After the Vanity Fair dinner, we moved into the area where the party was to start once the people who had been at the Oscars (including the winners) began to arrive. There were a few friends who were fun to talk with—George Hamilton, George Schaefer who produced “Laugh-In” back in the day, Roger Freidman. Then the place really filled up and I got to see Kathryn Bigelow. Two Oscars in tow like a weight lifter. She seemed to be in a total daze and couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. No wonder. I was able to greet Meryl Streep who looked fabulous and was her charming and laughing self. You may not know it but Meryl’s first film was in “Julia” with me and Vanessa Redgrave. I saw she was en extraordinary talent even then. Rosario Dawson and her really nice, french,  DJ boyfriend, Mathieu Schreyer. Spent time with John Singleton who is very smart about movies and full of integrity. He directed “Boyz in the Hood” and produced many others including the brave “Hussel and Flow.” Marisa Tomei had fun with us. Talked with Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry who harks from Atlanta like I do. Got to hug Jennifer Lopez who, I have to say, looked smashing and had the best dress (though she wore a different one, black, at the party). Met Natalie Portman in the bathroom and that was a treat as I admire her work very much. Was able to congratulate and hug Sandra Bullock. My son Troy and Simone were there and I always have more fun at a party when they are there. Sat next to my brother Peter for awhile. Sorry I didn’t get to see Jeff Bridges or Jim Cameron. Nor did I take many pictures. I didn’t feel right. A few at the pre party dinner where we ate and watched the Oscars. I did a lot of tweeting then. Even more than Jackie Collins.

Joan Collins with Kirk Douglas and his wife Ann at the dinner, watching the Oscars

Jackie and Joan Collins

Richard and me at the Vanity Fair dinner

Hand of the director who won best documentary, "The Cove," grasping his Oscar at the Vanity Fair party

I’m tired today.
See you next time

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  1. As always, I enjoy your blog and tweets, Jane. It is marvelous to just be the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ and partake in all these adventures of yours! Additionally, I am most impressed by your good works and acts of charity. Truly inspiring!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Some of these actors are somewhat unknown to me, but ppl like Kirk Douglas, Joan Collins, etc, are ppl I would have loved to meet. One person who is sadly not with us anymore, and who I really loved to see in movies, Burt Lancaster. I have a western of his on dvd. Other favorites of mine, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, your dad, Henry, those guys were my heros, not to mention John Wayne. It is sad how many of them are not with us anymore. Seeing that pic of Kirk brought back a lot of those memories….

    Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this post.
    Take care!

  3. Wow! Love Kathryn Bigelow but am wishing I could go back in time (a bit) to see a ceremony with a bit more poise.

  4. Dear Ms. Fonda,
    I have just stared following your blogs and find your insights albeit brief sometimes, fascinating. I call still recall my mother in the living room working out to your exercise tapes (back when they were on vhs) and hearing you say “feel the burn”. My sister and I would try to imitate her and fall laughing at how hard it was (we were 5-7). However; my true encounter with you was in the movie The China Syndrome, and I have been a fan of yours since. I admire your courage in fighting for your beliefs (ie the Anti-Vietnam War Campaigns) and I find your acting as impressive as the character you exude as a role model (powerful but full of grace). Thank you for continuing to share with us, you are truly a star to watch.

  5. Nice pictures! I hope you have a couple more! Are you pleased with the winners?

  6. Hey Jane, Great that Kathryn won and that Barbra was there to hand it to her. (In my opinion Babs should have won for Prince of Tides directing!) Only took 82 years for a woman to win! Great that Jeff and Sandra won too, though anybody in either category was very deserving. Looks like you had fun. Those Collins’ girls are amazing party girls. Take care, from your No. 1 Aussie fan.

  7. Joan seems to have delved into her Dynasty wardrobe archive for the occasion! Those shoulderpads must be where she keeps her emergency meringues…

  8. hi jsf-

    loved your VF photos…fun times. okay, just curious – are you staying with the dark brown? i must be brutally honest…it’s too harsh – and your previous haircut and color (like you had in NYC during 33 variations – not your character’s wig) was a fabulous cut. when you cut your long hair years ago – it was transformational and made you look so much brighter and “lifted”…i am afraid your ultra short pixie cut a la “klute 2010 short shag” is a bit harsh and the dark raven brown is quite simply devastatingly severe.

    i don’t mean to sound like a “bitchy queen” – but i really think a little length and your gorgeous highlights will soften your look greatly.

    but, of course, you could wear a big obnoxious wig, and i still think you would be gorgeous! love the person you are – a role model for women and smart men.

    cheers, dg

    p.s. please give your loyal blog followers a “hair update” – looks like “survey says: go back to your highlights” 🙂

    p.s.s. going on about hair and highlights does seem a bit shallow given the current state of the world’s natural disasters…so take all of this with that context of course.

  9. I followed all of your tweets during the Oscars. It certainly made the experience more engaging to watch and then to hear your comments right from the source. I almost felt like I was there. 😀

    Thanks for sharing so freely.

  10. It is nice to know that meryl streep first worked with you in Julia and Jane, you recognising her talent at that time.She may have learnt many things from you and Vannesa Redgrave.One can learn that how metaculously you plan your day to day schedule and attend so many things in livey way.I sometime wish that we meet and discuss about meaningful film which can have a message peace for all.Wish you nice time ahead.

  11. Forget not taking more pictures — really enjoyed your Tweets — interesting takes!

  12. in this post you said -i ‘m tired today, and i wondered, when did Jane really get tired? having always something on with huge energy!i remember “Julia” with your best friend Vanessa Redgrave, nice Meryl Streep doing her first movie appearance in it! in the meantime, take care, and always a great pleasure reading you! best wishes! frederique dhenein

  13. Jane..I found this online and can’t believe that was you!

  14. Your movie “Julia” is one of my favorites! I watch it occasionally, and it was fun recognizing Meryl Streep in it a few years ago! It’s such fun finding well known actors in small parts in movies when they were just starting their movie career!

    I know you must have had fun at this party! It must be fun to sit back and observe all the people!! I know you were sorry not to be able to speak to Jeff Bridges! So glad he won!

  15. Thanks for the photos. I like your hair better lighter – but that’s just me. Great Oscar show – a little long, but many funny and momentous moments.

  16. I have to say it, they look as bored with that damn Oscar show as I was.

  17. You are SO cool!

  18. love to hear your voice, Ms. Fonda. such a treat.

  19. Many Congratulations to Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood! Not to mention Sandra Bullock!!
    – YM

  20. Jane, you are great, I started reading your blog a couple months ago, it’s been so enjoyable,thanx for sharing


    PS. read your book a couple of years ago, could not put it down..stopped my life as I know it and read it til I was done
    PSS Love your new look!!

  21. “..that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen-J. Bingham 1866
    B.Obama Sr was NOT an immigrant to the U.S. His children rightfully INHERIT his(Sr’s) status They may through affirmative law be U.S. citizens but are NOT Article II natural born citizens This is the Law of Nature and the basis upon which this nation was Founded

  22. I hope you get the part. I would love to see you in a good quality independent film. I would also like to see you in a Tyler Perry film – don’t mean to sound like I remotely have any say in the matter. I’m very happy for his success. I understand his studio in Georgia is very nice. I like that he attached his name to Precious since it was a very different film from his usual output. And I wish a bright future for the films young star.

  23. So that’s where the Hollywood stalwarts gather to watch the awards; more comfy or the Academy wanting to appear “younger”? It’s the sense of history gives this occasion it’s prestige. I’d prefer to have lifetime achievers visible & passing the oscar on…

  24. Jane,Thomas Keirnan has written nice biography of yours which i read 25 years ago.Then 3 more biographies i bought to study your personality and charactor.This happened because when you were at height of your career and social activity I was grappling with other problems which did not allow me to come out from the little corner of my mind.There was lot of catching up with the past happening which had gone unnoticed.But then I became free from the clutches of the time and then I read your biography which instill in me new interest.

  25. YOur looking well Jane, looks like the A list , is the best place to be. I met Kirt Douglass once in Palm Spring , must have been about 1971 , he was have lucnch with a sister. All is was thinking was , that guy was maded to be a Actor , he has the looks, what a guy, and a very good writer, his books are great also .

  26. I did want to say that the question is did Kathryn Bigelow win because because she was the best or because she is a woman. Now the frist film Director to win, was she the best or the best woman director?

    • I think she won because the majority felt she was best director.

      • I think , your right Jane I have seen the film “Hurt Locker” early on and did not think about if it was a woman director or not ,did not take notice at the screening. For a woman in that type nof film , was a very realistic job, she earned it as Director, great job.

  27. Seeing photos of Kirk Douglas (what’s his secret for looking so good?) and your Richard gave me an idea: how about a hair color that mixes the blonde with gray highlights or gray with blonde highlights? The contrast of gray with a younger face works! Don’t Tweet, so only get it when you email them.

  28. Jane, love your blog! Had to write, because I saw Suzanne Sommers on Tv blasting you for doing another workout video! She is not that much younger than you and how ungracious of her to make her remarks. She has no class! Funny thing is, she’s not an accomplished actress, just sell her wares on TV! When was the last time she was on Broadway or made a movie! I can’t wait to get your new video! I still have the orginal one that you did! Love it and love you! Love your new look by the way! You go girl!!!!! Ellen

    • Hmmm, that’s a surprise. She’s always been very cordial. I will try to find out what she said. Thanks.

  29. bohzo Nikan (Hello friend)

    I am Native American and Potawatomi love you for your work and courage to stand up for those that are not heard.

    I believe that you have aged gracefully and are better than your younger years. So many great movies.

    We are trying to bring support to issues of protecting our water and stopping the use of chemicals and dangerous chemicals.

    Your following us on twitter would be of great support and influence. Have a great day and enjoy spring, I can feel it is coming to us in all of it’s glory.


  30. I love your blog! You know how to do it right: You post frequently, and the posts are breezy and to the point. If I were teaching a class about blogging, I would encourage students to follow you. And your tweets on Oscar night really added to the fun. Thank you!

  31. Jane,
    Don’t worry about what that TRASH Suzanne Sommers said. (I saw it on TV too.) Suzanne is a vicious and nasty person. When I met her “Three’s Company” costar Joyce Dewitt in 2007, Joyce called Suzanne “pure evil”.

    I cannot wait to see you in “The Widow’s Adventures” with Diane Keaton… Maybe you should collaborate with Joan Collins on something. You seem to hang out with her alot and she is another one of my all-time favorite stars.

  32. Jane-
    Please stop asking everyone what they think of your new look. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes a not so nice one. I can’t believe some of the comments on here. I reminds me of that old saying….”If you don’t have anything nice to say….don’t say anything”. You look great and you look like you feel great….so leave it at that. And for the people who don’t like the “new look”….repost that pic where you’re showing off your ring at the party.

    Love ya,

  33. Hi, Jane!

    I don’t know where to ask this question so I’ll ask it here. I’m a big fan of yours, Henry & Peter Fonda. I have your autobiography “My Life So Far”. Does an official biography/autobiography of Henry Fonda exists? While I’m writing this, on our national TV (Croatian) “Once Upon A Time In The West” is playing.

    Thank you,


  34. Nice insider’s view of all the fun, Ms Jane. Thanks for sharing! I’m impressed that you were “tweeting” as I haven’t gone down that road yet (when I tried, my “tweets” didn’t “go” and I soon gave up).

  35. God I hope I win a Best Director Oscar… or two. KB beat me to it, oh well, congrats.

    I remember “Julia”, it is a lovely film. There ought to be more made with strong female leads.

  36. You look AMAZING!!! I love love love the brown hair – you look very ‘KLUTE!!’ Thanks for sharing the Oscars photos. greetings from NYC….Linda

  37. Jane,

    Great seeing you on Oscar night. I wish you’d been a presenter! I wanted to share this site with you an your readers.

    Take care, all the best –


  38. Jane,
    Your honesty and directness are really refreshing. Having read some of what you’ve gone through, am glad to see the space you’re in.

    Do you remember Prodigy boards? A number of us met on the Emotional Health board where they “allowed” us to talk about anything that ‘affected’ our emotional health (because officially they couldn’t approve political or current-events talk. What days. But you had your own section there.

    Did you read and respond to some forum posts back then? One day I got a note about something I wrote that I found interesting, and I received a Prodigy email from “JANE FONDA” 🙂 referencing what I said and the person recommended a book.

    I decided it must have been a staffer who forgot which ID she was using at the time 🙂 But it was nice to know someone there browsed the forums and gave helpful tips. I remember a “Rene Turner” who worked there and was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Left Prodigy in 1990 though. They invited a few of us disgruntled users to White Plains NY twice to give feedback to Ross Glatzer. That was interesting for us. At any rate, great to see you active online ( again or still 🙂 )

  39. Jane Fonda has a blog!

    I have always admired you, Jane. Someone above said they love to hear your voice. I do too. You speak with such passion and conviction and authenticity.

    It’s great to see Joan Collins looking so incredible – her sister too.

    I hope you’re happy, Jane.

  40. Just my little opinion but the picture you should have on Twitter is this new one on Vanity Fair blog. The one you have is nice because it helped create who you are today….. BUT you’ve come along way, you’ve worked hard, and you look fabulous!!! I’m inspired and looking forward to your new exercise videos for us mature ladies!!
    God bless you and your family!!

  41. I wrote Kirk and told him I was coming out to mow the lawn for him… so he better make lunch while I am there because I work for food! heh heh

  42. I’m going to start “following” your blog. It’s fun. Once in the HWPC when I was a creative at Chiat/Day LA, I now live in NYC and am running Earth Adv. You go grrrl. Martha

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