Here are some post holiday photos with the family from this weekend…Enjoy!

Day after Thanksgiving brunch: Vegetarian Lasagna, broccoli, Hummus, garlic bread. Yum!

I have had these plates for 45 years...each one has a Zodiac sign.

Katie Keenan and guess who?

My granddaughter, Viva, is interviewing me for a school project. She was a smart interviewer.

Last night we had a rousing game of Taboo. Here's Viva and Katie in front of the fireplace, racing against the timer.

Katie found this fossil. We think it is a fish jaw. We have lots of fossil and chards of Pecos Indian pottery.

This morning we celebrated Judy Keenan's birthday with a candle in her pancakes.

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  1. I find the fossil bit very interesting you should investigate to see what it is exactly.

  2. Always enjoy your blogs and your books – very instructive.

    Have noticed that most of your films are not on Netflix streaming video – anything you can do about that?


  3. Great pictures! The food looks delicious! The plates are awesome! Collectables I’m sure! (I like your pancake plates too!) Tulea looks exhausted! I have a feeling she was played with and carried a lot! And that fossil is way cool! To find pottery pieces would be fascinating! I would love to dig around your ranch property to see what I can find! (Don’t worry, I won’t. :))
    The ranch looks like the perfect place to get away for the holidays! (If you ever need me to house-sit . . . . ranch-sit, just let me know! ;)) Will you head back to the ranch for Christmas or the New Year?

  4. Oh – this is so nice! It’s like Jane Fonda is my new bff. Your family looks wonderful – just like any other wonderful family.

    I’m a fan! Love your book – I’m just getting into it….. YOU are amazing!


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