In the photo above I am with Pierre Richard from our film, “…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble” (And If We All Lived Together). I spent yesterday in Paris doing interviews on behalf of the film which was made last year. What was so exciting was that the journalists all felt the film was really good. Many had seen it at festivals. Several, including the iconic actor who played my husband, Pierre Richard, had seen the film at a small festival with a packed house of ‘average citizens’ (not all critics or journalists) who loved it—much laughing and tears as well. Pierre said, “I wish you’d been there. I hadn’t expected the amount of laughter there would be.” And although the film deals with aging and the decision of a group of friends to pool their resources and live together), he said the younger people (a number of 19-20 year olds) had gathered around him to tell him how much they loved the movie, that it raised issues that aren’t talked about very much and they thought it was important and that there was the perfect balance between tender reality and humor. So I was floating on cloud nine all day.

I brought along several wardrobe changes so I wouldn’t be in all the photos and TV shows wearing the same thing but there was no time to change. There was no time for lunch, either. By the end, I was brain dead trying to answer the questions in French.

Having just finished a short interview with Michele Drucker for his program next week that will focus on Guy Bedos who was in our film, we made a pact that I will come back to do his big show next October when my book, “Prime Time”, will come out in France. I did his show 5 years ago for my memoirs and had such a blast. It is viewed throughout Europe and is one of the viewed and popular shows. Tulea was with me and Vadim’s sister and son come on as a surprise.

At the press conference next to Pierre Richard and our director, Stephane Roblen

My view of the press conference

Having dinner with Eve Ensler, at Brasserie Bofinger where the waiter gave us both a rose.

After dinner, we walked to the home where Aimee Mullins is staying and had a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation. As I was sure would happen, Aimee and Eve had a deep connection. I didn’t take pictures. It didn’t feel right.

The stained glass ceiling of the Brasserie Bofinger near Paris's Le Marais

And now, off to the airport to return to Richard. Tulea is already at my ranch where we will be, along with my children, grandchildren and friends, 17 in all, for Thanksgiving. She went with Tommy and Carol who drove.

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