Things are falling into place. I’m feeling like a horse, chomping at the bit, waiting for the play to begin–which it is about to: Our 2nd full out tech run-through start to finish.

There is something else that is making my heart race: Stephen Hawking, the great mathematician and physicist, is seeing the show on Tuesday. Hawking has had ALS for many years–living far longer than anyone else with Lou Gehrig’s disease. During that time he has developed original theories of the universe, written many books, lectured and continued his research.

I want to ask Mr. Hawkins if he feels that his disease has helped him see farther and deeper than he might have otherwise–which was the case with Beethoven and his deafness.

I want to thank all my friends and fellow bloggers who sent me ideas for sleep encouragement. Fascinating how many different ideas people have. I will try most of them.

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  1. hello Jane,
    I’m a big fan of Stephen Hawking, been thinking about him alot of late. I Was just writing about him and thinking about theoretical physicist ,just a few week ago. Wonderful that he has taken a interest in 33″ play. I was thinking about him today, was thinking of a graduate course the professor had a stoke , and was in wheelchair and could not talk , but had each student teach part of the course, this was a education technology course and a very interesting learning experience.
    With Love and care,

  2. Dear Jane,

    I follow you on twitter and really enjoy your performances and am thankful for your dedication to our country and the world.

    On the issue of safe and healthy deep and quality sleep I strongly recommend Melatonin, and also Valerian root. I have found the Walmart spring Valley brand to be very reliable but vitamin world and Walgreens have been reported effective by friends. You can take melatonin all on it’s own but I find Valerian root adds to the effect. Also melatonin is immensely helpful in reducing ones risk of cancer. Unlike prescription sleep aids you get a truly deep and refreshing sleep which improves over the first couple weeks.

    Dosage taken about an hour or 2 before bed

    MELATONIN 6 to 9 tablets of 3mg
    VALERIAN ROOT 1 to 3
    Note that valerian root is optional and you can take it some nights and otherwise not. It does have a funny odor which can smell a bit as a natural part of the plant.

    I would be surprised if you don’t get great results very quickly but it can take a week or so with some.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Dear Jane,

    Wanted to add a few points regarding my sleep recommendations. Cut off caffeine as early in the day as you can.

    I have a really amazing and powerful way to meditate which is very effective at 5 to 30 min time constraints at refreshing your mind. I mean going from where you can’t think in any useful way to being super charged. Basically using aural tone patterns but the trick is how you use the experience. I’ll explain it sometime but I have to crash for an early morning… also wanted to say I have extensively researched melatonin and it is extremely safe. You could take a bottle all at once and have just a good night sleep and it is very good for you. Whereas the prescriptions actually create a low grade coma. Very dangerous. The big pharmacy rackets put all kinds of false info out on the web etc. I used myself as a Guinea pig and couldn’t be more pleased. Wish you the best.


  4. Sleep remedy (which someone may have already told you)… In your mind, count backwards from 100 by two’s, in other words 100, 98, 96,94, etc. When you get to zero, start at one hundred again and count backwards in threes, 100, 97, 94, etc. It makes you FOCUS on the math equations…doesn’t give your mind a chance to wander to certain anxieties.

    I also wanted to say this…I’m a proud liberal man, but the son of a die-hard Republican. I continued for years to argue that your attempts, years ago, were to somehow bridge a gap between nations. Whatever the end-product was couldn’t be controlled by a young and wide-eyed woman, I believe your intent was clean. Over the years, even my father has come to agree with me.

    I admire you greatly, and you live in a world that continues to only grow to love you more.

    Thank you for being more “present” today than I believe you’ve ever been.

    Much love.

  5. Try honey,vinegar,water. My grandmother did this her whole life it works

  6. All that genius and a very interesting love life as week. Mr H is a very, very interesting man.

  7. I happened upon your blog while browsing your twitter page. Good luck with the show. I’m sure it will do great!

    I’m a big fan of your work. My mom had a VHS tape with one of your workout videos on it. My older sisters and I would do the workout with you (we were young, about 7, 10, and 14) and we tried our best to keep up. Then we’d watch The Wizard of Oz, because it was recorded on the same VHS tape 🙂

    Enjoy life as it is, what it was, what it can be, and what it will be.

  8. OMIGOSH — I will also be there on Tuesday. Amazing that Stephen Hawking will also be in the audience. I can’t wait! I am sooo looking forward to seeing you acting on a stage for my first time. Seen you speak several times and I am always inspired by you but this will be a new experience for me. “See you” on Tuesday!

  9. Dear Jane,
    Just got back from a week in Wales and had no internet access.
    Well, sleep problems are something I know about being a flight attendant. When I’m in Japan or California where the time difference to Europe is +/- nine hours and I HAVE to sleep before I get on the 11 hour flight, I just listen to music using headphones. I normally don’t like it but it’s the only thing that stops the chatter in my head when it’s the afternoon in reality and I’m pretending it’s night in my darkened room and I need to rest because if I don’t I’ll literally collapse on the return flight. Meditation is good ONLY if you’re not stressed about trying to get to sleep.

    I sooo wish I could come and see you in LA, but it looks like I can’t work a flight there in February. Shame. Anyway, break a leg. You will be spectacular like you were in New York two years ago.#
    Best wishes from Germany

  10. Jane, I know a lot of people have suggested many things for sleep, but here’s an interesting one: Take Cold showers. Not completely, but at the end of your regular hot/warm shower, gradually turn the water cold, for as long as you can take it. Use your intuition on this one. It does many good things, but one of the pleasant side effects is that it “organizes our nervous system”, sorta speak. In addition to helping you sleep, its good for your acting, it burns the nervous energy, helping you be in the moment. I hope it helps, =).


  11. I’ve loved you forever – what you stood for, what you stand for and, how you — walk the walk. While on holiday in Spain a few summers ago I read your autobio and couldn’t put it down. My friends were wondering how I could just read, for 2 days straight, while in Spain (how could I not, what a fantastic story you weaved). And now I have the honor of front row/center seats for Tuesday night’s performance. An evening I will treasure for a lifetime, no doubt. God Bless ya Janie for simply being you. Warmly, Brian

  12. If, all other things being equal, Albert Einstein had suffered from ALS and someone had asked him whether he felt the disease helped him see farther and deeper, would he have answered that he’d never have been able to develop his Theory of Relativity otherwise?

    Fascinating hypothetical.

  13. I’m 58. When I was 11 years old or so I was a big fan and sent for an autographed photo. Since then I’ve seen you in person 3 times, including in “33” in NYC, and met you in person in Chico in the late 70’s when you were doing a benefit for CED. I’ve admired you all my life as you’ve been a role model.

    Sleep: put a little bag of lavendar sachet on your pillow near your nose and it will help you drift off. Sweet dreams dear Jane.

  14. Hi Jane,
    I think your real question is how to up your energy without coffee… I think your resting when you can is great.. lets face it you are pushing a body to its limits. with late night work..its against our natural rhythms.. you are going to be tired… one way you can increase your energy
    … sit quietly.. surround yourself in divine white light( white contains all the colors) but you can call in particular colors that come to you..pull the light thru your spine … call in your highest energy for acting this day, this act, etc.. be specific … breath in what is there available for you… blessed be

  15. Valium.

  16. wow… if you and Stephen Hawking have that conversation please put a little camera in the room

  17. See who you are attracting? This says much about you and I have, for many years had the good taste to adore you. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt wrote to Gypsy Rose Lee: Long may your bare ass keep shining.

  18. so an object can travel how fast through space before it freezes like a comet

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