I know I just need to let it go. So difficult. They continually defend him. Ugg. I love your book soo much good information. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s rally! I’m sure it will lift my spirits!!!
    Love always,

  19. Hi Jane, have you seen Connected on Netflix? It’s a science & nature documentary show. The first episode features species of bird that has a bizarre migration pattern and studies connected it to predicting hurricanes! It’s quite interesting.

  20. Jane, how optimistic are you that things will get a little bit better on our planet, let’s say, starting first of January 2020? Now, the whole planet is a total mess and chaos is everywhere. I empathize a lot with all the children already born in these rough times. By the way, you have friends connceted to Buddhist philosophy. So, beyond climate crisis and all those others related causes, do you also see this chaos as a challenge for humans in order to ascend to a superior energetic and spiritual level?!
    love always, XXX

  21. Jane, what a good interview you gave to Maurice Mitchell, you understand a lot about politics and how to vote wisely, I hope many people understand it like you🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Jane, for me this is one of the best interviews of yours that I have seen, it makes me angry that a comment that you made is taken out of context and used to attack you, now you could live your life as you would like best and on the contrary you are working and fighting to leave them a better world, sorry but I don’t understand it.😡

  22. Hi Jane,
    last night I watched a French documentary about Barbra Streisand. She talked about how in the 70-ies she came under fire and severe criticism for “daring” to put up her name as a film producer, even though her production company financed the film and she was involved in the editing process. Apparently the whole industry turned against her. She said: ”Only Jane Fonda phoned to thank me”. I immediately thought: “How typical of Jane – always sticking up for the underdog, pro-active, supportive and kind.” People who can call you their friend are truly blessed, privileged and lucky.
    With love, Bob

  23. you are on Hola TV now with your exercise video inviting to vote you are a champion🙌🏼🙌🏼

  24. Jane I am already sending text messages, I had never done something like that, it is really interesting I am enjoying and learning a lot, thank you very much for inspiring me this is for you💕💕

    • Jane I’m working hard with text messages every day I want to help you so you don’t feel like a truck hit you again like in 2016.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. Jane! That Interview Magazine photo of you in red is absolutely incredible! I can’t take my eyes off of it! The Barbarella vibe of those boots totally rocks! I’d love to learn more about that photo shoot and how that image came to be. It’s truly iconic!

  26. Hi Jane!
    Just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the one year anniversary of Fire Drill Fridays! I have been following from the beginning and have since gotten more involved in the climate movement because of FDF. We met last year at 2 of your tour dates and you encouraged me to stick with it and that meant a lot. I’m now a leader on our text team and I’m constantly amazed by all the hard work everyone has been putting in together. The voter outreach campaign we’ve been working on over the last few month has given me so much hope for the upcoming election and has assured me that we are making a difference. Whether it be gaining support from voters to vote with our climate in mind or helping people gather information about where they can vote and how they can do it safely during the pandemic, we are making a difference. I’ve met so many new friends on the volunteer teams and we’ve all decided that when it’s safe again, we all need to meet up in person, hopefully at a Fire Drill Friday rally. Last week I got to be a part of the virtual audience with several of my text team leader friends and we loved getting to be a part of it virtually!

    Thanks again for all you are doing. This is a wonderful community and I can’t wait to see what else we are all going to accomplish in the upcoming months.

    Xo Robin

  27. FDF was a very happy anniversary experience. I hope to enjoy it as much next year. One thing I would like to hear more about is “Movement Manners,” which you said Annie Leonard taught you. I read the Greenpeace Non-violent Guidelines at the end of your book, but what are movement manners? Dona

    • Well, Dona, one example of movement manners is that when I first got to DC to start Fire Drill Fridays we met with all those movement leaders, got their input, their buy-in. That’s good movement manners.
      Here’s an example of bad movement manners: our first Fire Drill out here in California, when we all marched from where the rally had happened to where civil disobedience was going to happen, we marched on the sidewalks. There were a lot of us but our city permit for the march stipulated we stay on the sidewalks, carrying our signs and chanting. Another group of activists took to the middle of the street, carrying their own/different signs and chanting their own/different chants. Bad manners. When you jpoin another organization’s rally and march, you follow their lead, stick to their demands. You find out all that in advance.

      • Thank you for responding, Jane. Wow, that would seem obvious, but it is a different milieu and maybe one just wouldn’t think of it. I’ve just joined in with others and followed them without knowing the protocols. But it’s been a long time ago.
        Maybe someone should write a book about protesting and marches and protocols/manners, history and outcomes. I always felt the marches did accomplish something. I think the Vietnam war was influenced to be shorter. I think what you did in Washington and now is making a huge difference. You are planting seeds, creating action, changing lives that will reach so far into the future that we can’t begin to wrap our minds around all that will come from it.

  28. Hi Jane!

    Just want to wish you a very happy first Fire Drill Friday anniversary!! I can’t overstate how much my participation in FDF drastically transformed my life. Not only have I remained friends with so many wonderful people I met, but in the year since I have moved to D.C. and thrown myself into activism with my whole heart.

    I know you understand the power of involvement and community, so I’ll just say this: thank you for always speaking out, for standing up for what you believe is right, and for welcoming me (and so many others) out of detention and into the movement with open arms.

    You’ve said your goal was to reach people who had the passion but lacked the opportunity and I can say with 100% certainty that you’ve succeeded—and I know your reach and impact is no where near its end. Can’t wait to see what the next year(s) bring, and hopefully we can all reconnect in D.C. whenever its safe to do so.


    • Love seein g your name in the chat box every Friday!!

  29. Wow, Jane, today’s rally was incredible, thank you very much for everything you and your team do, for me is a honor to be your friend.💕💕

  30. About the Nobel Peace Prize – at least it’s been now officially acknowledged that starvation is a serious global problem and war victims suffer in more ways than one. But the WFP being an UN agency have their own funds, administration, experts, staff and agendas. Shouldn’t the prize go to a brave and committed individual instead? On a more humorous note – Jane, I think you should’ve gotten the NPP back in the 70’s for your fight against the war in Vietnam. You were so gutsy and relentless – with the FBI breathing down your neck, it’s a miracle you’re still alive…
    x Bob

  31. Hi Jane!
    Happy FDF Anniversary! Today’s celebration with Annie Leonard was beautiful! Glad to be part of the wonderful FDF community. Being a Text Team Leader with Greenpeace is such a wonderful honor and opportunity. Reaching out to the voters across the country has been quit the experience. Having lifetime Republicans tell me they are for the first time in their lives voting Blue is something I will never forget. One gentleman told me he was changing for his new grand baby. He wants her to have clean air when he is gone. So moving. And it is true what you say, to speak to people about things they love and works!
    It was great to see Miss Tulea today! She should wear a little red bandana on Friday’s!

    Much Love,
    xo Kara

    • This was a great post! I loved reading about you feeding your squirrel. We have one that comes up to the glass door every morning while we are having school time. She stands up and begs, staring in at us until we notice and feed her and we continue this cycle for as long as school lasts. She will be well stocked for winter! I wish I could post a picture so you could see her. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog! ❤

  32. Jane, I really enjoyed tuning in to FDF this week, it was so heartwarming to see you become emotional when you spoke about what your time in DC meant to you. I could listen to you and Annie talk all day long, your joint passion and knowledge is infectious! FDF feels truely unique and special.

    Ps It was nice to see Tulea assisting you too! She’s a good girl to stay in her bed, my dogs would be on my lap and on screen!

  33. The one day that I truly feel happy to be an American is the day I VOTE. It positively makes me giddy to be able to seal the envelope and take it either to the post office or this time to the Recorder’s office and put it in the box. My rose-colored glass view of America changed back in 1969 when I got “woke” by my year in VISTA. So the 4th of July with songs and flags doesn’t do it for me as does filling out that ballot. I know there are many citizens who rightfully feel their country is the best and many an immigrant did not come here because they wanted to, but because they felt they had no other choice. I’ve often thought of the starvation of the Irish famine that forced my ancestors to leave their loved ones and their homeland just to survive. Or my Huguenots ancestors who came because the rivers in Thames ran red with their fellow protestants blood because of religious persecution. If they stayed their blood would have been added. Same with my German ancestors, and Welch Quakers; religious persecution. Not so different if it is thugs, gangs preying on citizens south of our borders. When your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake you are desperate. That’s why the law says they have a RIGHT to file a request to be admitted. They have a right that citizens here gave them by using their vote. I’ll keep voting to support that right which includes being treated humanely, fairly including not separating families or putting children in cages. I’ll keep voting for people who will not want to build walls, but will look at the climate changes that cause starvation in other countries and recognize our part in the world’s decline and DO something about it. I voted Friday as not just an American but as a citizen of the world.
    Jane, thank you for giving us us a place to raise our voice and share in your light about what makes us human. Dona

  34. Jane,
    One of the members in Tacoma came up with the idea of reaching out to the Tacoma News Tribune with the story of your zoom/visit with out book club. I don’t know if it will be taken up or not but I thought you wouldn’t mind as any press on your book is a good thing. Right?

  35. I finished reading “What Can I Do? yesterday. It is a brilliant book. Well-crafted, entertaining, enlightening with enough “Jane” in it to feel like a personal sharing with someone you admire and would want to know. I think it should be a MUST BUY and MUST READ for any Jane Fonda fan, but also, it should be a MUST BUY, MUST READ for anyone who really wants to understand about climate change and most importantly what can we DO individually to stop the the progress toward disaster for this planet and all the creatures sharing it. Even with that heavy subject the material is so expertly presented that it is an easy read, a positive vibe that does not leave you depressed but lifts you up. I savored, I high-lighted, I stickied. I learned so much and I’m armed with information on where to go next. Thank you, Jane!
    Now for you reading this and haven’t yet bought the book, get going!
    If you can’t afford buying books, ask your library when are they going to get it in so you can read it. If a friend has it ask to reads theirs. And if you own it, make sure you hand it on to someone else. Treat it like the treasure it is and hand it down to one of your children, or niece or nephew, etc. This is worth passing on and sharing.

  36. Jane……. Thank you so much for the work you continue to do towards climate control. I follow you on several platforms and I have watched many of your interviews. Your 2018 documentary is so inspiring as well as your book, which I have read TWICE! I also joined your Fire Drill Friday’s as well, hoping my little significance will make a difference somehow. I have to ask…….. You wear a gold ring. I’ve seen it over and over through the years. Is there a story or something special about that ring you could share? My two rings that I wear every single day are a huge part of my past. I thought maybe that ring held a story for you. Thank you for your posts, your recent book, which I preordered, and all the work you do. 🤗

    • The ring has no story. L’Oreal had me wearing it in the first commercial I did for them 12-some years ago and then gave it to me. I have long fingers and I like big rings. xx

  37. Jane,
    I am having such a hard time right now understanding why people are not taking COVID 19 seriously and wearing a mask! Especially in my state and city of Greenbay Wisconsin. I seriously am scared. I don’t want to live here anymore. We have had 45 shootings since January. That is a lot for Greenbay. We had 8 shootings in 5 days. The police told us to stay inside! People are randomly shooting at cars and apt buildings. My anxiety is through the roof! No one in Greenbay is listening to the mask mandate.they even brought it to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to stop it. It didn’t work. People are still in bars and restaurants w/o masks. We made national news. Evers just put a 25% allowance for people in bars and restaurants and the Wisconsin tavern league is trying to block it. I am so scared of not knowing what’s going to happen. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I also know it’s crazy in other states to. I feel for people. I can’t imagine feeling this way all the time. I don’t feel safe. The only thing that is making me feel somewhat calm and safe is the hour with fireside Friday and you. I cannot wait till tomorrow. This has been a rough week for me and I’m sure a whole lot of other people. I know I say this all the time, but thank you for all you do. You help me so much. Fireside Friday is a comfort for me. I love listening to you. So thank you Jane. ❤️
    Hope you are doing ok . See you tomorrow.
    Love always,

  38. This age of information is many times overwhelming. At those times part of me wants to curl up in a ball and say, not one more new thing to learn or change to adapt to. Just give me some peace. Then, I need to clear a space to just breathe. I haven’t worked meditation into my regular schedule as I planned to do in retirement or exercise either since my move & Covid. Both would help, I know. But sometimes it can be a David Attenborough movie which is both learning, inspiring and keeps the eye on the prize. Just another softer nudge to why you must keep going one foot in front of the other. I also find the “Nature” series on PBS inspiring, because I do see the real changes people are making, saving us a small bit at a time, and it gives me hope. Yes, in your small corner of the world you can DO something. Maybe put out a birdbath, maybe change plastic to glass, but for sure, VOTE.

  39. Jane,
    I reread the last blog reply I wrote and it’s seems selfish. Especially when there are people who are not working, who cannot afford to eat or feed their kids,or pay rent. This is very disheartening to me. I’m sorry I wrote that. I watched the two Netflix movies you suggested and the first one was very interesting, until the shark came and decided he was going to eat the octopus. So sad. I cried a little. Then when his son found the little octopus I smiled again because it could of been hers. The second movie saddens me when the monkey had almost no tree to climb. I love monkeys and gorillas. I watched Jane goodell. I just love them. Today’s fireside fire drill was inspiring it also made me realize I can’t be a bandwagon supporter. Which means I am saying what needs to be done and complaining about it but doesn’t do anything about it. So tomorrow I’m going to push the button. I want to be honest I have done everything I need to except for actually texting because I’m afraid I’m going to fail you and Greenpeace and all the other volunteers. I can’t feel this way anymore. Too much at stake . So thank you Jane. And the comments you read also helped.
    Love always,

  40. Jane,
    By now you have had several zoom meetings with book clubs. I’m wondering what the experience has been like for you. Are you getting the response you hoped for? What is your take-away from your experiences? Dona

    • Dona, I am surprised that few seem to really understand what is meant by “systemic change.” The main focus for the women tends to be smaller scale change, personal change. Which is good but not enough.

      • Jane, You posted this answer in the AM, then at 4:00 had the Zoom with my book club. Let me give a little feedback, here. Everyone reported to me a positive experience and was very happy that I had brought the book to the Club and very much enjoyed the interaction with you. In answer to your above comment, it’s like social work or teaching, you are planting seeds that you can’t tell what the outcome or take will be. You also can’t tell how fast they will take. The emails from some told me that they are energized to do bigger systemic things. Remember Nancy is cutting up her Chase card and Judi who is caretaking her husband who just came home from surgery and is exhausted, talked to her daughter’s in-laws about dumping Chase as well. That’s a family with big money and big on Chase. Little steps at first. Our San Francisco member is caretaking a dying husband but she is looking to do big things and she will be dynamite once the path is open for her. Some ideas have to brew over-night. Some are going to post their reports on your book on Facebook to get others to read it. Nancy just retired but she is now looking at climate change as THE issue to work on. As I said, I plan to use your sources to arm myself to feel comfortable about talking and picking the spot that matches my talents. But I will try to find joiners here in my neck of the woods to go after Chase as well. I can stand with a sign, but I can’t march for miles. But you did motivate and arm us all with new knowledge. It wasn’t just a fluff visit to boast about a meet with Jane the Star. It was a meat and potatoes real meeting on an issue that we all believe in. The reason it wasn’t all new to me was because of you, I had read the Green New Deal. So did Colleen. But they haven’t seen your FDF or read your blog. But the San Fran person is going to watch this Friday for the first time. Seeds. I know it seems slow at first, but all that Johnny Appleseed saw when he put his seeds in the ground was a patch of dirt when he walked away. Leaves started sprouting the minute the zoom closed.
        p.s. I believe that I would have joined you in DC but I had just sold my house and had bought in AZ so was in a three month process of moving. I’m still getting set up.
        Thank you so very much for talking with us. You were gracious, warm, fun, thoughtful, challenging us in a kind way and we loved it. Dona

        • Thanks for this ‘pep talk’, dear Dona. Appreciate it and I hear you. xx

  41. Hi Jane!

    Congratulations again on the one year anniversary of Fire Drill Fridays! You have accomplished so much with this incredibly important initiative and I’m proud to be a part of it. I really look forward to seeing you and your guests every Friday and I have learned so much. This information and knowledge helps me greatly (as does your amazing book!) when talking to voters as a GP volunteer.

    Volunteering with Greenpeace continues to be so incredibly rewarding! I can’t thank you enough for creating the program. With the election so close I’m currently doing this important work every day of the week as a Call Team leader where I train new volunteers to phone bank, a member of the Advanced Call Team where I organize and recruit volunteers, and a member of the Text Team. I also just graduated from the GP 2020 Leaders Program which was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people in the program!

    It has been so great to be in a position to train others and give them the tools they need to make a difference in this election. During a phone bank last week a woman I trained was so excited after she was able to make 5 calls to voters in Iowa. Some of the people I train are older folks who don’t have a lot of experience with technology. So it is incredibly rewarding to help them get up and running!

    It is also an incredibly powerful feeling to be able to give someone the knowledge they need to vote. So many people I text everyday really don’t know some very basic information about where/how to vote this year. They have been so grateful for the info and assistance. And people have actually been texting me back days later to let me know that they’ve completed the voting process. There is nothing better than empowering another person to be able to use their voice!

    When it comes to reaching out to GP supporters and people who have already signed up to volunteer, but need help choosing a team and getting started, we call and text from our own phone numbers. I was initially a bit nervous about this, but everyone I’ve reached out to has been great, and out of the many, many numbers I’ve called/texted I’ve never received a single inappropriate or rude response. I actually get texts and calls from many of these new volunteers outside of my shifts, but I always try to help them as quickly as possible to get them whatever they need.

    Like a lot of us, I’m getting more nervous and anxious every day as the election nears. I’m seeing a lot of positive signs from the voters I talk to as well as reports about early voting turnout. But I understand we cannot let our guard down one bit, and we need to continue to put in all of the effort we can through Nov. 3. Volunteering and the community are greatly helping me to get through this stressful time period. We are staying in touch through virtual Happy Hours for volunteer leaders, and we love seeing each other in the chat every week during Fire Drill Friday! We are already talking about meeting in person at a future Fire Drill Friday when the Covid chaos finally ends.

    I also wanted to thank you for reading my comments about my volunteer experience to the virtual audience at a Fire Drill Friday a few weeks ago. That was really cool and I appreciate it!

    Thank you for everything again! Please stay well and be safe!

    Jenny xoxo

  42. Hi Jane!
    Ive Heard you are looking for videos to share on your podcast. I work for Richard Tanner and he created these series of videos trying to get out the vote with children quoting the president. Here’s the link to the environment video and the full video!
    If you enjoy the videos please share them!
    Thank you!
    Logan Fisher

  43. Jane get your interview with Greta and put it here or in your social networks, please🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Candita, it wasn’t an interview. It was a few words between us as I had done my interview on the big Italian show and she was about to go on. xx

  44. It was incredible both together, I managed to see a little on instagram because some people shared it.😍😍

  45. I saw this squirrel video and thought of you Jane. In these uncertain times it’s a great light hearted watch…. Enjoy

    • OMG KM, thank you soooo much for sending me that. What a trip!!!

  46. Jane, I’m glad you 1 watched it and 2 enjoyed it! I particularly enjoyed the squirrel having issues climbing the pole!

    Keep up the good work with FDF Jane, you are amazing x

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