With my mentor Dr. Michael Carrera

With my mentor Dr. Michael Carrera


Last night there was a gathering at the Harvard Club to celebrate and honor the 25th anniversary of the Children’s Aid Society Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program created and run by Dr Michael Carrera. It is one of the (if not THE) most successful programs which has been replicated all around the country. It wraps itself around the young people in the program for seven years–from when they enter middle school until they graduate high school, instilling in them the knowledge that they have a future that includes a job, health care, a savings account, college. They learn that they have value, potential, skills. Several of the alum spoke movingly about how the program made a difference in their lives. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Dr Carrera has been toiling in this youth development vinyard for 50 years!!! And I was proud to be there to help him celebrate. Some of the things I have heard him say that influenced the work we do in Georgia: “Young people may not remember what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel” and “These children aren’t at risk, they are at promise.” He speaks of what we do as “above the waist work” and says “it’s less about what goes on between their legs and more about what goes on between their ears.” I know from my 16 years with GCAPP how true this is.

After the event, I had dinner at Orso’s with New Yorker writer Hilton Als, he is doing a profile of me for the magazine and we are becoming friends. It was fun being with him back at Orso’s where I went almost every night after my Broadway show. I missed seeing Jeff Daniels (he’s still in “God of Carnage” and we were too early) who was also a regular there as was Geoffrey Rush. Wow! Writing this is making me miss the camaraderie and fulfillment of being on Broadway and I wish I was back in a play.

I am about to catch a flight to Dallas where I’m doing a fundraiser for The Women’s Media Center. Hilton’s coming with me. My dear friend, Helen LaKelly Hunt, has helped assure this will be an extremely successful event. She is also the driving force behind an effort called Women Moving Millions, motivating women donors of means to give $1 million or more to the many Womens Funds and foundations around the country. Since the initiative began 2 years ago they have raised $180 million all of which goes to benefit women and girls.

See you next time.

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  1. most grateful to you for your work on behalf of teen girls and women–therefore on behalf of their male friends, brothers, fathers and spouses and the larger society–take good care of yourself,
    Sheila M.

  2. As always, it’s a joy to hear about things you are involved with and the people you meet!! Dr. Carrera sounds like a remarkable person! What he has done for others during his life is such a gift to humanity! What an honor to meet and be with such a fine person!

    I enjoyed reading your comments about Orso’s! I know that place brings back a flood of memories from your time on Broadway! I do hope you get to do another play sometime! It would be such a thrill to see you on stage! I can see how the people in a play would become like “family” to each other! I can also see how one would feel a connection to other actors performing in plays on Broadway! How exciting! What fun! I can understand why it would be sad when that time is over!

    I thought what you said about Women Moving Millions was very interesting! What a great program that benefits women and children!! I’m so glad there is an organization like that!!

    Take care!

  3. Wonderful Jane, the more I learn about your interest the more I find a subject of study that I have spent years on. It is more than one area that you have found to support, with your time . Children’s Aid Society Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program created and run by Dr Michael Carrera, a great program. Very nice to see all the things that a little star power and name placement can do for a area of need. As a Media specialist and Child development specialist,The Women’s Media Center draws my interest as well. How nice Communication and technology and Education can bring out the information .Good work all around Jane, good job and well done.

  4. Why do you think so many children are growing up with so much hidden anger nowadays? Seems to have invaded all social groups. I’m a few years younger than you and don’t remember this anger being so prevalent when I was a teen.
    I congratulate you on the work you do with adolescents and I’m glad you see the importance of sticking with them over a number of years.

  5. jane, i have been reading your blog since January and have been so impressed with how much time, energy and money you devote to the ongoing programs you’ve set up. i know you’ll give credit to all of the remarkable people involved, yet your endless determination to make a difference in this world has empowered so many people and is bringing about real social change. is there no end to the good you do? thank you.

  6. “it’s less about what goes on between their legs and more about what goes on between their ears.”

    I never thought of it like that. But how true that is! It’s so easy to let what can happen between your legs, happen. It’s harder to stop before it happens and really think about what you’re about to do.

  7. And your introduction of Dr. Carrera was not only fantastic but fitting. I was really touched by the personal story you shared about that young person. Great job, Jane!

  8. Wow! I’m amazed at your energy. What do you have for breakfast?
    Stay well

  9. always reading with pleasure your blog, and admiring yourtremendous activisism!!! frederique dhenein

  10. Man, Jane, you are really using your platform well. I mean, you could coast, but, then, what fun is that? Still, I admire your dedication, your lack-of-being-jaded, and your energy level. You are an inspiration to people of all ages! Thanks for creating this blog to keep us informed re: your activities and to show us what is possible.

  11. “These children aren’t at risk, they are at promise.” ….. love this quote!
    I have worked with children for over 30 years, teaching in classroom for 21 and it is the “at promise” kids who have been such a joy to teach and work with.
    As always, enjoy reading your blogs, Geepers, can you believe how many you have under your belt? it’s a long list!
    Thinking of you, your work and hoping to be involved in a more direct way some day soon. take care x suz

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    With love

  13. As an adolescent medicine physician working tirelessly each day, I applaud your efforts, Jane. Adolescent medicine is such an under served area . . . many pediatricians would rather see only infants and small children. Too many issues affect teen girls today and I’m up for the challenge of doing all I can do to make their lives a little better through education, listening, and a whole lot of patience!

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  15. Jane, you are wonderful!

  16. Hi Jane,
    I just read this article on Clive James, who interviewed you in the 90s (by the way, I loved that interview! I taped in and used to watch it a lot until I moved away, forgot about it and my father taped Mississippi Burning over it!!!) was not always taken by celebrities, but he had this to say about you:

    “I was suspicious of Jane Fonda’s “Hanoi Jane” track record but the first few minutes in her company told me where her political enthusiasms came from: she had a generous nature. She was a dream, in fact: smart, funny and without pretensions. I had already figured out why one egomaniac after another had fallen for her: she gave them the humility they lacked. She was full of affection and there would always be some cold-hearted male monster to suck it up. Posing with me for production stills, she embraced me from behind with one leg wrapped around my waist. Eyebrows were raised at home but you could tell she would have done the same for Ronald Reagan.”

    Best regards from Germany

  17. You energizie me and I dont know…. what to do to join you….but until I figure it out….Im with you in heart… which is probably the most powerful connection there is….if there is some other option or until it presents itself….I will pray and be so supportive of you….this is from the mother or 2 daughters and the grandmother of 3 girls and 3 boys…..and in my heart I can trully say “there is neither male nor female greek nor jew but we are one in christ jesus”…much love kp

  18. Jane, today, before the incident with the patient I told you about, during a catnap, I had a dream about You, Tom, Vanessa and Troy when you lived at the Wadsworth house in Santa Monica, not far from my bungalow. During those days, for me, You and Tom were the Citadel. Our dream. I felt so honored to be a part of it. I awoke sobbing. Then I stabilized myself. and had to deal with the patient.

    Later this evening I began having thoughts about my dear friend Herb Ross and again began sobbing. I loved him so much. I treated him with my Yoga Cardiac protocol after his heart surgery at CS when he stayed at the Bel Aire Hotel and at the location across from Charlie Chaplin’s old home in Beverly Hills. Those were such wonderful times. He respected you so much, and was such a fan of yours, candice, and others who I treated. I helped to restore a rift between him and Michael Eisner, who was also my patient. After his therapy, he would regale me with the most sublime stories of old Hollywood. Barbra Streisand, Marlon Brando and others. He was so kind. So supportive of my burgeoning career with my Yoga media projects. Here was this world famous legendary man and filmmaker so generous with his time about my small projects. I miss him so much. He helped to lift the energy I was dealing with in this town. He actually had never met my Guru, but he loved the Yoga we teach and truly benefitted from it. It helped him in his recovery process with his heart disease. He only treated with me when he came to the west coast for film projects.

    With love

  19. Jane, this week something else happened that cut me off from the last strand and “real” physical connection to my personal family. The connection was through my darling nephew, who is gay and an actor who up until now I felt I could confide in, and has been the one person I have felt I could involve in my work and leave my professional legacy to. To oversee and protect on behalf of my Guru.

    I’ve been thrust into a situation where my only communication is with you, which I realize could now be constued as mythic. I’ve devulged things to you that I’m myself overwhelmed by. In spite of my alligence to your and Tom’s early work in Santa Monica and California which was absolutely sincere and iron clad, I can’t imagine what you might be thinking. Since you don’t know me. And I don’t know you on a peronal basis. Except those two times when I treated you and Vanessa at your Alta house. Twenty years ago.

    On a conscious level, I’m able to conduct my life normally. So far. I’m able to sustain a stong front. But, on a personal level, the test I’ve been presented with,recently, increasingly, I have to say is overwhelming. Every source of communication with regard to my most personal feelings and life has been taken from me, except through you. And you don’t know me. Nor I you. On a personal level. You’re this enormously famous Star and personality. So far, all communication with you has been conducted in my mind. Which, clinically, could be diagnosed as borderline psychotic. Which I know I’m not.

    They say that God never gives us more than we can endure. At this moment in my life, I’m not sure that’s true.


  20. He sounds like a great guy, and a terrific mentor.

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