It has been so fun. What a wonderful group of people, both those who were in the DVDs with me (brave souls! We worked hard), and the crew. These are going to be really great programs. A wonderful follow up to my first 2 Prime Time DVDs.

From left to right: In back, Dex Graham, in stripes, Rachel Tonick, our assistant director in front in violet, Alison Brown leaning over in yellow behind me, Kathleen O'Neil, the redhead standing behind, Jane Howard March, next to Kathleen (her grandfather was Malcolm X's attorney, Lee Gale Gruen in bright turquoise, kneeling on my right is Maddy Lewis, our choreographer, standing behind her is our director/producer, Cal Pozo, with his arm on the shoulder of Bonnie Fernebok.

Behind me, left to right: Anne McGee, Dottie Wargo and Halli Richman. We all did the strength and toning DVD.

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  1. hello Jane,
    You do look pleased, to create something of use in media is more than educational, it’s a statement. Media education can and has revolutionized the way we think about public health. You are one on the main Exponents, dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals. Not a bad person, all and all Jane,
    with love and care,

  2. Jane, I want to tell you that when I was in my 20’s in the eighties, I started doing your Jane Fonda Workout and it was life changing for me. Sadly,over the years, life took it’s toll on me and I got out of shape and in the last couple of years, during a two year layoff my husband was experiencing, I really developed some health problems and couldn’t even go to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Husband got called back to work late last year and as soon as our insurance started up, I was at the doctors. I made up my mind that this would be the year I got control of my health and weight. I started doing your first two Prime Time workouts and they have changed my life!! I turn 54 next month, I have lost weight and I am getting fit again and I feel great! Your videos gave me a starting point. Thank you so much. And I cannot wait to see the next workouts!

    • Oh Kim, this makes me so happy, thanks for letting me know. Xc

  3. I’m with Kim (gained/lost a bunch of weight after spouse’s layoff). Was a mere teen dance student when the first of your videos came out. We were the Flashdance/Cats babes – thought we were soooooo cool in those torn t-shirts and tattered legwarmers. (brings a tear, doesn’t it?). I met you in Dallas on your last book tour with my daughter (holding her dance costume) at Grapevine Mills. She’s now in high school, entering theatre/drama, singing, loving the arts (eek, wants an agent). We’re in Denver now. Since moving here, I’ve gotten hooked on the great outdoors of Colorado and have dropped the 30+ lbs I packed on when the kids were little. Took up cycling in 2009 after losing my mom, have ridden nearly 3,000 miles on my bike since, and just ran my first triathlon this year (age 45). I see moms who’ve fallen prey to the kids’ schedule overload and neglect themselves. I’ve been there, done it, had gallbladder failure that almost took my life. Looking for a pathway/nonprofit to get Bootcamp to the bleachers and get the parents stuck on the sidelines “in motion”. We sit idle while the kids are huffing/puffing in their sports. It’s just WRONG. Jane, if Richard won’t hike with you, I will. I can even sneak you into power yoga! Come for coffee, I’ll take care of the rest. I’d take you skiing, but if anything happened, I’d forever be known as “the one who killed Jane Fonda”… No thank you – lol. Book tour in Denver? Do come!

  4. Hi Jane, First I want to let you know that I have all 4 of your DVD’s. I love them! I’m hoping I will get back in shape after many ups and downs in my life. But at 64 years old I’m trying hard to look forward with hope. You have done that for me! I have watched all your movies, have your books, and use to have all your video exercise tapes and did them every day until the tapes would no longer run! I have been a fan of yours forever…
    My story… At 40, I was in a car accident and broke my neck at the C1 – C2. I know its a miracle I’m alive and even walking and I’m very thankful believe me. I was a single Mom and raising my son at the time. Since then I was diagnosed with back problems and have a bulging disc in my L4 and L5, shoulder, knee and foot problems. I was also told I have Celiac disease. I have changed my diet, but find most of the foods, like bread, because of the flours that have to be used are very high carb. I tend to just stay with fresh fruit and vegetables and some meat. I’m still struggling but feel I will get stronger with your tapes and advice to all of us. Thank you Jane for coming back to all of us who did your earlier exercise tapes and making DVD’s to help us get to the next stage. You are a strong presence for health!

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