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It’s graduation day! I am moving from a blog to a website. I feel I am growing up as a techie and I am so excited. I am doing this because I want to be able to share more with you about things that interest me, things I am involved with, things I am learning about, and things I get asked a lot. I hope you will let me know what you think. This is all very much a work in progress—as am I!

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I haven’t blogged in the last few days because my team has been busy mounting this new website, so here are some pictures of what’s been going on during that time.

My daughter and grandchildren arrived in New Mexico last Friday. We could see the fires near Los Alamos in the distance as we approached Santa Fe.

Malcolm and Viva in the car

Vanessa, the designated driver

These 2 pictures are of the Los Alamos fires. It's so dry it's scary

I was worried that it would be super hot but this is New Mexico’s monsoon season and every afternoon there’s been enough cloud cover…even some rain…to cool it off and the nights have been splendid.

We dragged a lot of old lumber, wood palettes, pipes and stuff from the bone yard (where miscellaneous stuff we don’t need from the buildings is deposited) across the river and the kids (with Vanessa’s considerably skilled help) are building a tree house.

Malcolm built the stone stairs to the "front door." He is very meticulate

a baby bird fell out of it's nest onto the brick patio. Vanessa knew what to do right away and picked it up.

Vanessa putting baby bird back in the nest with Viva taking pictures.

Vanessa photographing the bird in its nest

Hard to see but it's in there.

Viva watching her mom

My friends Sharon and Howell Ferguson are here with us. They, Howell in particular, are avid fisherpeople and they’ve been out every day catching (and releasing) some nice fish. We use barbless hooks and always throw them back. The water’s low . We didn’t have much snow this year.

I have had so much to do around the upcoming release of my book on August 9th (interviews and stuff) that I have not had a chance to fish. I am headed to Atlanta for a G-CAPP board meeting. Then I come back to the ranch for another 15 days. So happy.

But I did ride the other day and I realized that my horse, a white Arab named Gitane, has bad arthritis and I think it hurts me more than her to feel her limp when we ride so I have decided —with great sadness–to put her out to pasture. I have another Arab mare that was my first —almost 30 years old now, who I bought from the film director Mike Nichols– who is enjoying her old age out in the fields. I’ve buried 2 horses this year and now another that can’t be ridden. Gotta start looking for some new ones.

Sharon, Howell and I went for a long ride with Cam, who looks after the horses and they got to see some parts of the ranch that people don’t get to see that often.

Me, Howell and Sharon Ferguson

the Los Alamos fires still burn!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about my new website.

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  1. What a beautiful ranch! Likewise your horses & g-kids. Here’s sending you some of our Oregon rain which we’ve an over supply of this year.
    Love your new website! No critique here! It’s colorful and flowing, too.

  2. Well Jane,
    As that professor of communications technology, I do find a point of view after working with commputers and education from about 1977. I like what I see, and it seem to fit you life style well. If you compare Jim Carrey’s website it show the vast areas that a website can address. Looks like a lot of good photos from the treehouns bulding to the simple drive up to the ranch very nice.
    A lot going on and you life, a interesting subject.

    With love and care,

  3. Hi Milady Jane!
    Well done…nice website!
    But I guess you are still in an “under construction” phase…

    So maybe you didn’t fixed any gap(is it the right word?) yet…as the double article in the “Relationship and spirit” section…Actually the article “About my Faith” at the top of the page is the same of the one on the bottom of it…

    And the “ask Jane” section doesn’t appear yet on the menu’ on the home page header…
    I still have open the page since some days ago before the upgrade…and now I can see my first “question” only dated June 29, 2011 at 6:08 pm…and this is the last one on the section…All the other questions of your fans written after mine don’t appear there…
    So I don’t know if you read my last “question” written few days ago…

    Just to give you a hand…and write something…
    You are not alone Milady Jane…


    • Thanks, Andrea. I will look into this. Yes, it is still in the building process. xx

      • Goodmorning Milady Jane!

        I saw you fixed the gap! 😉
        I just wanted to help you…So happy to give you a hand…
        I hope you read what I wrote in my last post on the “Ask Jane” section…What do you think about it?
        I have pure and genuine feelings Jane…

        Have a sweet and nice day!

  4. I liked the other website a lot, this one will probably grow on me 🙂
    I LOVE that you are embracing technology and sharing in new ways about your life, wisdom and ideas. You have so much to give and we are blessed to be able to hear. Thank you so much for setting me and Maria Elena Chavez down so long ago to explain what the protesters were going on about as we worked on the set of Stanley and Iris. I wasn’t born until 1970 so I don’t think I will ever completely understand the craziness of the 60’s and 70
    ‘s but hearing from you personally of your intent and mistakes helped make things more clear. I would love to be able to go for a horse ride and chat with you again someday. Please don’t ever stop sharing. much love, Heather

  5. Hi, I found your blog only a few months and I’m excited. Now with this new version is even more dynamic and enjoyable to browse. Keep it up. Thank you. A hug. Antonella

  6. Great website and easy to navigate. I’m enjoying your stories, pictures, etc. and can’t wait on trying your recipes. Your honesty and growth is such an inspiration that I look so forward in reading your book and will definately share my comments. I’ve been on your site for sometime now and mis-read on your return to your ranch. Oh well, looking forward to your book signing here in Santa Fe and checking in with your life. Like I said before – I think you’re amazing and I agree that life gets better after 50yrs. Mine has!

  7. Dear Jane,
    Hello, my name is Mark Tomsic. I am 21 years old and I currently major in social work: drug/alcohol rehabilitation. I love helping people and I feel this field is where God wants me. You have taugt me that it is important to set goals for yourself and strive to make a difference and you have given me courage to do so.

    I wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration to me. I have been listening to your book, “My Life so Far” audio in my car while I drive to school. I’m getting close to finished and I must admit, I have never been one very interested in history or politics but the more I have listened to you, it has opened a door that I have never experienced. I have a larger interest in U.S. History and the politics that affect me and my loved ones. So I want to thank you for your contribution of writing because me being a fan of yours led me to your book and views. I thought you should know you have made a difference in my life and again, thank you and God Bless to you and your family.
    Love Always,
    Mark 🙂

  8. Hello, Jane! I stumbled onto your lovely and imaginative website as I was trying in vain to locate “age appropriate” workout clothing on the web. I have your new videos and would like something comfortable yet stylish to do the tapes and also to walk in the neighborhood. Let’s just say I’m in your age group. What do you recommend in the way of light workout clothing? I would like to layer a couple of tops to cover what is sagging a bit and, oh, yes…I would like the pants/shorts to sit at my waist — not 4 inches below as shown in nearly everything I have seen online!!

    • Yikes, Vicki, I don’t know of any place in particular where you can get what you’re looking for. Myabe go to Target and get the stuff, baggy tops over waist-high shorts. yeah.

  9. Hello Jane, my name is Carol and I have been doing your exercise programs for around 25 years now. I started them when I had my second child and I gained 70 pounds. Yikes! I want to thank you for helping me lose the weight and for keeping it off of me for all of these years. I don’t know if I would have gotten into fitness without your video collections. You have and always will be a great inspiration to me. I love the walk out video. Thanks again!

  10. I am a tad younger than you. I was a Marine, in Viet Nam a little before you toured the North. I never held your trip over there against you. If I did not believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I would have never served. You were never “Hanoi Jane” to me. But I commend you for extending an apology to anyone who was hurt by your actions there. Frankly, when I saw you sitting in an anti aircraft position, you looked like you wanted out of that seat as fast as you could. I really think you were played by the North Vietnamese. But I do think you paved the way for our current relationship with Viet Nam. When Vets visit they are treated like honored guests. I hope to make the trip in a year or so. It is such a beautiful country and the people are wonderful. I think, in part, you helped that become possible. Congrats on the new web site.

    • Thanks, John. Your words mean a lot to me. xox Jane

  11. Jane, so sad to hear about Peter’s passing. He will live on thru your memories. Glad I had a chance to meet him at your home, so many years ago. RIP – Bobby lustbader.

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