I could barely settle into the excitement of the Grace & Frankie Premiere on May 8th, before I was off to Cannes.
I attend the festival as a Brand Ambassador for Loreal, as I have for the past several years, but this year I also attend as an Actress with a film in competition. The Film by Paul Sorrentino is called “Youth” and it stars Michael Caine. Watch the trailer here: the Film will premiere here on Wednesday so stay tuned for more on that evening.

Always so much going on during the festival. I was glad to be able to attend “In Conversation with Ted Sarandos”. For those of you who don’t know Ted is the COO of NETFLIX. He spoke about their business strategies, and their relationship to the film and television industries. Instructive. Ted is extremely articulate.

In Michael Angels fitting room I saw Spanish Actor Rossy de Palma. She is a regular in Pedro Alomodovar films. I have always loved her unique beauty – like a Picasso Painting. Rossy is a member of this years Cannes Jury along with Jake Gyllenhaal, and the Cohen Brothers.

Part of my work with Loreal involves interviews with foreign press. Here I am with a group of journalists from China.

Also shot a commercial for Loreal with Andy McDowell.

Wearing Atelier Versace for the first red carpet event with my fellow brand ambassadors for Loreal.

With Li Bing Bing, Actress and Loreal Brand Ambassador.

More red carpet.

A quick video to give you a sense of the size and volume on the Cannes red carpet.

My second red carpet event was exciting too. Along with Megan Ellison, and Olivia de Haviland (who was not in attendance), I received the new “Women In Motion award”. The award was presented by Francios-Henri Pinault CEO of Kering. In partnership with the festival Kering developed the Women In Motion initiative to generate conversation and recognition of Women In Film. Francios-Henri Pinault is also married to the incredible, actor, producer, director, and activist Salma Hayek. Here I am with both of them at the event.

The gorgeous gown I wore was from St Laurent. Here I am with the seamstress after my fitting.

Another shot with Salma.

More soon!

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  1. Jane, you look fabulous. “Youth”, is on the list…stunning, can’t wait to see. Thank you for sharing…

  2. Well, my friend, you are absolutely stunning! No doubt about it. Beautiful inside and out! Thanks for the pics…looking forward to more. By the way, last night I watched This is Where I Leave You on HBO. Wonderful! To quote Dolly’s character from Steel Magnolias…”Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” And that’s what I got from the film…great story and lots of emotion. Great job by all!
    Rock on, Jane.

  3. Thank you for showing the world that women over 70 can be as stunning and active as those in their 20’s. All 13 Grace and Frankie episodes have been watched and enjoyed. Will there be more?

  4. Jane, I am sure that you hear this all the time, but you are such an inspiration to me. I turned sixty last July and retired in February and began stepping up with exercising. I love you and Lily on Grace and Frankie. The scene where you two danced on top of the bar really resonated with me. I made up my mind that I am not ready for the grey/white hair, and not being involved polically and socially. Just wanted to thank you, I am dreaming about the “edge” again.

  5. I looked for your “gift” today, at the beach. I got it, but it isn’t anything I can physically send to you…. I went swimming, and thought about how much a part of my life that has been, my entire life so far; just a place to “be”. And you’ve given me that, just a place to be. Weirdo or wrong or disillusioned or whatever; you have been a place to “be”. So, I hope you keep it….. I love you, Jane Fonda.

  6. My question is Katharine Hepburn long Day’s journey into the night. it won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1957. Tony Award in 1957. but what I don’t understand how can it win the Drama Desk Award 2003 and the Tony Award in 2003? The reason I am asking you, is because no one else can answer this question yet.

  7. Jane, I’m just so happy for you. All this success and buzz for you. You really are blessed and it’s so great that career is in its full glory. I will always support you no matter what goes on. I’ve been very busy currently, but I always had some time to read reviews of Youth, saying everyone is brilliant, but “Jane Fonda steals the whole movie in five minutes”. I just knew it from the time you described a draining scene in one of last year’s posts that this was going to become something special, already buzzed about, everybody saying the O-word. And it’s only two weeks after your praised performance in a whole season of a new Netflix show where everybody says the E-word when it comes to you. IMO, that dancing scene with Craig T. Nelson was so sensual and beautiful. It really still touches me. You really show to the world that no matter where you are at your life, ambition combined with hard work can take you all the way. Even better, an exponentially growing people of my generation are discovering you and your movies. You’re in the Top 100 on imdb, landing on #80. YOU ARE ON FIRE. 🙂
    I have a question: fonda.jane liked a Grace and Frankie instagram picture of mine and my head just exploded. Was that you, right??? I’m becoming quite sure it’s you, but I need confirmation from you. 😀 Thanks. XOXOXO

  8. When I was a young boy I would walk into the house and I will go straight to the television set. My mom would say straight for the knob. I love you, I am NOT a homosexual I am straight. time for tea, hugs and kisses.

  9. Dear Jane, may 22, 2015
    You look fabulous and certainly seem to enjoy the Festival…….
    I wrote you a blog on your Sept. 2012 page and didn’t know if you get an alert from past years.
    I have only been a member for two weeks and so far have read thru 2013. I even learned about Prairie Dogs. You were right I listened to you and continued to read on.
    Thank you for sharing so many experiences with your fans. You are a terrific human being and a fabulous Actor.

  10. What a full and exciting life you live Jane! I admire you so much for all you are and do!

  11. What happened to your Instagram account?

  12. Jane… I have followed your career since I watched Barefoot in the Park when I was 8 years old. I love every one of your films; you are an inspiration to me and as I get closer to 60, I see how important it is to try and look as young as you feel! I am watching Grace and Frankie, one of the best series I have seen, featuring mature women facing a crisis later in life. You and Lily are golden together! So awesome to see you in a project that displays your comic timing, and the way you inhabit the character you are playing. I hope to see much more of this show!

  13. Just finished first season of Grace and Frankie and can’t wait until season 2!! The cast is spot on!! You and Lily are so fun together. I hope u two really do share the kind of friendship u portray on screen. Loved the dancing on the bar scene! Looking forward to watching u explore some more adventures next season!

  14. BEAUTIFUL ANGEL \\(O) // <3 Mahalo…………

  15. I’ve followed your career since I can remember. I have always enjoyed your work, your beliefs, and the way you stand up for yourself when things aren’t right. I just started watching “Grace and Frankie” and I just love it! One of my favorite sayings is “I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life”. We all have one. I want to get back into shape after some medical issues and at my next apt will hopefully get the green light to start on the videos! Continue to enrich your life, it surely shows.:)

  16. You received so many awards, Jane. After so many of them do you still have that feeling of being honored when you receive a new one? Do awards mean a lot to you? I guess you don’t need any to feel yourself successful and worth it and appreciated anymore. I was wondering whether they still mean something to you and what is the best way of appreciation for you in your professional and personal life?

    • Yes, awards mean something to me still unless I know that I;’m receiing the award just so the organization can sell rickets.

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