This is a hard blog to write. I have been in Atlanta for 19 years. It has been my home and I have been very happy here. I came here with Ted Turner and when we separated, I stayed. It’s been 10 years since then. I built myself a loft that I truly thought would be my home till I died. I love it so. My daughter, my soon-to-be son-in-law and my two grandchildren live here. My 2 non-profits are here: The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and The Jane Fonda Center at the Emory School of Medicine where the focus is on adolescent reproductive health and sexuality. So you see, my decision to move to Los Angeles has not been easy.

I went to L.A. to have knee replacement surgery last June and stayed for my rehab and recovery. It didn’t take long for me to see that decision makers in the film industry didn’t realize I still wanted to work in film. I was out of the business for many years while I was married to Ted Turner. And then, while I was almost finished writing my memoirs, I decided it was time to be an actor again. I made “Monster-in-Law,” followed by “Georgia Rule”–2 movies in 10 years. That’s too few, but I couldn’t seem to find films I wanted to do and that was partly because producers and directors didn’t know I was available. Out of sight is out of mind. That’s when I realized I had to live there. I do have family there as well…my son, daughter-in-law and stepmother –and I’m in a loving relationship with Richard Perry. A lot was beckoning me just as a lot was pulling me to stay in Atlanta.

Already my work situation has changed: I will be in several movies this year with a few more in the works. Also, by making movies again—and more often— G-CAPP will have more premieres as fundraising events like we used to.

I will be coming back often to my adopted city. I am still Chair of G-CAPP (we have co-chairs to help me do the things that an absent Chair can’t do). I intend to be fully involved. I still have friends and family here. There are plenty of important reasons to bring me back often.

Tomorrow, I will put photos on this blog of my loft in case someone is interested in renting or buying.

Whew! I never thought this day would come.

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  1. обожаю эту актрису)))всем привет с Москвы!!!!

  2. It’s amazing to see such ambition, dedication, and bravery that is possible later in life. I hope to be like that too, and finally leave Philadelphia for LA, before i turn 30!

  3. All the best with the move and your upcoming movies! I was going to say “break-a-leg” but that’s probably not appropriate in this case. Oops, I just did! 🙂 Best wishes & lots of hugs from a fan.


  4. I STILL want to see you and Redford in a sequel to Electric Horseman. Those two characters, having aged and grown wiser really need to come together again. So many story lines are possible.
    Lilpeep2u (Twitter)

  5. Yard sale?!

  6. good luck twitter friend. i don’t follow too many celebrities on twitter. their lives don’t interest me as much. i am sure atlanta will miss you and beckon you back when you move and also welcome you with open arms when you visit. i am very happy that you will be working more in films. i am a huge fan and admirer. sincerely, sharon

  7. Wishing you every happiness! (Monster in Law was a fun film.) Life calls and we have to listen, new projects and new scenes. Have a fantastic move!

  8. Never an easy decision. Atlanta will miss it’s most well known hometown celeb 😉 All of your charitable work in this city including your launch of World Fitness day at the Dome has all been much appreciated. And the glimpses of you at the gym during workouts were inspiring. Good luck in the next chapter & much congratulations!!

  9. Welcome back to L.A. Jane. We met years ago when you where doing door-to-door campaigning for Tom Hayden. My father answered the door and was in complete shock it was you. He talked about meeting you for well over a week! SoCal can always welcome back another beautiful, intelligent accomplished woman.


  10. Best of luck to you Jane and hope everything turns out well! Thanks for all you efforts over the years. We appreciate all you have done!!!!

  11. I know leaving “home” is rough and I hope your decision proves to be the right one. I am so thrilled to hear that you will be in some upcoming movies! When I moved to NYC last year, I got to see your performance in “33 Variations.” It was superb and I can’t wait to catch your next films. ( I think you a film-version of that play should be done…) Good luck!

  12. Dear Jane,

    I know how incredibly painful and difficult your decision is – it’s a kind of death to leave a world that we have called home (family, friends, work, all of it). We move on in life and know that these things we are leaving will never be there again for us, not in the same way.

    And I know your decision was a good one – because film is such a big part of your life and you have contributed so much to the world through this medium/art.

    I applaud your brave new life in LA. I know you will be surrounded by new friends and a world of creative fulfillment and love.

    Warmest & joyous blessings,

  13. This must be a bittersweet time for you. I hope that there will be little surprises for you that will make it worthwhile. When one door closes another one always opens. Be well. I am looking forward to seeing your new movies.

  14. Change is always difficult but good for the soul.
    I loved Monsters in law. You were so believable in that. And really quite funny. I loved that movie.
    Working is good also. Especially doing something you love. We are traveling to California, leaving on Tuesday in our thirty foot motorhome. Going to see my 88 year old Aunt Anne in Glendale. Then onward and upward through the Redwoods to Oregon and Washington state. And then across the West back toward Florida. Wherever our hearts desire. Maybe the Glaciers in Canada. Be well. <3

  15. good luck jane!

  16. Although I like knowing you live in Atlanta, I know it is your choice and not your fans’ choice.
    I am sure you are doing the right thing for your acting career and as you say, you will be in Atlanta plenty of times. I wish I could meet you, Jane Fonda, but I am not in the business as they say and I would never impose on you.

  17. Atlanta will miss you, Jane. You are a treasure. And you have contributed much to the community of Atlanta. I love your blog and the effort you take to post AMAZING photographs & content. I will remember you in my prayers. Best wishes for a smooth transition from Atlanta to LA. And thank you for your wonderful blog. It is very inspiring!!

  18. Oh, Jane! Hope the move goes well and I’ll see you again! This time, in L.A 😉

  19. It will be great to see you in more movies this year but sad that you have to move 🙁 Good luck Jane! xxx Victoria.

  20. I am 56 years old and was raised on Jane Fonda movies. I was in College when you brought your documentary on the Tet Offensive to my school.
    Look forward to seeing more movies.

  21. and P.S.

    as a recent again recovering alcoholic myself….My heart and concerns go out to Lindsay Lohan. I know you once stated in an interview when discussing the movie, that you just wanted to put your arms around her and help her…be there for her so to speak. I think she might actually open up to you as she needs help really bad. She is only 22 and I am now 41 and it only gets worse for one as an addict.

    I just thought I would put a plea out there for her as I only think her father will make things worse for her.

    Kind Regards,


  22. Hurray! You have always inspired me with your courage to make change and this is a big one, congratulations and look forward to seeing you bloom yet again.

  23. You will be missed, Jane! Blessings on your journey back to LA & on your upcoming movies.

    Kimberly K Absher

  24. Will sure miss you Jane. Hope you will keep blogging from LA. Looking forward to your upcoming films along with everything else you continue to do. Thanks for everything you have done for Atlanta, and equally important, thanks for the role model you have been for generations of women who respect and admire you. All the best! – Debbie

  25. Jane…go and grow! While our city will miss you very much, it is very much everyone’s gain if you are back in front of the cameras. Vanessa and family and your greater extended family can carry the FONDA flag here. Your good works will continue here and elsewhere no doubt.

    BTW, everytime I am changing channels and come across MONSTER-In-LAW, I stop and watch. Still laugh out loud at that movie.

    That Richard better be good to you or I will have to paint you another watercolor heart.

    Fly with the eagles.

  26. Atlanta will be a less exciting place without you…please come back often. It’s great that you can still get some movie work. There are far too few roles for mature women.

  27. This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, but it’s still a sad day for Atlanta. We loved having you here, Jane, but it’ll be great to see you onscreen more!

  28. Hi Jane:
    I met you once going in to the Paideia School auditorium for a speech that you were giving to high school parents. You gave me a nice compliment and said that I did not look like I could have a high school student. When I told my father about your nice remark, he reminded me that you you are a very talented actress (He loves his joke.)

    I read your blog about moving from Atlanta and it touched me. We moved from Atlanta to Boston after my youngest son graduated from high school. We miss it and at the same time, the great thing about Atlanta, is that we still feel like we are there, not that we are stuck in that period of time, but that Atlanta welcomes us back with her big, outstreched arms every time we return.

    I know it will be the same for you too. I so admire how your life is always going forward.

    Marilyn Kaszynski

  29. Hello Jane,

    This is the first time I have posted a comment on your blog though I have been following it for some time.

    Any life decision that we make is fraught with fear and anxiety plus often has to consider leaving family. I know – I have done it myself through leaving one continent for another.

    Luckily we live in an age where there are myriad ways to stay in touch and you are, perhaps, better placed than some to live a life between two separate cities.

    It’s an especially brave decision at an older age when life seems settled, but it seems to me your mind has been wrestling with this issue for some time. Your family also know you well enough to accept that moving is something you have to do.

    Your absence from film has been keenly missed. Just promise that the scripts you are offered and that you accept stay true to who you are and your ideals.

    All the best,


  30. Atlanta will miss you.

  31. Best wishes to you! You will be missed by Atlanta.

  32. Seems as though you’ve been trying hard at leading lives in two places lately.
    While it is sometimes sad to put a part of your life behind you, the joy is that you are able to have and make a choice. You have accomplished so much but that is no reason to sit back. Closing a door always means a new beginning.

  33. thanks for a great weekend sorry to see you go back to cali but please call atlanta your second home i did a lot of prodution on wfd met you friday thanks for being so nice i hope i can work for you next year thank you charlie wilcox

  34. In anycase, I love you, Jane as I love your father . God bless you!

  35. Georgia will always be there. You can always go back. I grew up in Atlanta and moved to Los Angeles when I was 18. I went back and forth for 20 years before deciding to live in California permanently.
    You’re making the right decision.

  36. I know this is a hard decision for you to make, but it seems an appropriate one, since you will be busier doing films and other work in L.A. You’ve come back often to Atlanta this past year to see your grandchildren and daughter, and also to work on your various projects here. So, to me it seems like you’ve already made a happy balance being in the cities of Los Angeles and Atlanta! Change can be difficult and usually takes some time for us to adjust to, but often it’s happening to us even when we aren’t aware of it! So glad you’ll be visiting Atlanta often in the future! I really don’t understand why you can’t keep your loft so you can stay there when you are in town!? You’ve got homes in other states too, don’t you?

  37. It will be hard for you to move, but good for us because we will see you more often on the big screen! I guess it is that old Julie Andrews’ line of when one door closes another door opens…corny, but true. Or in your case, an old door re-opening! It’s hard moving on, but it’s only a plane trip away, and you have a lot to look forward to. Life’s too short not to take a gamble or two. We lost another great one today in Lynn Redgrave. Makes you want to just go out and live it while you can. Take care.

  38. Whenever I go to Atlanta to visit my daughter and her family I have always loved knowing that you were there. I think you picked up some new solid values while you lived there – like prayer before meetings and events. Don’t let the glitz of LA change who you are. We’ll miss you!

  39. Hi Jane, the loft is a stunner, a dream home! I understand the choice being hard but, being a fan of yours for years you have always known when to change & move on! You know by now you can easily continue your work in Atlanta while movin on, I think it’s a great life plan and I am looking foward to all your upcoming projects. May 1st looked like a blast!, you should try it out in some other big cities, easy for me to say!, all the best & love, Samy.

  40. For some reason, my best wishes posted yesterday never appeared. I will try again.

    Thanks for being you, and all you have done to help so many persons and causes locally, nationally and internationally.

    Glad to hear we will have you back on the screen soon. Know you will be back to visit often with VV, Malcolm, and Viva still holding forth.

    Fly with the eagles, Jane.

  41. Jane! I too left three months ago and moved to Long Island to work with a non-profit environmental group as their Director of Philanthropy. I already miss Atlanta so much, but just felt it was time to go. I am sorry not to have had a chance to say adieu! I wish you all the best in your new life and will remember “fondly” our seeing one another in the hallways or elevator. I will always remember your wonderful 60th birthday gala!

    I admire you, have always adored you and will remain a great fan.

    Best of luck to you, Jane and God speed!

    Elle Roper

  42. While I hate to see you leave your beautiful loft (the pictures are wonderful!), I selfishly am SO happy that you are going to be in films again! Yup….2 in 10 years is TOO FEW! Catch you on Twitter. Take care Ms. Fonda. Ardy

  43. Dearest Jane Fonda,

    As a native Southern Californian, I am so happy to hear you are moving back. It’s not been the same without you. I am inspired by your commitment to fitness; in fact, I tried to connect with you at the Women to Women Conference in NYC to let you know we want to do a tribute to your contribution to fitness at our cycling event in Sacramento called the Princess Promenade.

    It’s designed to get women out of their cars and on to their bikes. Our women’s fitness festival is the perfect place to pay a tribute you for all you have done. Now that you are moving back, I’d like to invite you to our event held the first Sunday each October.

    I’ll be in touch.

    With much respect,
    Janae Noble, CEO
    Noble Pursuit Inc.

  44. Jane,

    We are sorry to hear you are moving. I have worked with the doula house in Atlanta and love what GCAPP stands for. But if your move to LA is for the greater good then you should go. Big picture thinking is very important. The work you have done with pregnant and parenting teens in amazing and will continue for generations to come. I for one want to thank you for what you have given and wish you many blessings as you move.

    Tracy Wilson Peters

  45. Welcome back Jane

  46. Actually, this is very, very inspiring and encouraging. Changes are never easy. I’ve always been afraid of them, never take them although I want to change. So, kudos for taking the plunge ! i hope you’ll be in so many movies, you’ll simply forget the pain 🙂
    Best wishes !

  47. Dear Jane,

    I realize how hard that must have been to come to that decision…but you’re absolutely right in your thought “out of sight is out of mind” – We need your energy, your spirit, your intelligence and your influence in our society at large. You’ve been out of the Public eye for too long now. Come back to us, we need you!

    Think of the time you spent away from the lime-light as a period of rest and renewal…recharging your batteries…and now is the time to get back to your roots – you’ve got movies to make, collective consciousness to raise, and our spirits to lift by just being you!

    We’ve missed you terribly, and I for one am so glad you’re on your way “home”…


    Jeff Jancarek
    Starrucca, PA

  48. Stunning!

  49. Oh, I know how you feel.

    I moved to Paris when I was 16 and, 20 years later, I decided to return to Los Angeles “just for a year” to see if I had any professional prospects here. My mom and brother live in L.A., so it’s not like I would be alone. Yet it can be a terribly lonely city.

    Although I visited often, both for personal and professional reasons, what I’m experiencing is culture shock. Disappointment. Loneliness. L.A. has many facets and most of them are quite inmtimidating. My feelings for the City of Angels runs the gamut from “like” to “hate”. But it’s also partly my fault. I had enough courage to put my job and life on hold for a year to come here at an economically dire time in history, but I don’t have the courage to face L.A.?

    Because it all comes down to courage. Your move from Atlanta is courageous. You once said that taking the first step is the hardest. That certainly applies here. As for the rest, it becomes easier only if try. After reading your piece, I promise to try harder.

    I look forward to seeing more of you on the silver screen!

  50. As a life long Atlantan, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for the city. Best of luck in LA.

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