This Saturday will mark Trumps 100th day in office.  In cities all across America, and in fact all over the world we will gather, we will speak, and we will rally at The Peoples Climate March.  We will mark this 100th day by showing that we continue to resist an agenda that disrespects and attacks our planet and our people

The Peoples Climate March will mark the 100th day of the Resistance.  I will be joining a march in Wilmington California which is close to the Los Angeles Harbor. Wilmington was chosen because it’s the home of the Tesoro Oil Refinery.

I should note that the Tesoro Oil Refinery is the largest single source of greenhouse gases in California. Trains (and it looks like there will soon be pipe lines because of Trump) will bring crude oil from North Dakota, the very oil that Water Protectors at Standing Rock have been trying to keep in the ground, to this refinery. And, the especially dangerous and damaging tar sands oil is intended to come from Alberta, Canada to the refinery as well via the Key Stone XL pipeline that we managed to stop under President Obama, but which Trump has now ordered be put in the works.

The expansion of the Tesoro refinery and the movement of these dangerous oils runs counter to California’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases.

Here is event information for the Southern California march:

WHO:  Those who wish to Resist, and Protect
WHAT:  Peoples Climate March, Southern California
WHEN: 11AM – 4PM
WHERE:  Banning Park & Recreation Center:  1331 Eubank Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90744

At 11AM we will gather first at Banning Park where I and others will be speaking then we will march at 12:30 to the Tesoro refinery.

It should also be mentioned, that 90% of the people who live in and around the refinery are people of color, and of modest means.  Many are being made sick by the fumes from the refinery.  The proposed expansion of the refinery will create the largest refinery on the West Coast, in an area that already suffers the worst air quality in the Untied States.

Please join us in Southern California, and if you live elsewhere, find a sister march at this link:

The only good things that have happened since the November election have happened because large numbers of people have become resistors, I have stood up and manifested their anger and determination to save our environment and protect our democracy.

Complete Peoples Climate March website and Information: