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  • Hi Jane-
    A few friends and I just flew into Las Vegas earlier today from Pennsylvania. We drove through Death Valley on our way to Sequoia, Kings, Yosemite and on to Big Sur. I couldn’t help but think what a dichotomy Death Valley really is: conserved land that gives us a glimpse into how unforgiving the realities of climate can be. Driving t…[Read more]

  • Jane-

    Warmest birthday wishes to you! I love the winter solstice for so many reasons, but namely because I think it’s the Earth way of forcing us to stop and reflect. In darkness, we naturally pause in order to determine our next move. For me, on this cold winter night, it’s a beautiful opportunity to think about “what’s next?” Your mission i…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane!
    I started feeding a squirrel at the beginning of the pandemic because he was always at the bird feeder and he has a little gimp leg… he is also quite chunky now, but I think it’s good for the winter! I just finished watching The Queen’s Gambit— a very interesting story and well done! I am always searching for something new to read—…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane,

    I recently have been watching the new docuseries with Zac Efron called Down to Earth on Netflix. One episode explores Sardinia, where there are some of the longest life expectancy rates in the world. Called a Blue Zone because of the number of centenarians per capita, Efron talks to researchers and locals about what it means to live a…[Read more]

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