Ah the Netflix of it all! I got on a plane Friday morning to fly from New York to Los Angeles. Grace & Frankie had streamed that midnight. By the time I landed in L.A. and opened my cell phone, I had received texts and emails from friends and acquaintances saying things like “I’m on episode 6 and can’t stop,” or “I’ve seen the whole season. When can I see the next one. Can’t wait.” I kid you not. Some friends are texting me their reactions after each episode.

This is a whole new world for me. Old hat already, I’m sure, for Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey and Taylor Schilling but I’m reeling. It’s an amazing feeling that people you know can actually talk to you about an entire season and only few days have passed.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive from fans on Twitter, Facebook and I can’t answer them all but please know I do read them and it means a lot. But please don’t tell me you love it if you don’t. And, for those who’ve seen the whole season (13 episodes), how about giving me ideas of what you’d like to see happen in season two. We haven’t heard yet if we will be re-upped but you’ll be the first to know after us–Lily, me, Martin, and Sam. (Martin may take a little longer. He doesn’t use a computer or email. I used my first stamp in ages the other day cause I had to send him a letter.) Also, If you have a moment let me know what your favorite episode of G & F was.

So many of you have mentioned that you love seeing Lily and me together, I guess in hindsight we should have made a “9 to 5” a franchise like the “Hangover” or “Horrible Bosses.” Of course, they didn’t do that so much in those days. Speaking of “9 to 5”, I am so sad that the amazing actor, Elizabeth Wilson, has passed. There was a beautiful obituary in today’s papers. Elizabeth played the memorable Roz, the boss’s right hand snitch, in that film, the tall woman who would look under the bathroom stall doors to see if she could catch us at anything.

Today I’ve gotten calls, emails and “letters” on my website from folks saying they watched the show with their mothers on Mothers Day. I found that really touching.

Before I sign off, let me just say that if someone had told me during those years from 50 to 65 years when I had retired from my profession that at age 77 I’d be back on a streaming series and would have my first on-screen kiss after 15 years, I would have told them they were nuts. Here’s the thing, see: You just never know what’s going to happen in life. So don’t give up and hang onto the chapstick.

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  1. Okay, I know I’m a bit late, BUT, I just watched the entire season of “Grace & Frankie” on Netflix last week (I’ve not stopped watching it since). I absolutely LOVED it-smart, funny, and refreshingly grown-up! I belong to a younger generation, but my taste is not satisfied by much of what television offers today, so to say that I enjoyed this show immensely would be a complete understatement. I started watching the season with my guy, but when he left during the week, I “cheated” on him by watching the entire season without him, lol! Ms. Jane I’ve enjoyed your work ever since my mother introduced me to “9 to 5” as a young girl, seeing you and Ms. Lily in this show is a treat. I’m SO excited about season 2. Btw, my favorite episodes are: 1, 5 ,8 ,10 ,& 13….and, I watched “Fun with Dick and Jane” last night! You’re fabulous-congratulations!

  2. Hello miss Fonda
    I wanted to give you some feedbacks on Grace and Frankie. The series is very good, i really wanted to see you and Lily. The series feels a lilltle bit sitcomy, its has if the actors are waiting for the laughs from an imaginery audience. It should be more natural like sex in the city.

    You and Lily are doing an amazing job, so is Sam, it is possible that mister Sheen doesnt know how to fully play the role yet? It’s obvious Jane that you are acting your butt off and so is miss Tomlin. In terms of the physicality of the caracter you look a bit like Leonsa in newsroom. You look really beautiful. It was fun to see you in the bar with Lily funny scene, now that was a change in caracter, so interesting to see you didn’t look like Jane Fonda.

  3. Yes.Binge watcher here. Loved it!!! My 2 cents …

    Sol is not gay … He’s an open minded old hippy who loves deeply and follows his heart.

    When Frankie asked Sol how he and Robert got together 20 years earlier, he explained that at the end of a particularly unifying day
    Robert got a ‘look’ in his eyes and it just happened.

    And in the last episode at the end of moving day, Sol got that ‘look’ in his eyes and made love to Frankie.
    Then he told Grace the same thing … it just happened, describing himself as a person who loved deeply.

    We are poised for Robert to demand an explanation.
    I would like to see Sol blurt out a truth (similar to revelations in vlogs) — not realizing he was still in love with Frankie until he heard himself.
    (Sol) “I WANTED to so I did. You remember how it was with us Robert !? IT JUST HAPPENED!!!”.

    Sol hadn’t made love to Frankie without the shroud of guilt draped over their bed for 20 years. He realized that they will never be over.

    • Bhakti, fascinating ieas. I’ll suggest to the writers. xx

      • It seems I’m obsessed with G & F … so here’s more

        Season 2 ~ Love @ 1st Sight ~
        Will transparency, an adventurous spirit, open-mindedness and love above all — rule the day…?
        Will Robert still want Sol? Does he love him enough to share him with Frankie?
        Will Sol still want Robert if he decides to follow the path of his catering friends and sample the ‘cuisine’?
        Grace has realized that happy enough was NOT and that she IS relieved. Will she open her mind to dating multiple partners in search of Mr Yowza — and keep Guy as a friend? Will Grace flashback on leaving Phil. Was it ‘love at first sight’? What drove them apart? Will Grace do some community theatre and notice her hair standing on end when her eyes meet Mr OMG … who is 10 years younger and in a semi-committed relationship (or two, haha)? Will Grace be willing to check in with herself every morning and then trust a messy, rule breaking process as she follows her heart? And as true love begins to feed Grace, will the rules of alcohol and food slip her mind?
        Will Frankie accept an open relationship with Sol? Will she ask the Yam Man to dinner? What will Sol, the love junkie do while she makes up her mind. Will he quench his love addiction with Robert? Will Robert mind?
        And what about the kids? How will they react to the change in their parents? What will they learn?
        Mallory can’t bring herself to turn away from Coyote. Will Mitch be strong enough to let their relationship breathe? If he cannot, what will Mal do? Is it possible to break up a home without having to make a mosaic out of the pieces?
        How will Nwabudike’s character develop? His story seems wide open.
        Having turned her mother away, will Brianna give Grace credit for Vagicadabra and ask her back? Will she ask Frankie for permission to license the recipe? Or will Grace and Frankie surprise everyone by starting their own company selling lube, dildos, lingerie, costumes etc? Will any of their kids join in their venture. And what about Barry? He appeared to be good enough ,but not love at first sight.

        • Fantastic, Bhaki!!

          • Thx. Another thought I had is that I would love to see S2 focus on the characters back stories because the better I know everyone, the more I ponder and care about what happens to them. XX

  4. For some reason was able to watch all the episodes on YouTube!
    Scenes showing the vulnerabilities of both women (and their exes for that matter) are most potent. Grieving is not a movement through sequential stages, but rather circular, so future shows could address the integration process. At some point maybe have a show where one (or both) women engage in a life review. My favorite episode was the hospital fantasy because it was both funny, and poignant, and showed the inner strength of both women.

  5. I signed back up on NF just to support/binge this show, its lovely to see people of this age group, good role models fo life. I’m a fan of Mad Men (boo its done), Downton (boo it will be done), and am mad about Last Tango in Halifax…I am a younger gen and love seeing more of these types of shows. Which are lacking. I dont like watching my own Gen, it’s boring enough in real life. Thanks Jane for coming back, I saw you on Oprah and had hoped maybe she would give you a talk type show on there because you are so curious and honest so it was good to see you at least on Netflix… Pls more Grace and Frankie and I am sure the actors are nice people, but please less of the adult children, or write them off totally. I think many of us are mostly interested in Jane and Lily chemistry…I dont mind the exhusbands either. But pls more Grace and Frankie…and realistic situations.. I teared up at certain points and loved it when it had such real moments…xoxo

  6. I just watched the entire season of Grace and Frankie with my young adult daughters. It was funny, thought provoking, liberating, just amazing! Needless to say we cheered that it has been renewed! My only wish is that there was a place to find out where they shopped to outfit Grace’s character. She wore a light blue wrap on the beach that I would give anything to find!

    • Veronica, Here’s the reply I received from Allyson Fanger, Our costumer designer regarding your question:
      “The wrap on the beach was from Bloomingdales… I am pretty sure it was their in-house brand, “charter club”. The main places that I shopped for “Grace” were..
      Carolina Herrara, St. John Knits, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Bros, Neiman Marcus – ETRO brand Blouses.

      Hope that does it for you. xx JF

  7. Hi Jane,
    I have already written to you how great Grac and Frankie is when I watche the entire series the first week it premiered..
    I just wanted to let you know that what you said about the four of you are being paid equal was unfair since the show is named Grace and Frankie and both of you are truly the stars. Didn’t they pitch you and Lily the concept for a series?
    I think Netflix a company that is number 1 in streaming and programming should be the network to make a difference. They need to start paying women more than men when they are deserving of the starring roles. Charlize Theron just won that because of the Sony leak. You are the right actor to win that point.
    I will do anything you need me to do in helping that fight.
    In 1982 I was the first female President for a division of Manhattan industries since its beginning in 1867.I went to luncheon think tank meetings each month with 20 males including the CEO and other Corporate executives. That’s a whole other story to tell………
    I think you and Netflix can change the rules probably since 1947 when TV began, movies even earlier.

    • Actually, Barbara, Lily and I raised the issue of the guys getting more as a joke. The amount and way the 4 of us are paid is 100% equitable. As was from the get go. But your point in general is correct. Women and men should be paid the same for the same work and Lily and I are and will continue to fight for pay equity.

  8. Enjoy your weekend and by the way I was with that company 17 years…………
    [email protected]

  9. I should have mentioned in my blog to you that in 1998 with a partner we started a high end contemporary home furnishings company. Lawrence Essentials our main office is in New York City and our factory is in Mexico.

  10. Hi Jane,
    When I was 48 (I’m 70 now), I fell in love with a woman. It just happened. Everyone thought I was gay, but I never felt gay. I didn’t lust after women or men for that matter; nor did I fantasize about them. I realized then that I was “open,” or what they now call pansexual. I am not attracted to a gender. To me, gender is irrelevant. I am attracted to the individual. At some point, I hope society stops labeling people. I don’t like the label, bisexual, because connotations of promiscuity attach to that word, even though it has nothing to do with being promiscuous. I like to say I’m open. Right now I am most in love with myself and I have a great relationship with me. I’m happy and unattached. If I meet someone who rings my chimes, and that individual is game, I would give it a go, but I am not out there looking.

    I am open about everything and never felt defined by societal mores. One day, when I was 56, I decided that I could not continue my career as a judge. I was wary of judging other people. It wore me out, so I simply quit. I gave two weeks notice and went on an adventure that is still happening. I walked away from a fairly lucrative job to having no job and no intention of ever working a 9-5 job again, especially for someone else. I wanted no boss. I wanted to answer only to myself and knew I would never work a 9-5 gig again. I had no pension or social security. I used up all of my savings over six years and then work (freelance editing) came to me in miraculous ways and I am thriving 14 years later. All that to say that I hope Grace and Frankie can introduce that sense of openness as a valid possibility for anyone.

    • Diedra, “Fluid” is a good word that’s coming into usage these days regarding gender. Ring a bell? x JF

      • Yes, it does ring a bell. Thank you for your response. I have been out of town and just checked your blog. I have a blog, but haven’t written anything new on it in a couple of years. It’s an interesting blog nonetheless. Take a gander at You will see a picture of all the judges. I’m the only black one, so you can’t miss me.

  11. Jane,
    I didn’t think other than the Grace and Frankie part you mentioned was a joke………

  12. Continued,
    In going back and reading all the headlines about the desparity on salaries that you, Lily, Sam and Martin were supposedly unhappy about,, including petitions for higher pay from your fans. I must say the following…….
    I applaud you and Lily making the statement that it all started as a joke on an interview. Obviously it went to far and you stateded all is well and fair…….
    It certainly showed from the support of fans that women are really moving towards pay equality by getting more involved…………
    Thank you Jane for a very meaningfulll joke………….

  13. Jane, I love ya, girl. This show is fantastic! I’m a 43 year old single mom with two boys, and I just adore you. The first movie I was ever obsessed with was On Golden Pond. Now I’m obsessed with this show – talk about a long acting career! You give me hope that there is a social life after children (because God knows there isn’t much with small young children).

    Show ideas: I’d love to find out more about the kids (all of whom I love, so kudos to the casting director). I definitely want to know more about what happened that drunken night between Grace’s daughter and Frankie’s son. I suspect there is more to that story – a past love affair, perhaps, with unresolved feelings between them? Also, I love the other daughter, too. So more story lines that involve them for sure! As for Grace and Frankie story lines, I’d love to see more about health issues (the broken hip episode could have been stretched out longer because seeing Frankie take care of Grace while she’s laid up in bed would be hilarious), more dating shenanigans, maybe a big family vacation somewhere, and definitely more longing between Frankie and Sol. Perhaps Sol should have serious second thoughts about his life decisions as well.

    Before I forget – when I was in junior high and high school I used to work out to your work out tapes, and I just bought the first and second DVD’s! They are so old school, the outfits are hilarious, and the work outs kick my ass! But they’re exactly what I need. Thanks for getting them out on DVD.

    Keep up the phenomenal work, Jane. Sunshine arms! 😉

  14. Frankie’s wardrobe and jewelry are great. Would be great to see her career take off, have a one-women show.

    One-on-one talks between the two women that go a bit deep are good…as an anchor. I especially like when they are talking on the beach.

    Would like to see more anger issues, because they would be there and will have to surface.

    Thinking back over the shows did not think that the women would be smoking cigarettes. That bothered me. They are both too evolved. That’s something younger women in the same situation might do, but these women have advanced way beyond that kind of physical self-damage…so maybe smoking a bit of marijuana would have been a better choice. The peyote tea was perfect…and seems like something Frankie would do.

  15. Kudos xx

  16. Loved the series looking forward to season 2. Jane, who was the designer of your shirts on the show? I loved every one and how you wore them with the collar up…fantastic….

    • The designer of the print shirts is Carolina Herrera.

  17. Hello Jane, I must say you are such a beautiful woman, I really hope to be as beautiful as you when I am your age..I watched Grace and Frankie with my mother ( while visitng) for the first time and I am hooked, I watch at least 2 episodes every night. I love everything about the show, it is great! I have to slow down, I dont want to finish it, until I have more to watch..I love the humor in the show, but at the same time, it is heartbreaking..Grace and Frankies relationship has definitely grown..thank you for giving this 38 yr old mom something to look forward to at the end of the day! P.s. perfect cast, thats definietly a plus.. <3 <3

  18. Hi Mrs. Jane, I just want to tell you that I really really love you, you’re amazing, you’re so beautiful and an excellent actress. I can’t wait to see 2nd season of G&F, my best wishes for you and every one in the serie. Regards from Mexico!!!

  19. Just watched last episode despite trying to postpone to I didn’t get to the end! This is a great show and I love the way the relationships between all the main characters evolve. Waiting until 2016 – gosh, that feels like a long time! Thanks for doing such a great grown up show.

  20. even with the ‘friends’ connection, i was not expecting anything good. boy was i surprised. excellent. hilarious. touching. hilarious. thoughtful. hilarious. smart. i think fonda’s work is as good as anything she has ever done. the yogurt shop aftermath, for real or not, was truly brilliant acting. tomlin holds her own and seemed more comfortable with time. the young women are wonderful- only heard name brooklyn decker with tabloid reference but she does good job. other actress playing daughter is wonderful. unfortunately, frankie’s two sons come across gay. i thought they were gay couple in their first scene. maybe it is just my viewpoint, but maybe frankie needs AA, could be good storyline, help her get stronger. a younger man for grace? wealthy? hope the playout between the men is smart, calls for reality in a relationship. no pressure or anything… but every woman over 50 with a brain is eager for next season.

  21. Hello Jane, This is the first time I’ve ever blogged into an actors website but I just had to tell you how much I love watching you in Grace and Frankie. I was recently made single by a cheating husband and find myself looking for something to watch on Netflix to unwind after a long day at work and, as much as I hate to admit it, keep myself company in an empty house. I was lucky enough to come across your wonderful show and have now watched the entire series through, 3 times. You, Lily and the entire cast have had me laughing out loud so hard I cry. I think my neighbors must think I’m nuts laughing so loudly every night. I chose to come on YOUR site because I wanted to tell you what an incredibly funny and beautiful woman you are. Honestly you have captured your character so well and the chemistry you share with Ms. Tomlin is so fabulous I just had to blog in as a gushing fan. I think the writers have done a wonderful job and the choice of cast members works so well together in bringing a delightfully funny, warmhearted, light and easy show into my family room. Thanks to you Jane and to all the cast members, writers, directors and everyone involved in bringing a smile to my face and hysterical laughter to my lips where there used to be cries of loneliness. I Love Love Love the show!!

  22. One more thing, I love the choice of songs at the closing of each episode. I’ve already purchased quite a few of them from iTunes.

  23. Hello Jane,
    I want to let you know that I truly love your show Grace and Frankie. Also love the style of clothes you wear..You look fantastic. …The high collars and flared pants. Are those clothes from your closet or do you have a designer making them? If so, who designs your clothes? You look gorgeous. Love you

    • Rita, a few from my closet (like the flared yoga pants and jeans but others…most…are bought by a talented stylist–Alyson Fanger

      • Thanks Jane for answering my question regarding the style of your clothes. You are amazing at everything you do. Can’t wait to see you in Grace and Frankie Season two. Will definitely watch season one again and savor each show. I love the relationship you have in the show with Frankie…how it started out rocky and developed into a trusting friendship. You look great in everything you wear but I do love you in the black outfits, the flared pants and the high collars. This is the best series I have watched in a long time. Thanks again.

  24. You rock Jane!

  25. Noticed the C.S. Lewis title. Your opinions?

  26. HI, Jane, thank you for making Grace and Frankie! You made me want to live again and want to be beautiful! I am only 60, the now 40 according to your book! Much love, VJ

  27. If like to see Byron come back and work more of his magic on Grace! Her response to him is priceless! I love it.

  28. I attempted to faithfully watch all the episodes with my mother, but my resolution faltered, and I caved in a shameful binge-watch. Regrets? None. I’m fascinated and delighted that there is this show that uses poignancy and humor to examine what it means to be a woman in an ever-changing world—and then examine that evolving society in its own light. It has effectively reached truths for both my mother and myself, and isn’t that beautiful? Thanks for the new hotness, you’re killin’ it, as usual!

  29. This is the greatest show, I don’t remember when I have laughed so much. Jane you and Lily are fabulous. I can’t wait for season 2. You 2 gals make me feel great about life again. Much success with the show and thank you.

  30. Jane:) I’m so proud of you and Lily showing us your unlimited talents through your characters Grace and Frankie! This show is WONDERFUL! Loved the 1st episode, was knocked over by the wit and immediately called my Mom (77) in Monterey CA to tell her to watch. Now we’re all been hooked! Mom watches with my brother’s girlfriend (62) and I (50) watch with my girlfriend (60) until we are crying-laughing so hard!! The writing is superb, touching, honest, we love the truthfulness of the stories, it’s created a sweet way to talk with my Mom in a “Grace and Frankie” way about dating again. Mom was married to Dad for 52 years until Dad died 3 yrs ago and Mom has a “boyfriend”. It’s a whoa moment in the family just like Grace and Frankie’s kids are having! LOVE Martin and Sam, you picked the perfect actors!:) I would love to see Coyote and Grace’s daughter fall in love again:) THANK YOU so much for bringing this show to life, it’s perfect! Jane, you’re inspiring and so graceful, gorgeous, and I love your wardrobe. Keep the episodes coming!! P.s. I live in PB, close by La Jolla, is it really filmed here or some other beachfront??

  31. Hello Ms Jane, although a little late, i just want to say that I love this series and binge watched it in one weekend. Looking forward to seasin 2 so much. You snd Lilly are amazing. We rven hsve a little Frankie & Grace club here in Holland and er watched the episodes again together!

  32. Dear Jane, Because you asked what we would like to see: I’d like to see Frankie get off her (big, fat) MEDITATION CUSHION (almost had you there, eh?!) and put her spirituality to work for the betterment of others. She could have some laughable times trying to mentor a millennial, for example. Then I’d like to see your character be inspired by her volunteerism and become more spiritual via doing some, as we say, guru shopping. You could get into a few pickles yourself with some of these Eastern-inspired groups. Thanks for your attention to your look. At 70 yrs young this October, your fashion look and attitude inspires me to KEEP GOING AND LOOK AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE WHILE DOING IT!

  33. When does season 2 premiere?

    • probably same as last year (or rather this year) — May 2016

  34. Sorry so late to comment on this. I had just seen the whole first season through twice this weekend and love it!!! I am going to be watching it again. I must honestly say that this is the best television(netflix) series ever!! So many of todays tv shows are boring reality shows but this is a very good series that focuses on getting older and what life is like once your older and alone. Like you always say Jane Resilence is the key. Keep going on no matter what. You are a true role model to me and so many in America!! I am 31 years old and a single parent. I am a lot younger but can still relate to the characters of Grace and Frankie in some ways. I just ordered the original workout because I had discovered that it had been put on to DVD and I can’t wait to get it!! I remember being a toddler during the 80’s and my mom always working out to it!! She was skinny then and still is to this day and said you had helped her to accomplish that. I myself have put on extra pounds and am trying hard to get back into shape. I am sorry I know that were talking about Grace and Frankie here but just wanted you to know that I think very highley of you. For an idea for next season of Grace and Frankie possibly doing a Holiday episode. I know from personal experience that the holidays after a divorce can be very hard. Love Grace and Frankie!!

  35. Hello Jane,
    Happy Monday and thank you for responding back to me. Just wanted you to know that my favorite episode of Grace and Frankie was the one where Frakie and Grace had gone out on the town and dressed each other up. Grace was good at cheering Frankie up and the Bachelor Shower was funny too!! I laughed so hard!! All of the episodes are fantastic and it is my very favorite show. Also, wanted you to know I am feeling much better about myself now that I am working out with your tape. Have a higher self-esteem!! Also I am enjoying your book “My Life So Far”. Very good read!! Love Ya Jane!!!:)

  36. Hi Jane….in New Zealand getting the US version of Netflix is getting difficult and will be ceased from Sept…HOWEVER just wanted to say TOTALLY with Megan on Grace and Frankie….it is AWESOME and ALL of you are doing a GREAT job! Don’t stop….it is very real and funny and the characters are likeable. .Will watch as much as I can before my US version of Netflix is blocked. Then will try the NZ version to get them to take up the series EVENTUALLY. I’m 49 and found sooo much to relate to….was also GREAT to see the different cameo’s by different actors that I had not seen in a while…..BE VERY PROUD OF WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING ……Marta and Howard as well as the other writers involved have created a GOOD thing….keep it up….Sue

  37. I just finished watching season 2 of Grace and Frankie. I loved it so much I cried (the good kind of crying). I am 58 and the characters of Grace and Frankie are like the big sisters I need right now. I have laughed so much and learned so much. I’m incredibly grateful. Can hardly wait for season 3. Please bring Sam and Ernie back. The complications and challenges of life and love and purpose keep things deliciously interesting. God bless.

  38. Hi, Ms. Fonda! I am so glad that Grace and Frankie is back for a second season! I think your show is fabulous, so intelligently written, so superbly acted and it deals with a topic which needs to be explored. Thanks to you (and the rest of the cast) for this wonderful show! A propos your beautiful wardrobe, you wore a musical, black and white sweater in season 2. I believe it was episode 6. (We were binge watching!) Could you tell me where that sweater can be found? I am a pianist and piano teacher and would love that sweater! Keep on keeping on! You are amazing!

    • Catherine, I believe it is from St John’s Knits. xx

  39. Jane,
    I love love love this show. I watch it on Netflix and I have binge watched all of the shows. You are a beautiful woman with grace and style. I have tried searching with no luck to find who makes the eyeglasses you wear. They have a light blue color all around the inside of the lens and they like tortoise shell on the outside of the lens with some blue. Please please tell me who makes them. I love your clothes as well. Thanks, Gina

  40. Dear Jane,
    First of all, I would like to commend you on your astounding work you do not just for the entertainment industry but also for saving our planet. Not alot of people now a days would stand up for that and I greatly admire your conviction. You are a great role model especially for today’s youth.
    The pandemic took a great toll in me mentally. I never thought it would affect me this much. The lack of social interaction put me through depression and I am very much ashamed of what has become of me. I became withdrawn and my anxiety level is over the edge. My visa application to New Zealand was witheld due to the lockdowns and it worsened my state. Everyday was a struggle. Theraphy was not a regular thing because of the situation. A friend suggested me to watch Grace and Frankie in the hopes that it will pull me out of my reverie. Surprisingly, my pent up emotions slowly realeased and I felt much lighter. Your show has given me much hope that despite struggles there will always be a light of the day. I have a long way to go in my recovery but I know I will get there. Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes in season 7. Hope you are keeping safe there. God bless you more and thanks again.

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