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I feel very sad. Being on this show, being able to say Aaron Sorkin’s brilliant dialogue, working with amazing actors who also happen to be exceptional people– Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston, Emily Mortimer, Chris Messina.. Has been a huge experience and real treat. I’ve learned a lot watching all of them and talking to them.

This last series of scenes that will bring “The Newsroom” to it’s close has brought a new actor into the group: actor/writer BJ Novak who’s been fun and fascinating to get to know.…

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this was the cover of the award journal


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In the ’70s, I’d presented one to Bette Davis at her request and to Barbara Stanwyck. My father had received one. But I never imagined I would be given one. It is a great honor for one’s body of work over a lifetime. So when I received a call to inform me I was getting one, I burst into tears. There’s been a lot of press around it so I will simply post a lot of photos that you may not have seen.…

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First I went to Atlanta for the annual Empower party that raises money for my Georgia-based non-profit, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential. We honored Dr Sanjay Gupta with the Health Pioneer. It was a lot of fun and a big success. My favorite ex-husband, Ted Turner, was my date.

Turns out Dr Gupta went to University of Michigan and, with his wife Rebecca, lived near Jeff Daniels in a small lake town 15 minutes from Ann Arbor.…

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Seems strange that I’ve done so little blogging but filming has required exceptionally long hours, plus last week I flew to Los Angeles to film the final episode of The Newsroom, 2nd season.

First, about the movie, “This Is Where I Leave You.” Turns out a lot of people have read and loved the novel by Jonathan Tropper.…

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jane and sam


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I should have taken pictures but it felt inappropriate. So I’ll just have to use my words to tell you about the parties we went to this weekend. They were really fun. At the CAA party on Friday I hugged and congratulated Anne Hathaway who recently did a magnificent job emceeing the Women’s Media Center gala in NY and wowed everyone with her intelligence.…

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The LA Press Club

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Last Sunday I received the first ever Visionary Award For Improving the Lives of Others from the Los Angeles Press Club. It was a big honor I felt, and a moving experience. Robert Redford flew into town especially to present the award to me and his words were so beautiful and generous. (He looked pretty beautiful, too).

Lily Tomlin sat at my table along with Melanie Griffith and friend Kathy Griffin who presented the Luminary Award to Hollywood Reporter publisher Janice Min.…

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Okay, word is out so I can talk about this and show the trailer. I am sooooo beyond excited. Working on an Aaron Sorkin project for HBO with actors like these, OMG! And the part is so much fun. I can’t give too much away but think, if you can, of a combo of Ted Turner and Rupert Murdock, but a woman-me.…

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Richard and I took friends to see God of Carnage at the Ahmanson last night. I had seen it in New York. The play, starring Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden and Hope Davis, was playing when I was there with my play and I loved it so much that I wanted Richard to see it too. Two years ago, the play won the Tony ( beating my “33 Variations”) and Marcia Gay beat me for the Tony for Best Actress.…

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Last night there was a gathering at the Harvard Club to celebrate and honor the 25th anniversary of the Children’s Aid Society Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program created and run by Dr Michael Carrera. It is one of the (if not THE) most successful programs which has been replicated all around the country. It wraps itself around the young people in the program for seven years–from when they enter middle school until they graduate high school, instilling in them the knowledge that they have a future that includes a job, health care, a savings account, college.…

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