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I went to Atlanta on Sunday with my grandchildren. I wanted to spend more time with them and see my daughter, Vanessa.

She has rented a studio in a place in west Atlanta called the Goat Farm. Atlanta is not a big city like New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, but it has so many pockets of uniqueness–places with …

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We were driven along the Lake Shore to the South Side of Chicago where we spent the next day (6 hours!) at the amazing Museum of Science and Industry.

Museum front lawn and entrance

I have to say, it is the best one I have ever visited, full of fabulous displays, interactive experiences and beautifully curated. It is a …

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Best week ever! Met my Grandkids in Chicago with much excitement. We all sensed we were going to be in for a special 5 days with Troy and Simone (my son and daughter-in-law). We weren’t disappointed. We did a lot and took lots of pictures so this blog will be a 2-parter.

We stayed at the incredible Park Hyatt Hotel

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Here are some post holiday photos with the family from this weekend…Enjoy!

Day after Thanksgiving brunch: Vegetarian Lasagna, broccoli, Hummus, garlic bread. Yum!

I have had these plates for 45 years…each one has a Zodiac sign.

Katie Keenan and guess who?

My granddaughter, Viva, is interviewing me for a school project. She was a smart interviewer.

Last night we had …

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch….the clan and friends have gathered. The weather has been super. The house is filled with love and fun. Only a few nose bleeds due to the 7,000 foot altitude. There’s been horseback riding and 4-wheel drive riding and kids building on their tree house which Malcolm started awhile back….and fishing. I haven’t gone yet cause …

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The Joys of Grandchildren

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While recently in Atlanta I went to dinner with the Belatti’s.

Dinner in Atlanta at the Four Seasons restaurant with my wonderful friends Frank and Cathy Belatti

Frank was the CEO of AFC (America’s Favorite Chicken, a company which also includes Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Popeye). He was on the G-CAPP board as Vice Chair for many terms and …

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My New Website

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It’s graduation day! I am moving from a blog to a website. I feel I am growing up as a techie and I am so excited. I am doing this because I want to be able to share more with you about things that interest me, things I am involved with, things I am learning about, and things I get …

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Malcolm on the left, Katie Keenan on the right. Katie will get a free subscription to Mad Magazine if she has her picture taken with a celebrity holding the magazine.

Granddaughter Viva

Kim putting my tail back on

Granddaughter Viva has the other ears

Easter bunny with Malcolm.

It was also Paul, my son-in-law’s, birthday!

Kids collecting tad poles and …

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Dec 21st…Winter Solstice

This is the shortest day of the year. I happen to feel it is the coolest day to be born on. The short, dark solstice here but it’s bright and long at the other side of the earth where it’s summer. I wasn’t even blogging this time last year. I’ve come a long way Baby! It’s a …

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