It felt as though we were eating under an arbor on a Venetian island.

Monica Rosenthal serving salad.

Some kind of pizza-like dish but not pizza, that made me die and go to food heaven. I’d never had anything like it before.

Phil Rosenthal (#Somebodyfeedphil on Netflix) and I eating a yummy pizza. Well, I’m eating, Phil’s smiling. He smiles a lot and is very funny and a true foodie, as you know if you watch his show, which I do.

Another pasta dish that was new to me but had java bean-shaped pasta stuffed with spinach and there were mushrooms involved. Always a good thing. To the left, is Lily Rosenthal in sunglasses and the guy to the right is producer, Doug Wick. I don’t have a photo with Lucy Fisher in it. She and Doug are married and produce hit movies together. I first met Doug in the late 1970s when he was assistant to Alan Pakula on the film we did with James Caan, “Comes a Horseman.”

And yet another pasta, very fresh and yummy. Made in the Rosenthal’s kitchen right before being served by chef Daniele Uditi. I’m eyeing the pasta while Phil smiles again.

And this is a photo of Chef Uditi being very Italian.

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  1. Love the hat

  2. Thank you Jane for sharing it, I really enjoy seeing you happy and enjoying the pleasant moments that life is giving you, I keep praying for you to see you like this for many years, I love you💕💕

  3. I seem to be experiencing tastebud envy at the moment! 😂

  4. LOVE this happy post! So many people that I enjoy at one table, looking happy ~ what a blessing!

  5. Hi Jane!

    Looks fantastic. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the pandemic (well, I never needed to learn it) is that eating and drinking in the company of close friends (which I also did tonight) is really the best thing in life. We’re human beings and not human doings. And that the tribal instinct of social gatherings is so important.
    Jason x

  6. Hi Jane,

    It makes me smile to see you smiley and enjoying yourself with lovely people; I can imagine it’s super refreshing after the toll of quarantine and your endless hard work. (You’re a champ)! Fingers crossed the trend of being able to socialise continues and things keep progressing in a positive direction. I’m going to miss being part of Fire Drill Friday weekly, but the pauses in between make a lot of sense, and I’m sure will be beneficial down the road. Thank you for all that you continually do. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a quick hello!

    Sending love from Newfoundland, as always.
    Megan xox

  7. Just celebrated our Golden Wedding .
    Martin and Janet Sheen will be 60yrs married later this year .Our best wishes to you all.

    How is it so damned impossible to communicate with such a “normal”humble man who isnt a member of a private country club .I take our granddaughter and sneak on to a 9hole course which looks across the Irish Sea .Ridiculously expensive .

    Sri Lanka is dealing with an environmental disaster just now .

  8. OMG!! I love “Somebody Feed Phill” and love even more this amazing reunion ♥️ Thanks for this Jane!

  9. First of all: i really loved your hat!!!
    Second: this pizza looks incredibly tasty and you look extremely happy and in such a good company!

    Jane, i was thinking these days, if you like or ever heard Brazilian music? For example any ”bossa nova” songs…
    I know it’s very popular in the U.S. specially in Miami, or at least it was a few years ago.
    And if you like, what singers and songs do you like?
    Just out of curiosity…


  10. Hi Jane!
    Love the hat!! Take it to Minnesota!! Black looks great with red!! Hope you have a safe trip and accomplish many important goals!!

    With much love and admiration!!

  11. It’s so so SO nice to see you out and about doing your thing!😊 I’m happy you were freed up to enjoy your people. I love your hat and the food looks delicious 😋😋. But didn’t YOU say you needed to lose a few pounds for the G&F fitting??? But, why do you have to lose weight anyway:; you’re perfect the way you are!😊❤️
    Oh- I forgot ,in your last post,,I’m super psyched to see it. But sad also. I play Grace and Frankie when I go to sleep at night because it’s “comforting”. I tend to wake up multiple times during the night and it’s nice to have something familiar on, lol. (I’ve always slept with the tv on). Also i think you are intelligent AND knowledgeable. Do you have a photogenic memory? Also, I thought Demi was a great guest to have on. They were in a dark fight for their life and they came through it. That is very inspiring Also she’s a great singer.!! Anyway- have fun /be happy (but you’re pretty much always happy aren’t you?) at whatever you do. E safe and love you! 😊❤️

    • Kathy, No photogenic (photographic) memory. I get depressed sometimes. I’ve lost the weight already!

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