This is a hard blog to write. I have been in Atlanta for 19 years. It has been my home and I have been very happy here. I came here with Ted Turner and when we separated, I stayed. It’s been 10 years since then. I built myself a loft that I truly thought would be my home till I died. I love it so. My daughter, my soon-to-be son-in-law and my two grandchildren live here. My 2 non-profits are here: The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and The Jane Fonda Center at the Emory School of Medicine where the focus is on adolescent reproductive health and sexuality. So you see, my decision to move to Los Angeles has not been easy.

I went to L.A. to have knee replacement surgery last June and stayed for my rehab and recovery. It didn’t take long for me to see that decision makers in the film industry didn’t realize I still wanted to work in film. I was out of the business for many years while I was married to Ted Turner. And then, while I was almost finished writing my memoirs, I decided it was time to be an actor again. I made “Monster-in-Law,” followed by “Georgia Rule”–2 movies in 10 years. That’s too few, but I couldn’t seem to find films I wanted to do and that was partly because producers and directors didn’t know I was available. Out of sight is out of mind. That’s when I realized I had to live there. I do have family there as well…my son, daughter-in-law and stepmother –and I’m in a loving relationship with Richard Perry. A lot was beckoning me just as a lot was pulling me to stay in Atlanta.

Already my work situation has changed: I will be in several movies this year with a few more in the works. Also, by making movies again—and more often— G-CAPP will have more premieres as fundraising events like we used to.

I will be coming back often to my adopted city. I am still Chair of G-CAPP (we have co-chairs to help me do the things that an absent Chair can’t do). I intend to be fully involved. I still have friends and family here. There are plenty of important reasons to bring me back often.

Tomorrow, I will put photos on this blog of my loft in case someone is interested in renting or buying.

Whew! I never thought this day would come.

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  1. Ms. Fonda:

    You’ll be missed. You’ve been a wonderful asset to to the city. You exemplify what Woodruff hoped for Atlanta: a city of people who care. On a personal note, I’ve appreciated your support of outsider art. I, too, am a fan. I am also one of your biggest fans and look forward to seeing you in many more movies. Warmly, Randy Siegel

  2. I’m sorry that you’re moving away only because I never had the honor and privilege of meeting you while you were here. But I do wish you much luck.

  3. Jane,

    Welcome back – you’ve been missed. Keep an eye on the careers of your British contemporaries – they’re doing the later career thing right.

    Choose wisely and you could enjoy another two decades of rewarding work and well deserved critical acclaim. (You could well have done many of the later roles the wonderful Ann Bancroft accepted).

    Beyond career – thanks for being a good person – we need all we can get.

  4. Jane,
    If you’re lifestyle is such that you’ll need to hire a private chef for your new L.A. home, please contact me! For more info, see CookfromYourHeart.com

    All the best,


  5. Good luck with your move! It is hard to leave a place that has been home for so long! I am glad to hear you will be in movie projects!

  6. I’m moving too! What a coinky-dink! Seriously, I am excited you are returning to film. You have always been my favorite actress. Your biography is in my “forever keep” bookcase to be re-read-we seem to have a common spirit. I’m thrilled for you!You hve always been such a groovy chick!

  7. Jane,

    After your many films, awards and accomplishments, you should be able to live anywhere and work all you want. It will be great seeing more of you up on the big screen. And perhaps on the small screen and on Broadway.

  8. It has been a pleasure seeing and reading parts of your blog. You are a inspiration to me and many. Life is always unfolding, change is the constant and following the river of it opens and evolves oneself. Thank you Jane Fonda. If you ever are in Toronto look us up as a visit would be a real treat.

  9. Jane, I am so happy to hear you will do movies again. You are one of those stars that get me out to see a movie just because you are in it. I’m happy!

  10. Seems like a wise decision to move. Change is good. Scary sometimes, but it’ll all work out. Best of luck!

  11. I left California to move to Denver for a few years. But the ocean and good weather lured me back (not to mention a job). I still visit Colorado and have some of my best friends there. But I am glad I made the move back. Cali is more liberal and progressive then many states and well – the weather….can’t beat it. So – WELCOME HOME!!!

  12. I don’t think you should sell that loft. I think Atlanta is the better place to be when you are finished making your movies. Are you sure this is only about making movies in Hollywood?

  13. Jane you brought such wonderful light and energy to the city of Atlanta. You will be missed dearly. I look forward to seeing you in more films, because you are such an exceptional talent. Go get em’ tiger!


  14. I am so happy you are going to make movies again. It’s my hope that you will make lots of them. My daughter, who is 27, was introduced to you in Monster-in-Law and I look forward to sharing your earlier movies with her so that she can understand what an impact you made in the industry and the quality of acting you brought to the screen. I’m sorry you have to move away from the city you love so much, but thank you for doing so. I look forward to seeing you on the big screen in the future.

  15. As me, I am glad you are moving back. I want to see more of you in films. I have missed you. Show people what great acting is !

  16. Bravo!! Making a decision for self!! >3

  17. Hello Ms. Fonda!
    Enjoy this bittersweet time! I’ve admired and enjoyed everything you have done and stood for, and I know this move will be good for you and “us”!

    On the level of advocating for teen mothers, this is a passion of mine that has nagged and burned within me for almost 15 years. I yearn to “do something” for the COUNTLESS young women facing the challenge of unexpected motherhood, but I don’t know where to begin or what to do. I’m a 46 yr old “ex” Marketing hard working gal. My passion comes from becoming a mother at the age of 15. That daughter became a mother at the age of 17 (after years of coaching, teaching, and hard knocks….!). I’ve helped and encouraged so many girls, and they have all become successful, wonderful mothers.

    I now reside in Arizona, after hubby was transferred here from San Diego 2 yrs. ago. I miss Calif. very, very much, though have 2 grown daughters there and I travel there every 6 weeks or so.

    If ever you find the need for someone who has lived the adventure, raised my kidlets, and come out on top and much better from the experience, please feel free to pass along my name and email….I have so much to share and care!

    With respect,
    Amy Starks

  18. If ever there was a place to mend the pain of a broken heart brought on by leaving one’s home, it is Los Angeles. The mountains will comfort you, the oceans will give you perspective, the desert will calm you and the culture will inspire you. I am thrilled you will be gracing the screen with your talent. LA needs your energy and ideas. Remember, it is not goodbye to Atlanta but until we meet again. I have found that visiting my home after moving away has made it that much more special a place to me, and my senses have become aware of a deeper beauty in each place, the one I left and the one I return to. All the best to you during this time of transition.
    Moved from D.C. to LA 3 years ago.

  19. dear miss fonda
    yes i can understand the mixed emotions about leaving atlanta i just want to say that your decision on why you are moving is clear. wanting to be in movies which has been part of most of your adult life certainly makes this fan very pleased to know you will be returning to the screen. i only hope the parts you select will be worthy of your talent. i’ve posted this before that i hope that if august:osage county is filmed that the producers rush to sign you as the mother. i think its a part made for you. good luck on whatever you do chose.

  20. SuRpRiSe!!!
    Well it did come!
    Are you ready for what awaits ya?

  21. Although I can understand why you are leaving Atlanta, I wish you weren’t. I’ve always been comforted and honored that you chose to make the South your home. You are an asset to any place you live.

  22. Good luck, Jane, in LA. Can’t wait to see you in new films! love the old ones too! You are a great actress and we have missed you on the big screen!

  23. I am glad to hear you will be back in the movies! Monster in law was the first one I saw you in and I’ve been getting in to your older films. Do you know if or when Tall Story, The Chapman Report, Period of Adjustment and The Dollmaker will be available on DVD?

  24. Moving is very hard to do. A couple of years ago, my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, and we had that house for seventeen years (1992-2007)and it was very hard for me. But, I was learning to live on my own at school and they needed to be somewhere less stressful, so we moved. Looking at it now, I think that that move gave me more perspective in who I really am and what I want to do. I do wish the same for you, Miss Fonda.

  25. Wanted to leave you a “happy mother’s day wish” but I had an accident that same day (and they didn’t have internet access in the ICU…lol!). Very sad to hear that you are moving away from GA but “I KNOW” that you know what’s the best for you. So go for it!!! Will keep the memory of meeting you a few years ago, when I went to see you talking about “My Life So Far” at this cute little church here in Atl. Peace, Love and Blessings to your golden soul!!! Cheers!!!

  26. I hadn’t read your blog in a while, so I was in shock, too, that you were moving from Atlanta! Good luck with your move. And glad to hear you’ll be doing more movies.

    P.S. Love your honesty about life.

  27. I’m excited to see you getting back on the screen again. Age brings with it a depth to characters that in a word are just compelling.

    I wrote a screenplay called Blue Hair that was a quarterfinalist at Nicholl and has received good reviews from production companies.

    The hard part is that there are 4 main chracters; all women, all 72. Producers like the story and the writing but are afraid of the marketability.

    I wrote it with only you in mind as the lead. I can’t imagine anyone else doing it. I have to believe that there are people out there that want to see rich textural films where there are no superhero capes or explosions. Real stories about real people…funny, tragic, triumphant.

    Does anyone else agree with me here? I’d love to send you the script.

    • send script to kevin huvane at CAA agency in los angeles. thanks. xx

  28. We’ll miss you!

  29. Love the decor you did! Thanks for sharing the photos. Can hardly wait to see what yu do in your new home.
    xo xo

  30. ATL will miss you Jane! And if you’re goin to get back involved with acting… please get back into politics. This country desperately needs independent voices.
    God Bless

    -David Rudnick (That random Marine at your book signing in Ansley Park)

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