It has been so fun. What a wonderful group of people, both those who were in the DVDs with me (brave souls! We worked hard), and the crew. These are going to be really great programs. A wonderful follow up to my first 2 Prime Time DVDs.

From left to right: In back, Dex Graham, in stripes, Rachel Tonick, our assistant director in front in violet, Alison Brown leaning over in yellow behind me, Kathleen O’Neil, the redhead standing behind, Jane Howard March, next to Kathleen (her grandfather was Malcolm X’s attorney, Lee Gale Gruen in bright turquoise, kneeling on my right is Maddy Lewis, our choreographer, standing behind her is our director/producer, Cal Pozo, with his arm on the shoulder of Bonnie Fernebok.

Behind me, left to right: Anne McGee, Dottie Wargo and Halli Richman. We all did the strength and toning DVD.

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