Tweets on 2010-03-09

  • So love michelle phiffer's sspeech about jeff Bridges #oscars #
  • Jeff bridges so deserves this award. He is so brilliant. I have worked with him #oscars #
  • I love jeff honoring his parents. I have felt that way when I won. #oscars #
  • Wow does Oprah (@oprah) look fabulous!!! #oscars #
  • It IS moving to see sandra win. And she made a great speech. I am weeping #oscars #
  • Oh I am so happy that kathryn bigelow won. Much as I adored Avatar, it's time for a talented woman to win #oscars #
  • Well that was a surprise. It was fun seeing how surprised bigelow was that her film won too. #oscars #
  • I wish she'd acknowledged her ex James Cameron #oscars #
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  1. Why should Bigelow feel the need to acknowledge Cameron ? Did you see the ’60 Minutes’ profile ? Cameron stated that Bigelow would win because Academy members would find it irresistible to vote for a female director … that they couldn’t resist “that story”. Bigelow won because she directed one hell of a movie.

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