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  • Hi, Jane!
    Cheers to low key Easter! I went all out, bought two bags of Easter chocolates, dumped them in a bowl and proclaimed them “centerpiece”. I’m getting caught up on Grace & Frankie. Really enjoying your work there. Took a fab bike ride in the mountains (masked and riding solo) this week in Vail. Grateful for a little fresh air and exerc…[Read more]

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  • BEAUTIFUL photos! LOVED your acceptance speech! You ARE just beginning and it’s exciting to watch! Wonderful to see you, Lily and Dolly reunited on the Emmys! So gorgeous! Congrats on your dual nominations and […]

  • Just wandering back by, Jane. I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but I DID make it to my 1 million vertical feet goal and skied another 250,000 feet this past season, accident free! Also rode in my 8th cycling tour in […]

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  • Just curious, Jane. I’m sure you’ve juggled “time travel” with work on both coasts for years. How are you adjusting to the altitude factored into the travel mix? I’m usually pretty useless on days I travel from […]

  • Jane,
    This is for you. No need to post. I just heard about the passing of Tom Hayden this morning. Saw a few photos of y’all from the old days and wanted to extend my condolences to you and the family. Seems no […]

  • Loving this thread! I love how this Memorial Day post (and comments) blew right on past July 4th. You’re off the hook ’til Labor Day, Jane! Aren’t we the best guilt unhitchers? Have another cup of coffee and prop […]

  • Hi again!
    What a warm and cozy, heartfelt coffeehouse you have over here. Jane, I have a question. WHY weren’t you a professional dancer? Did you not think you were good enough? Were the studios not good enough […]

  • Thank you, Ms. Jane! So I got a little cocky on my Bday and did a black diamond mogul run called “Challenge” at Vail. Not my best decision. I popped out of my skis and had to climb back uphill about 12 feet to get […]

  • I’m at 249,312 vertical feet for the season, less than 700 ft. to go! One run at Vail (plus a few to spare) on my 50th Bday Monday and I’m done. But it ain’t over. NEXT season (if I keep this up), I’ll click over […]

  • Hi, Jane. For whatever reason, I’m just now seeing your reply (about going barefoot). Guess I’m not getting notifications. Hmmm. Anyway, couple of things (in this quiet little cove where we can visit away from the […]

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    I took my 17 year-old son there TWICE in April during our week of college visits. Such a wonderful place with ocean waves rolling in all around. Wish we’d made better food choices, but the pizza and funnel cake […]

  • I still have my tattered legwarmers, too! Mine were solid (without stirrup heels). They were worn over the heels of jazz shoes until they were worn through. Kind of a rites of passage when the heels broke through, […]

  • Hi, Jane! Been a while since I’ve passed through. Just visited my daughter at college (whom you met when she was 7, carrying her ballet costume at a TX book signing). She is now studying Theater at The Boston […]