Busy, Busy, Busy

Time flies. No time since Oscars to blog. The time fast approaching when I will tape my new exercise DVDs for boomers and seniors. I have been rehearsing, working on choreography, choosing music, what to wear. You blogger friends have been extremely helpful in dissuading me from doing retro–the leg warmers, etc from past times…35 years ago!!! Hard to believe. I was the first and now they do these exercise programs with their eyes closed. We did it on spit and prayer. Fortunately it worked–still the highest grossing home video of all time–17 million copies. Timing is everything! I actually made 23 videos in all up till 1994 when life with Ted made it too hard to find the time but I’ve stayed fit and my new hip and knee are behaving very well. The demographic I’m targeting has been left out and we’re becoming the most significant market. More of us over 60 than ever before and we’re fitter and wanting to stay that way or get there. My mantra: it’s never too late to get active and fit and feel good about yourself and feel you’re in control of your body if nothing else and you can get rid of depression. So many pluses and our numbers are growing and we need to be paid attention to. 

Then there’s my book, (“The Third Act: Entering Prime Time“) that I have to finish by end of April and the opera of “Grapes of Wrath” which I am narrating one night only at Carnegie Hall with symphony orchestra and singers that will include–hooray– Christine Ebersole!!! Fortunately my daughter and grandkids are coming out for spring break. I’ll take them to magic castle–I am a freak for great magic and I have seen slight of hand and illusionists there that make me gasp. And of course Disneyland. And then helping my daughter find a wedding dress…ah yes, love is in the air. I am so happy. Busy but happy. Hope the same for you.

See you next time

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  1. I wore out my red Fonda workout video until the music went wibbly, “so much morrrrrreee to u than meeuuuutts the eye!” x

  2. Nice to have your life so full, bloging seems to be a sport within the new book of years. I been posting some blogs and have had some very good comments of late , makes one feel , good if anything can. I did say , and have seen that people of a older age, can bring the body back, it is a fact. Even with some health problem, I have a hard time , trying to convince people that I am sixty years of age, have to show ID , even with blindness, when your on the road sleep out inthe open your body give up or give in, with backpacks and wondering blind across the world a few times , my brain is still working and my body wont give up the ghost this weekend. good to hear about the great thing going on in your world Jane, stay well

    O ps Jane, I have a great script , where could I sent the outline to , I think it would be right for you.you can tweet me on this I could e-mail it to some place.

    • Timothy, send the script to my agent, Kevin Huvane at CAA in Century City, CA

  3. Hello Ms. Fonda: Wow, you are truly amazing! I’ve seen all your movies and tv interviews (not long ago on Larry King)and respect you immensely for your talent, work, family ties and that infamous time of struggle years ago. You came through that period of time with grace and integrity and this fan is happy about it. Also, I’m so happy to have found your blog and read each one with so much interest in what’s going on in your life. I especially love the photos you include–how wonderful they all are, and you, You are my hero past present and future. Can’t wait to see your new execise video. Bravo for continuing to inspire all of us. You are truly a lovely person. Lov ya!

  4. My mother used to do ur workout routine all those years ago. Idea: create a workout video with women in ur garden surrounded beautiful flowers and my mother and all of her friends would purchase. All she cares about are her gardens and her grandchildren.

  5. Happy to hear all is going so well! …and you are right on re the ‘neglect’ of us over a ‘certain’ age! My blood pressure soars when I see no mention of us when clothing styles and cosmetic ideas are shown on TV or magazines. We have become the ‘unseen’ minority totally ignored and I thank you for reminding the masses.

  6. Jane,
    I purchased your excercise video and book in the early 80’s. I had been an dancer and a serious baton twirler. In 1982, I developed cancer and your inspiration helped me recover, both mentally and physically. I can’t WAIT to see the new one. Thank you for being such a wonderful roll model to so many women. I loved your Gee’s Bend PBS narrative, as it is very close to my life’s work. It is a very special gift to me to write to you on your blog and thank you as well as congratulate you!

    Linda Hitchcock

  7. Hi Jane,

    My God! You are so motivational. Where on earth does this drive to motivate yourself and others come from? Whenever I’m doing something like walking in the park, on the treadmill or eating my greens or whatever there are always your words in my head. Even from twenty years ago. Like from one of your books it said something to the effect that middle age spread comes from lack of movement (I got that so I moved!) or I see that picture I told you about recently from your book that has the photo of the tired woman at her desk compared to a photo of a workout session (I got that so I moved!). And now I hear your message: your in control of your body if nothing else. Wow. I get it so I’m moving!!! Some people can hardly motivate themselves and here you are motivating me and millions of others.

    BTW I so wish your ‘New Workout’ was on DVD. I, like many others, have no VHS anymore and so I can’t do it. One of the best workouts ever in my opinion.
    Take care

  8. i envy you. i was 62 on 12/22 and am not even close to your energy level. i wish i was. i have hep c and some other things (been sober 31 yrs) and have been telling myself i would lose 30 lbs. and excercise and have been trippiing all over myself trying to avoid all the dvd’s i have bought to stretch, bellydance workout, etc. i pray i can do your dvd for boomers, which i am looking forward to. i am so out of shape. and shouldn’t be because i still am cute for my age!! i have never been to magic castle. that was always on my to do list. have a blast. keep up the good example. i have your book, eventually i will get around to reading it. procrastination is my middle name. karin dicker los angeles

  9. How I love that you live out loud! Creating new pathways for people to stay healthy. Finding your own way by continually turning over stones in the river by doing new work or simply a new hair style. Sidestepping depression and recognizing the importance that doing so involves continuing to move (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and eating especially well. And, so emphatically, enjoying the magic with your children, grandchildren, partner and animals.

  10. Happy to hear all is going so well! …agree with you re the ‘neglect’ of us over 60 year group. My blood pressure soars when I see no mention of us when clothing styles and cosmetic ideas are shown on TV or magazines. Seems like 50 is the ‘cut off’ age for any consideration! Our age has become the ‘unseen’ ignored minority and I thank you for reminding others we’re around.

  11. i agree with you
    jane i love you so much from saudi arabia

  12. True times flies at amazing speed.And for celebrity like you,Jane it will be at lightening speed.But anyhow you find time to write on blog that is nice for your blog readers to know about your current activities.

  13. I am so glad you’re so happy! Can’t wait for the new book.

  14. I was stuck in Bangalore, India for a week and so didn’t see the Oscars. But I just saw the clip of Oprah introducing Gabby Sidibe on youtube.com. It really made me cry. What an authentic moment. Oprah, one of the most eloquent and authentic people I can think of and a true inspiration considering where’s she’s come from introducing an American “cinderella”, as she put it. Wow, it’s made my evening. What a wonderful world!
    Jason xx

  15. Hey Jane. See you in June. I’ll be there.

  16. Speaking of work and being busy… I have a question about chance to see you on film screen again. How greedy and selfish of me, haha!

    You know, it all started when I was thinking about 33 Variations the other day. I didn’t see it on Broadway because I don’t live in the US and being a student I didn’t have the money to travel.

    The whole story sounds really interesting to me so my questions are… Do you think that play would work well as a film? Could you see yourself play Katherine in the film as well?

    Take care!


    • You betcha!! I will do the play here in Los Angeles next Jan, Feb, Mar 2011. Who knows about a film. Hope so. i am doing a french film (in french) next June 2010 in Paris. Excited. geraldine Chaplin, Pierre Richard, Claude Rich, Guy Bedos, Daniel Buehl. Good cast!!!

  17. you were a pionner on the work-out area, and you’re right, your vids were the best,humor, choregraphy, and very good exercises!especially liked my lean routine,the steps work-out and of of course the first challenge work! so keep the move on every field, stay passionate,with your life gift!

  18. Do you care to comment, on your blog or in your book, on the recent British report regarding most people not having sex after the age of 70? Have you read the report yet?

    • The most in-depth studies of late show that this is not true. People after 70 continue to have sex…more so the men than women because woman have fewer partners available (they live longer for one thing). Stay tuned for my book. xx jane

  19. You are So busy, Jane! How do you manage to do everything? WOW, you’re a SUPER WOMAN doing so many things! I know you’re getting excited, and maybe a little nervous about taping your exercise DVDs, but I’m sure they will be great! I’m looking forward to the DVDs and your book! You’ve been working on the book for a while now! I’m getting very “curious” about all the topics you’ll have in it!!!

    I’m excited for you to have your daughter and grandchildren coming out there! Your grandchildren are at the perfect age to enjoy anything dealing with “magic”!! What FUN! They’ll enjoy Magic Castle and Disneyland too! I know all of them will especially love having time with YOU!

    It’s fun to hear about your daughter’s wedding plans! She sounds like such an interesting person, and a great mom too! I wish her much happiness! It’ll be good for both of you to have some “mother-daughter” time!:)

    Have fun! Take care….from Atlanta

  20. Magic Castle is a terrific place, for a unusually special evening… ENJOY!

  21. How can I audition for your video.. Going to be 59 in April…I look great plus………. I am your lookalike.. Heard it for many years.. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE…. Jane Fonda.. even my friend Gene Greytak( recently passsed away)(The Pope impersonator) kept bugging me about singing up with a look alike agency in the 80’s .. wish I had done it now.. but funny.. the older I get the more I look like you….

    • I will be by myself in these new videos but thanks for offerring.

    • Hi Jane.. I have not read the blog in along time.. I never ment to replace the one and only Jane Fonda.. I just wanted to be apart of the video..Work out alot.. but since we are talking.. Someone just today .. again.. said I saw Jane in a restaurant and Mari.. you look so much like her..
      I keep hearing this.. thought it would be fun to be a look a like model for you.. again never replacing you.. Do you have any ideas on how I can do this?
      You look great..You just keep getting better with every birthday.. Hope I will age as well as you.. I will keep taking good care inside and out and hopefully I will too!

      • Thank you, Mari. I appreciate you nice words. Right now,at least, I don’t need a double. Xx jane

      • Hi Jane.. I saw you on Ellen’s show.. You look great.. I did not know about your breast cancer.. I had a brain tumor in 1998.. had to learn to walk again,lost my hearing in left ear, etc.. but I am here and GOING strong….I run a support group in Orange County and am the founder of the first Walk for a Cure..in 2009. Tinnitus was my first symptom….
        So between your breast cancer and my brain tumor..God keeps giving us “stuff” so we can inspire others.. AND THAT WE DO!!!

  22. So happy you’re happy – congratulations on Vanessa’s engagement! Some time, if you have a chance (which doesn’t sound like it will be any time soon) I would love to hear more background info on your movies. For example, in China Syndrome (great movie!) was it your idea to have a pet tortoise? Was it your idea to have an unmade bed? Are those kind of details your ideas or the directors? How much input do you have on scripts? In your book you described how you slept on the set and had a lot of input on details for Klute. Also, surely your undertanding and attention to these kinds of details – that make characters so real – would make you an AMAZING Director? Have you ever directed?

    • My ideas, yes. No desire to be a director. Too much work. I like to work hard and then go home. Dirctors have to work round the clock it seems.

      • Fair enough. Love the details. Thanks.

  23. Jane,

    Is there any chance that your original step workouts will be released on DVD? I love your step workouts, but my VHS copies are getting worn. The compilation DVDs that came out are great and I sure would like to have the step workouts on DVD, too.

    Thank you…

    • Thanks. See earlier reply to a blogger re when they are due out

  24. Jane,

    I just love reading your blog! It cheers me up and I just want to thank you for that! 🙂

  25. Still a fan of your workouts! I’ve made it a goal to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in for my upcoming 40th this year! Lost 55 pounds so far and have been doing various activities/exercises over the last year+. Just started a running program. But your workouts are just the thing when my daughter’s napping or I’m short on time. BTW going to do Weight WO #2 of your personal trainer series. Look forward to your French picture. See you next time.

  26. And how about Jeff Bridges? No, it wasn’t surprising, but it was wonderful. So great that he’s on the new “We Are The World” video. Now he is a musician. I’ve seen the film four times and just bought the CD-what music. Can’t wait for your new exercise recordings (hey, you stil say “tape.”). We ‘women of a certain age (your French side is great) want to look more like you do. We’re waiting.

  27. Dear Jane Fonda,

    I just spent over an hour writing you a letter only to have my efforts end in frustration due to the 1000 character limit of your message input block.

    Is there any way I can send it to you?

    I would post it on my website and put a link right here in the comment section, but it is fairly personal so I would rather not have it available to the prying eyes of the entire world 😉 But if I must, I will. It is important enough to me to forsake privacy if need be.


  28. Like the others I’m happy to hear you are coming out with new workout videos. Nonetheless I really wish you would re-release your step videos from the early nineties. Any chance of that? I’ve purchased a lot of workout videos over the years and yours are truly the best.

    • Thank you. I will be re-releasing my older videos in DVD format.

  29. Hi Jane,
    I am 55 and I’m VERY much looking forward to the new exercise DVDs. (I grew up doing your Workout.) Do you have any idea when they will be available?

    So a wedding dress for Vanessa! Congrats to her.

  30. Due to my deafness, will your new DVDs have captions?

  31. Oh Geraldine Chaplin. I can’t wait to see it. I was lucky to live in Paris at age 18 for a year. It was a life changing experience which set me on the wanderlust trail. I love Christine Ebersole. What a voice. I work out on my tread mill every day. And lift weights. Use it or lose it. I also found a bio identical doctor in Ocala. Got my Groove back on. I’m 64, not ready to be put out to pasture yet.
    I learned a long time ago that exercise is the best medicine for depression.

  32. Jane, that’s wonderful news about Vanessa’s wedding. I know from things you have said that she is a very private person; but if she would permit you to comment, who is the lucky groom? Will the wedding be here in Atlanta?

    Enjoy your blog very much.

  33. My mom’s best friend (21 at the time) used to play your betamax video everyday at my house. I was only 4 or 5 years old and would watch and join. I am a nut for workout DVDs now! I am 32 and I am so comfortable with taking exercise into my own hands and time. I play DVDs whenever I have the time or feel the need to. I truly believe this habit of mine is because I watched your workout so many times. Thanks so much for the inspiration, the great job and an excellent workout! 🙂 I would totally buy your Jane Fonda Workout in DVD format when its released. Look forward to it!
    Yours truly, Gio_be

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