Only one more day until Grace and Frankie becomes available on NETFLIX! Netflix has truly changed the television landscape. It gives viewers the choice about when and how to watch their favorite programs, so you can watch anytime, on any device. And all episodes are available at once, so you can watch the whole first season of “Grace and Frankie” in 6.5 hours, and re-watch your favorite episodes as much as you’d like.

I’ve had a ball working with Lily, and Sam, and Martin, and look forward to hearing what you think. I’ve heard from several of you that you don’t know how to get NETFLIX or where to find it, so Ive included instructions at the end of this blog, which I hope will be helpful.

Here are some more photos from our press week in New York.

I stayed in the Elizabeth Taylor Suite! Talk about Glamour!

Photos of Elizabeth Taylor with her husbands.

Another outtake from our USA TODAY photo shoot. Incase you missed it, you can watch our interview here:

We spoke with NPR’s Jeremy Hobson, who was actually in DC


1.  Set up a NETFLIX account.

Clicking here will take you to the “Grace & Frankie” page on the NETFLIX website.  From there click on the button that says Start Your Free Month“.  Thats right, the first month is free and each month after is $8.99, pretty reasonable.  There are no contracts or hidden fees, and besides our show, you will be able to watch the countless other TV shows, and Films that NETFLIX has in its Library. After clicking Start Your Free Month” follow the simple instructions to set up your account.

2. Decide how you will watch.

Once you have created an account, you will use your account information to log in and watch.

  • If you have what is called a Smart TV you can watch there. NETFLIX will appear as an item on your menu or on the remote
  • If you have a Computer, you can watch online at
  • If you have an iPad, or other mobile device, you will download the NETFLIX app from the App Store.
  • If you have AppleTV you can access NETFLIX from there also.

Now, if all else fails, you can always have your Kids or Grandkids help you out, eventually that’s what I did!

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  1. I’m so excited about tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Grace and Frankie. I think I will stay up tonight, watch the UK election results and pray that Grace and Frankie will start at midnight, 8th May European time. I doubt it though. Will probably be one of the US time zones, so I’ll have to wait longer. I wonder how you must be feeling the day before something like this comes out? Nervous, excited??
    Anyway, break a leg!

  2. You’re making me smile with all of these blog posts! I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow so I could watch first thing…but I won’t be able to see it until late tomorrow night because I go right from work to a performance of a show that I’m in. Rest assured, though, as soon as I get home and get in my pajamas I’ll be watching! I would say “break a leg,” but I don’t know if that means the same in film and TV. Ah, well…it’s the thought that counts, right?
    Rock on,

    • Oh…by the way…what hotel is this that you stayed in? It looks like the Warwick. I’ve never stayed there but I have had drinks in The Randolph lounge in the lobby and I know the history of the hotel a little bit. Really cool place. A few of my friends and I found it by accident after a matinee of Wicked several years ago and needed a place to have a few cosmos and discuss the show. Great cosmos! 🙂


        • Ah…well…I’ve never stayed there either! 😉
          So…I’ve watched the entire season of Grace & Frankie and all I have to say is BRAVO! I loved it! You guys had me laughing out loud several times an episode. But, also, it is very touching and true to the emotions. What a cast!!! Of course with you and Lily and Sam and Martin I knew it would be fabulous (and it is!), but the supporting cast is wonderful too. Good writing…good story…good stuff. I have to be honest here…I did not binge watch the entire season in one sitting. Nope. Friday night I watched the first 5 episodes until I pretty much fell asleep in my big chair in the living room at 2:00 am (I had performed a murder mystery on a moving dinner train earlier that evening and was exhausted!). Saturday I watched another 5. And then yesterday, after I spent some time with my mom on Mother’s Day, I watched the last 3. I had to break it up a little because I didn’t want it to all be over in one sitting. I had to make it last a little while. Now my plan is to re-watch it. Best of luck with the show, Jane. I hope to see many following seasons!

  3. Glad to hear that Grace & Frankie will be available on NETFLIX. Did you knew Elizabeth Taylor personally?

  4. Oh Jane, I just cannot wait to spend 6.5 hours in good company with Jane and Lily. 🙂 I wish you nothing but the best with your new adventure. Have lots of fun and success! I’ll write you my thoughts as long as I finish the season.

    Please send good energy to me as well, I have a stressful month ahead of me with some nail-biting stuff. You sending me good energy has scientific workability: when I had my high school exams three years ago (goodness, time flies), I scored 100% on my university application and was first in the country (not bragging, it’s just your power on me, seriously, I print screened your message and it was my good luck charm all the time). 🙂

    I rewatched Nine-To-Five as a preparation for Grace and Frankie and boy is your performance amazing there or what. You seemingly have the least meaty character there and you just knocked it out of the ball park. You had all these ‘liberated women’ roles in the 70s and the 80s and it became a sort of signature role for you. Coming Home is probably your most acclaimed and you’re wonderful in it (though I must admit, the movie, despite its undeniable relevance and power at the time, is a bit overflowing and unfocused), your movie star charisma is on full display, beautifully overcoming the simplistic conception of the character in the screenplay (you expertly humanize a simple idea of a role). In The China Syndrome, there’s a wicked sense of humor and sexiness that really makes it stand out and it really has an emotional punch (sorry, Norma Rae, that Oscar belonged to Kimberly Wells). However, I felt that in Nine-To-Five, you’ve taken it to a whole new level: you show all these motions, while never EVER forgetting the light tone of the movie, Judy’s liberation combined with your comedy skills rarely displayed sinced the 60s is amazing. It’s a more mature and experienced version of your amazingly raw comedic work in Any Wednesday (I just cannot believe how you dismiss that movie in your book – you’re brilliant in it, for real). Everyone probably praises They Shoot Horses…, Klute or On Golden Pond to you first and I get it, I just wanted to praise you. It’s an impulse of mine. I can’t help it. I restrict it to every second blog post of yours (but don’t you tell me, you can get tired of the praise, especially when people actually mean it). 🙂 I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time and I still have so many things to say. (Billy Eichner doesn’t have **** on me with his Streep fandom compared to my Fonda Fandom).

  5. Technically challenged or not, I just joined Netflix anyway last Sunday, May 3rd. Grace and Frankie looks so good to me and I can’t wait!!


  6. Wow! I’ve just seen Episode 1. It’s hilarious. Just the perfect mix of laughter, then belly laughter, then you get tears running down your cheeks from the belly laughter, then you get real tears from the reality of the heartbreak. I can see I am going to become addicted. I am passionate about acting and I love it when actors give performances where you wonder how they did it, or got to that place. There are so many of those moments here. Simply wonderful.
    Take care

  7. Landscape schmandscape. Your show is rich, fun and beautifully acted. I’m in love with these characters.
    Bravo and thanks!!

  8. Hi Jane! Woke up early West Coast time to binge watch. On the second episode and it’s freakin hilarious! Something to watch this weekend! Enjoy you trip to Cannes next week! Hugs! xo

  9. So I have now watched the four first episodes of Grace and Frankie on Netflix, and I LOVED IT! So funny and so healing, surprisingly. I didn’t think it would be, but there’s something inspirational about (at least the four first episodes) the way Grace and Frankie are dealing with pain and trying to move forward. Oddly it resembles Monster in Law a bit, just in terms of scenery and atmosphere and same kind of crooked humor, which I love. Oh god, so many funny scenes – I’m definately going to watch the rest of the series! I smell an Emmy…

  10. I managed to watch the first episode of your show – it broke my heart. I was prepared for something lighter, but it really blew my mind. You were amazing – no disrespect to Lily, she’s brilliant, but what you managed with this character is beyond anything I imagined. You made me laugh, cry, cry from laughter. It’s undoubtedly your best performance since the 80s. You got your own weave removal scene (like the ones Viola Davis and Glenn Close made so famous) and you rocked it with no dramatic music, but with minimal, heartwrenching. This show is meaningful and if some reviewers don’t see that, it’s their loss. You were brilliant.

    (My mom also watched it, she really was heartbroken as well by it. It really touched both of us).

  11. Jane, I’m completely overwhelmed! I’ve been a loyal fan of yours since Tall Story and have been following your blog for ages, but had no idea that Grace and Frankie would turn out to be the bombshell that it is! I watched the first two episodes tonight and laughed and cried. Funny, nuanced, subtle yet uproarious! I had to rewind a couple of times because I realized the writing hit on so many levels. I refuse to “binge watch” this confection! Like Downton Abbey I’ll look so forward to watching it every week and pray that it never ends! Brava! You can go to Cannes knowing that you have an unqualified hit on your hands.

  12. Jane, I’m just finding your blog, watching you on Netflix today brought me to it. Your writing and time you put in it is amazing with all else you do. Thank you! Turned on Grace & Frankie this morning and have watched 4 episodes on and off today. It is a delight to see you and Lily again. I do not relate to the trauma of the circumstances of the show, even though I realize how traumatic it must be for those wives actually going through such a difficult situation. However, I can relate to both yours and Lily’s characters, as I’m of yawls generation. As for your life as Jane I can appreciate your Christian convictions… I too am a very very open-minded Christian empowered by HolySPIRIT LOVE and Godly Integrity, by the Grace of GOD Of Universes!!! I’m off to watch episode 5:)…
    Sweet Blessings of Love!!!
    Mississippi Ms (WKW)

  13. Jane – we are all watching Grace & Frankie now (3rd episode) – WE LOVE IT. What a great show, great concept, great writing and of course – great acting. Very fun. My 90 year old mother couldn’t stop laughing she loves seeing Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson kiss! This is another great show from Netflix – CONGRATULATIONS!!

  14. Hi ms fonda I’m a big fan of yours , I watched the videos and you and Ms Tomlin were amazing you guys work great together. Would their be more seasons of Gracie and Frankie .sincerely madison

  15. Saw the first three episodes and this is fantastic: it is funny, hilarious, caring, honest. And what a surprise this Martin Sheen and Sam Waterstone together as a couple: how can anyone come up with that combination, but it is genius!! And their play is so great that you immediately believe what you see, but that is what great acting is all about. I just never could imagine seeing that side of Sam Waterstone.
    And then you and Lily, ha ha, the energy is just bubbling from the screen, dont know if this is English, but I hope you get my meaning.
    I try to save some episodes so I can enjoy it longer, but I dont think I am going to manage that……
    Thank you, thank you for being there again giving so much fun and I saw that the serie already got 4,5 stars so I see another season coming………

  16. I watched the first episode and loved it! I loved it so much that I wanted to continue on to the next episode, but contained myself! When I started watching, I told myself I would stretch the episodes out so that I can enjoy the series for a longer time. Yes, I am a fan of yours and would probably like almost anything you are in, but this series goes beyond liking something because I enjoy viewing a person’s work. The characters, plot, and acting all seem to come together to create something special. There is already a strong connection with the characters, even yours! Your character seems selfish and upity yet by the end of the first episode you can see that softer side of Grace that you can’t help but love. What a talented cast telling a story representing today’s world. I can’t wait to tune in to the next episode!

  17. I watched the whole show at once today. All I can say is when is season two coming out?? I loved every episode! I really hope we don’t have to wait long for more. Thank you and congrats on the show. Great job!

  18. Congratulations on another profoundly successful project! Not only did I binge-watch Grace & Frankie this weekend (as you recommended!), I binge-watched it TWICE. G&F is, at turns, hilariously funny, tender and touching, deeply moving, and invariably delightful. I adore theater, film, and television but am all too often disappointed, my expectations dashed. (I know, I know–that’s what I get for having expectations.) There are no disappointments here. On the contrary, in G&F, there are unexpected treats at every turn.

    Lily Tomlin is, as always, an absolute hoot. Her portrayal of Frankie is pitch-perfect. The relationship between Frankie and Sol (Sam Waterston) is believable and bittersweet. And, Jane, when you are on camera, I cannot take my eyes off you. Of course, that’s partly because you’re so beautiful. But it’s mainly because you’re a master of the art of acting, whether comedy or drama or, as here, both. And, shining star that you are, you’re also a team player and this production is truly an ensemble piece. June Diane Raphael is a new discovery for me and I will look for her other work. She is a joy to behold, really enchanting. You write that you found it challenging to work with different directors but the outcome is wonderful.

    What a rare project this is; one that will, surely, make a powerful impact on future film and TV offerings, opening people’s eyes to the tremendous value of creating projects that resonate with those of us who have a few miles on the old odometer. Wise, witty, entertaining, enriching, G&F is all of these and ever so much more.


  19. Hi Jane,
    I loved loved loved this show! You and Lili have not lost a step…funny and talented as always. Plus, you both look wonderful and even happy (despite the events in the show). Quick question…every outfit you wore is outstanding and accessoried to perfection — can you tell us who made what or direct us to someone who can? I think I recognize some St. John for you, but have no idea who made Lili’s creations. The jewelry, though, is a real puzzle, so any help would be most welcome. In advance, many many thanks for all you and Lili do — Martin and Sam were ok, too 😉

    My 2 cents…find Brian — that looked like some serious chemistry 😉

    • Jane, I asked the costumer on the series to answer your question. Here’s what she said. Hope this helps:

      “You wore a lot of Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrara – In particular the Carolina Herrara print blouses (I’ve been getting many inquiry’s about those as well) were specifically made for you by Carolina Herrara from archived vintage fabrics.
      Those shirts can be made to order and if anyone would like to have one made they can call the store on Melrose Place
      323-782-9090 and ask for Diana.
      Regarding Frankie’s clothes, well they came from everywhere! We got many pieces from Harari in Beverly Hills and also from a store in Studio City called “Layered”. Also “Loco Linda ” and “Dressed to Kill” were favorite brands for frankie.
      For her jewelry, that amazing crystal jewelry all came from a woman who lives in Joshua Tree and her name is Adina Mills.
      She can be looked up online.
      Her pieces are amazing!!

    • Hello Jane,
      I enjoyed Grace and Frankie and now I’m watching the show a second time around with my mom AND dad.

      Thank you for posting where your costumer designer is getting your clothes for the TV show. I like your character’s style, especially the brown cable sweater with a hoodie.

      Kind regards,
      Kind regards

      • Good, Angelica, cause I’m wearing it in the first 2 episodes of season 2 🙂

  20. On episode 10..I love it! Jane, you look unbelievable, I want to be you when I grow up,I’m 50 now, lol. Is that really your ass? If not, I want to know where to get one for myself. Seriously, love Grace & Frankie!

  21. Loving Grace and Frankie. I have already watched 7 episodes and this is my second night. I especially loved the scene where you and Frankie are trying to buy cigarettes and you scream and beat on the counter saying you will not be irrelevant. Do you know how many times I have wanted to do just that at work when young people nearly run me over in the hall? ?
    I am a 60 year old married woman who knew a man who had a family and came out in the 80s. I imagine there are many families that can identify with this. The writers are doing a great job of showing compassion for all involved. ..and with humor. Love the show. And you are so beautiful! You never age.

  22. How Fun is this series?!?!

  23. I love that, Grace has to walk Frankie through the set up of her new, laptop..ok, now do it again, so I can visulize, it. ” you mean turn it on again?” Love it when Grace tells Frankie she needs professional help, lol and she finds Mike, the apple tech…Everything about this show is perfect, and I am so wanting the beach house!

  24. My 61 year old mother told me about the show, and we watched the first 3 episodes in a single night when I was visitng her, I am 38 and we both, just love the show. ..thank you, please keep it going..

  25. Hallo, i watch the 2 series and enjoyed it very much. Are there plans for a 3rd serie ? Further more, i would like to know who the sponsor/designer is of miss Fonda’s clothes.
    Thank you and Best regards,
    Birgit (Belgium)

    • Birgit, the costumer who dresses us for the show is Allyson Fanger. She buys clothes from different shops and designers.

  26. I LOVE Grace and Frankie… I had earth shattering revelation from my husband of 27 years that he knew he had an “issue with his orientation” before we got married.. and he thought getting married would solve it.. but it didn’t …
    Grace and Frankie touches on every feeling and scenario I have experienced.. from children trying to figure out where to turn, what do I do next, being rejected by his family due to “awkwardness”, etc!! Thank you for bringing humor, poignancy, and reallness to what appears to be more of a common experience for women than we would have ever dreamed of. It is a gut wrenching experience… yet something we need to learn to move on from!!

  27. Hi Jane and Lily. I am addressing both of you as a duo because I recently watched a YouTube video where Lily said that if I need to reach out to her I can go through your blog Jane. So this is me reaching out to both. Sorry can’t pick a favorite. You both are equally awesome, but life-changing together. I am 36 years old. Not sure why that matters, but it kind of does. I can’t say my friends feel the same way about ya’ll only because they have kids and messy lives so don’t have time to binge watch Grace & Frankie 4 times. Actually, I’ve probably watched the entire series more than that, but you get the point. So, I watched a few YouTube videos this morning and was in tears from laughing so much. This leads me to a very important question: As funny as you two are, how do you come up with your material for the show? I mean, I feel like you could have a normal conversation with each other and just turn that into a script. Also, how do you hold in your laughter while filming? Or do you do a lot of it before getting the take? I’d love to sit in a room with you two and just chat. Though highly unlikely, I’ve added that to my bucket list. I have goals! Your talents and genuine humor have added joy to my life. Depression and anxiety suck, but laughing helps. I am thankful for you two. Thank you for all that you do. Best to you both.

    • Thanks, Stephanie, for your very nice email. I will share with Lily

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