Malcolm on the left, Katie Keenan on the right. Katie will get a free subscription to Mad Magazine if she has her picture taken with a celebrity holding the magazine.

Granddaughter Viva

Kim putting my tail back on

Granddaughter Viva has the other ears

Easter bunny with Malcolm.

It was also Paul, my son-in-law's, birthday!

Kids collecting tad poles and baby turtles

Easter bunny with Tulea

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  1. Wow. You should have been in Night of the Lepus.

  2. love it but a bit kabuki?

  3. The bunny outfit is great! Very stylish, especially with one ear up and one ear down! I can see the kids felt both ears should be up, but they don’t understand the hip fashion statements of bunnies these days! It looks like you gave the kids an Easter to remember! Great job Grandma!

  4. You are such a wonderful role model for those kids………..how I wish i had someone in my life who lived life to the fullest as you do…..those pics are priceless and will ALWAYS be something those children remember forever. I smiled so big when i saw them………..thank you from myself and from everyone who wishes to be a part of a family like yours. thank you thank you…..and a sexy bunny to boot!

  5. hello Jane,
    I have to say that you not only look the part, you have captured the feel of the Rabbit. You have succed in catching or seizing the bunny’s person.
    You should have had more roles ,like Alice in Wonderland, you have real possession of character, very narrative.

    with love and care,

  6. super … this really awesome bunny costume !
    for children and for you they are great memories.

  7. Oh I was so sorry to miss this….but too many eggy obligations in Atlanta to hop out there.

    but I did get a chance to initiate a play date between Aroo and Bandit (big pooch BFF’s) this past weekend…I must say the egg hunters were thorough! There was not a single egg left behind…

    and I admire your spunk – it was quite warm Easter day – yet you look cool and refreshed in the crisp white bunny suit.

    Very sporting of you! The kids will never forget that Easter I am certain!


    • Katie won the subscription. The picture is in the August issue of Mad (Green Lantern cover).

  8. Darling jane !

    You just look slender and beautiful even now in this dress!how lucky those kids are
    to have such a brave,great and loving personality around them.


  9. hey beautiful lady! just want to tell you how you hit my nail on the head in a rescent interview with Joy. you were discussing how hard your forties were and that your daughter made a comment of you being a camellion. thanks for being a real person and passing on what you experience as it can help lift and encourage and give avenues of hope to some of us who may be in a short term rut! lol! even though it happens to us all, on occasion, it does seem like forties and the ole bounce back just arent in sync! thank you so much darling lady! hugs and happiness to you, missy b

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