First I went to Atlanta for the annual Empower party that raises money for my Georgia-based non-profit, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential. We honored Dr Sanjay Gupta with the Health Pioneer. It was a lot of fun and a big success. My favorite ex-husband, Ted Turner, was my date.

Turns out Dr Gupta went to University of Michigan and, with his wife Rebecca, lived near Jeff Daniels in a small lake town 15 minutes from Ann Arbor. They all remained good friends. Who knew! Jeff was in town filming “Dumb and Dumber too” with Jim Carey, and he, his wife Kathleen and I had dinner at Sanjay’s & Rebecca’s and had many laughs, especially when Jeff described his experience at the Emmys where he was the big surprise (and much deserved) Best Actor win for his role in “The Newsroom.” It was fascinating talking to Sanjay about all he learned from his cannabis research for the CNN documentary, “Weed”–and it’s always wonderful when you discover that wives of famous men you know are really smart and funny in their own right.

From there, I traveled to Thomasville in south Georgia to participate in the first annual Covey Film Festival (‘Covey’ as in covey of quail which abound in that part of the state). The festival benefitted the Thomasville Community Resource Center which I helped found in the mid 1990s. We now have expanded to over 400 kids in after school programs. The festival focused on films and documentaries about children and children’s issues and I got to see “Beasts of the Southern Wild” again and interview the author, Lucy Alibar, who is a beautiful, fascinating woman and native of Thomasville as are many creative, film-oriented people.

From Georgia I went to New York where The Women’s Media Center had our big annual gala which Lily Tomlin Emceed brilliantly and where we honored media women who’ve made a major impact. Paley Center President & CEO, Pat Mitchell presented the Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award to Christiane Amanpour, Gloria Steinem presented a major award to Sheila Johnson, founder of BET; Marta Nelson, editor in chief of Time Inc, presented the Mary Thom Art of Editing Award posthumously to Mary Thom, I gave Lindy West the Social Media Award. Her acceptance speech was hysterical. Check out her website. Here’s a picture taken of us three co-founders (Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem & me) taken from the giant screen, hence a little distorted. (and okay, so I wore the same outfit for two galas in a row.)

Sally Field, Catherine Keener, Rosario Dawson (with her mother who looks like her sister!), Jen Regenstreich, and Sharon and Howel Ferguson from Thomasville, GA, were at my table.

Me with Keener, taken by Jen.

I didn’t take photos but had a wonderful dinner with Eve Ensler after which we saw an all-woman performance of “Julius Caesar” at the St Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. It was a brilliant production. The warehouse was a women’s prison and the prisoners decide to perform the play, mostly in their prison garb. I never understood the play so deeply. It felt like it was written for today. The actors were superb as was the directing.

I also had great dinners with my BBF, Paula Weinstein, and with my son Troy. During the 2 1/2 days before I had to leave for Paris (someone has to do it :-), I spent 8 to 10 hours a day in a friend’s sun-drenched, inspiring apartment basically without getting up from the table, writing. I’m working on my first novel and I was, as they say, in the zone.

In Paris I stayed at Le Meurice Hotel. My first time staying there, although in the 70’s I filmed a scene in “Julia” there–the scene where Lillian Hellman (me) meets up with Dorothy Parker (Rosemary Murphy) and her husband (Hal Holbrooke). I was upgraded to the penthouse and I felt like royalty.

Barely had time to enjoy this luxurious bathroom.

It had a wrap-around terrace with out-of-this-world views

In the distance you can see Montmartre

The Jardins des Tuileries and the Louvre Museum.

Monday we had a long day filming a commercial for L’Oreal’s new “Age Perfect Extraordinary Oils” for the face. There were 3 of us, me and the Dutch model, Doutzen Kroes, and the German-born model, Tatiana. Still photos were taken by Liz Collins. We were filmed alone, in couples and in threes.

Here is Stephane Lancien doing my hair (they like the longer look)

Charlotte Willer did my makeup

It was fun not being the only one. I liked the sense of camaraderie. And now I’m home and only slightly jet lagged though swamped with work when all I really want to do is write my novel.

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  1. What a beautiful place to be in Paris! Makes me wish I was there…..having as much fun! You are a very talented and beautiful human being. The photo shoot is just wonderful. Oh, and can’t wait for your novel. Happy writing. 🙂 ~ Jo

  2. You look so gorgeous. You’re the living proof that true beauty does not fade away.

  3. Very interesting fortnight, full of various events. Wonderful pictures and, of course, you are “ravissante”…
    Thank you for sharing with us your way of living the life to the fullest.It is said that if you love life, life will love you back. It is very true in your case.

  4. I want to thank you for introducing me to the Coton breed.
    After seeing photos on your web site of you and Tulea, I thought Tulea was an extremely adorable dog and I would one day purchase a Coton puppy. That day was last year and my little Lola is the best dog I’ve ever owned. Other than your photos, I had never seen a Coton. My first experience was visiting Cowboy Coton’s in Tampa, talking to the breeder, and purchasing an eight week old puppy.

  5. Jane,
    I always enjoy reading your blog posts, especially about your interesting travels; you have an eloquent & delightful voice. I’m looking forward to reading your first novel and my curiousity it peaked to know what it’s about ~ 🙂

  6. Jane, great blog! However I hope you didn’t have to actually walk in those sky-high heels that you wore in one of the photos from the L’Oreal shoot. OUCH!

    • Ha! You are so sharp, Brian. Truth be told, I couldnt walk one single step in those shoes…just for looks

      • Dear Jane Fonda,

        Wow, just discovered your blog (there goes sleeping at night)

        I love reading blogs and had no idea you author one and am delighted to find it.

        This is a question for you and I do not know if you do such a thing on your blog..

        I am going to dare to ask, especially since I just listened to your opinion about the actress Marilyn Monroe on a youtube interview with Piers Morgan.

        What you said about her as a person resonates entirely with a fictional book I recently completed and am working to feverishly get on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month.

        Would you be kind enough to read it and offer a review via your blog?

        In this connected world we live in I am reaching out to as many influential voices as I can in hopes of building a fan base.

        People have asked me what else is there to say about Marilyn Monroe?

        I believe there is always a space for an opinion that uplifts and magnifies something greater.

        I humbly await your response.



        • Dear AraBella, unfortunately, I am writing a novel and traveling a lot and don’t have time to read anything “extracurricular.” I hope you understand. Best, jane

  7. ..WHY, OH WHY DO I LOVE PARIS….I share some of your pictures and articles in my Facebook page, and now you´ve got so many more fans and admirers…pit,most of them cannot read or speak english, so I translate a little!But every one of them,man and woman friends of mine, are always facinated with your beauty,how you grew old so gracefully,how you take such a good care of yoursef (we go to the Beach)and many are trying to follow your advices.All the ladies got your Book.Next time you came to Brazil, we will be all there waiting for you…and you can espect some more HUGS! We brazilians hugs a lot those we love ( you know it by now)….xo..Best regards from Rio.

  8. Great blog. 🙂 I’m so glad to hear about you so often.

    And Jane, do yourself a favor and watch Gravity and Blue Is The Warmest Color in case you haven’t. Such beautiful, rich films (with great female leads) and I know you’d be impressed by them. 🙂 That French girl Adele is such a marvelous beautiful (inside and out) talent! If you loved Jennifer Lawrence, you’ll go crazy for her. 🙂

  9. You are on, of two, of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I have one other person, that is beautiful, like you are beautiful, but that’s it….

    I wish, so so so so so much, that I could meet you. I almost sent you my “book”; but, know you “don’t really have time for that”. If you get bored, let me know… I wish you could know me…

  10. (And this is the last time I will say this)…this is for you, not all of “your fans”. I appreciated,so much, your quiet acknowledgement of me in my last ??? goings on???? I think you are wonderful; I wish I wasn’t some Joe Shmoe.. I wish I could meet you. And I mean like have a picnic somewhere; or swim naked together (don’t mis-understand that) Naked, in the way of my two most beautiful people, doesn’t have anything to do with sex. Well, probably has everything to do with sex, but not like how that sounds. Anyway; I think you are wonderfully beautiful…

    • Ahh, what a beautiful message to Jane. I feel the same way.

  11. What a lovely space to do your writing!! I am so excited to read your novel!!! You are an amazing woman, Jane!!
    I am flying to NM in Nov. for a week, after looking at all your photos of NM, I know I am going to love it! Can you suggest any places that serve Italian Cuisine?

    • Kate, Italian cuisine in New Mexico? Why?

      • I love Italian!! Also, I am not a big fan of food that is too spicy or hot. I realize that limits my choices somewhat in NM, but I am hoping to be able to find some great places to eat! Don’t know if you like Italian food, if you do, I would love a suggestion!

  12. Jane –

    Your hair is almost as iconic as you are! What prompted the change in length? It looks great!


  13. And two days later, you have”nt asked me not to. And the reality is, that you are busy, and haven’t been “here”. I don’t care; I’m sending it. It really will be helpful to me…

  14. Hi Jane,

    I moved to Paris 25 years ago and it’s been my base ever since. Part of the magic of the City of Lights are the little neighborhood restaurants that are jewels of French cuisine. Next time you visit, disguise yourself and go out into the neighborhoods to really experience the city from the ground up!

    But this is not why I’m writing you today! I’ve read your other blog, “I’m not going to be cremated, uses up too much energy and gives off too many toxins, nor do I want to be in a coffin. Just dump me in a hole, and let me morph into whatever as quickly as possible.”

    Well, even simply “dumping you in hole” wouldn’t be environmentally friendly, believe it or not.

    We’re living longer and our bodies accumulate more toxins than previous generations over the decades that we’ve lived. These substances can filter down into the ground water in time.

    I am senior management at a new Dublin, Ireland company called ecoLegacy ( and I would commend your interest in order to consider a truly ecological send off with our third method of disposition.


  15. Dear Jane, If you can find the time to view “Uncommon Courage Breakout at Chosin Reservoir” produced by the Smithsonian on the Life of my friend and fellow Marine Major Kurt Chew Een Lee . We talked about you on more than one occasion. He thought you were a great Actress { though I cautioned him about Barbarella}.He sent me an E-Mail that I have saved to paper, that I’d like you to have. It is very complimentary and as you might guess, surprising to most Veterans. I just returned from his Services at Arlington National Cemetery. Hope you get this. Best Regards and always a Fan. Steve McGowan former Lance-Corporal USMC……Algonac, Mich.

    • Thank you, Steve. How do I go about viewing it?

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