Things are falling into place. I’m feeling like a horse, chomping at the bit, waiting for the play to begin–which it is about to: Our 2nd full out tech run-through start to finish.

There is something else that is making my heart race: Stephen Hawking, the great mathematician and physicist, is seeing the show on Tuesday. Hawking has had ALS for many years–living far longer than anyone else with Lou Gehrig’s disease. During that time he has developed original theories of the universe, written many books, lectured and continued his research.

I want to ask Mr. Hawkins if he feels that his disease has helped him see farther and deeper than he might have otherwise–which was the case with Beethoven and his deafness.

I want to thank all my friends and fellow bloggers who sent me ideas for sleep encouragement. Fascinating how many different ideas people have. I will try most of them.

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