This is a hard blog to write. I have been in Atlanta for 19 years. It has been my home and I have been very happy here. I came here with Ted Turner and when we separated, I stayed. It’s been 10 years since then. I built myself a loft that I truly thought would be my home till I died. I love it so. My daughter, my soon-to-be son-in-law and my two grandchildren live here. My 2 non-profits are here: The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and The Jane Fonda Center at the Emory School of Medicine where the focus is on adolescent reproductive health and sexuality. So you see, my decision to move to Los Angeles has not been easy.

I went to L.A. to have knee replacement surgery last June and stayed for my rehab and recovery. It didn’t take long for me to see that decision makers in the film industry didn’t realize I still wanted to work in film. I was out of the business for many years while I was married to Ted Turner. And then, while I was almost finished writing my memoirs, I decided it was time to be an actor again. I made “Monster-in-Law,” followed by “Georgia Rule”–2 movies in 10 years. That’s too few, but I couldn’t seem to find films I wanted to do and that was partly because producers and directors didn’t know I was available. Out of sight is out of mind. That’s when I realized I had to live there. I do have family there as well…my son, daughter-in-law and stepmother –and I’m in a loving relationship with Richard Perry. A lot was beckoning me just as a lot was pulling me to stay in Atlanta.

Already my work situation has changed: I will be in several movies this year with a few more in the works. Also, by making movies again—and more often— G-CAPP will have more premieres as fundraising events like we used to.

I will be coming back often to my adopted city. I am still Chair of G-CAPP (we have co-chairs to help me do the things that an absent Chair can’t do). I intend to be fully involved. I still have friends and family here. There are plenty of important reasons to bring me back often.

Tomorrow, I will put photos on this blog of my loft in case someone is interested in renting or buying.

Whew! I never thought this day would come.

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