Weeeellll… We have been at it all day and are a little tired and the crew is new and have never done all the tech changes up to speed so there’ve been some glitches…like a light wasn’t where it needed to be, or a chair. And 4 times already I had to ask for I went up. Never done THAT before Yikes!

I slept during dinner break and drank a green Kombucha cause one of the actors told me it’s a non-caffeine energizer. That remains to be seen. I will keep trying cause if I drink coffee at night I need to take a sleeping pill and I don’t want to get into that. Any thoughts out there?

We have 3 more days before there is an audience. It will be fine. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

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  1. hello Jane,

    Doing tech rehearsals, cool , are you not a TEA drinker? I do enjoy coffee , but at time Tea became a interesting change. As you know, The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea and Chinese Green Tea has been scientifically proven to fight cancer cells and lower bad cholesterol. Now there is “red tea mushroom” For the Japanese kelp tea of same name, the characters for hongcha or kōcha (literally, “red tea”) referring to what is known in the West as black tea. I can get a kick from a Kelp tea, a real pick up.
    with love and care,

  2. Sorry to be off of topic but did you see this great review for Lizzie Olsen, who was in Peace, Love and Misunderstanding with you? I thought you might be interested.

  3. Jane,

    I’m coming to see the play. Really looking forward to it. And thank you for the info on Dr John Moreland. I passed it along to my stepmother in Sarasota.

    Good luck with the show. I’d say, “break a leg”, but I don’t think that’s appropriate in this case, do you?


  4. we had our preview today. im in Comedy of errors. My first big show, I had NO idea all that goes into tech week, WOW! We had our first(small) audience tonight, I got notes to be louder, VERY unusual for me! Its been a LOOOONG week for us too, there were LOTs of notes tonight, but im excited for our opening, and to you, BREAK A LEG!
    -a big fan

  5. Jane,

    I believe green Kombucha has a small amount of caffeine in it. This does not matter to young people but older people like me (age 61) who are sensitive to caffeine can’t drink it without having trouble sleeping… hope you slept OK!

    I find the best thing to take for sleeplessness is magnesium. (Most of us are low in it because it’s no longer in good supply in the soil where vegetables are grown.) I take a pill (100 or 200 mg) with every meal but if I can’t sleep I take another one. It really works and no side effects!

    Sounds like the play is going to be wonderful.

    Lucy (we met once through Gloria; I’m the biographer of Jane Addams)

  6. I forget my lines all day long and I don’t even have a script! I simply forget what I was going to say! 🙂
    You are going to be fantastic! I can’t wait to read the reviews! By the way, after performing for so many years, does it still make you nervous to read the reviews?

  7. My only suggestion for memory retention would be a supplement called “Prevegen”. Excellent for clarity, sharpness, focus and RECALL. It is derived from the Jellyfish..and is truly NOT bogus. It contains no added junk and no caffeine. Another suggestion would be to not drink alcohol at all. It interrupts sleep and memory as we age.
    (Btw.. Your energy and zest for living and openness to EVERYTHING is so inspiring to us women out there…Thank you for sharing your thoughts and daily life with us!-You are a wonderful role model!)

  8. Dear jane ~ I feel – “golden pond.” Its la. Home. Maybe you have a bit of “stage fright.” Don’t worry abt “them.” YOU’LL do fine. Stop thinking. Step out of “yourself.” Put on your wig. Breath into the “part.” You are she. What is she looking for? You have a voice. Its in “your” voice “she”/you want to be heard. Relax. Breath into the fear. Its not all those years ago. La loves the person you are now. Give them that right back and be proud. Now break a leg! You’ll be swell. Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned your stripes. “Go up” – “make it up!” Kick it up – mix it up – confuse the audience – and make them follow “her” – give them all some of that sassy, smoldering sage spirit. They paid for the ride with their trust. Play it for that little kid who is now so approved of with love. Inmho. Xox m&lb

  9. Hello Jane. My English is not good. I recommend a tea made by Naranjo Mburucuya Mistletoe Lemon balm (Naranjo, Mburubuya, Muerdago and Torongil). Kisses from Uruguay.

    Properties: Tranquilizer. Mild hypnotic. Antispasmodic.
    Composition: Essential Oil. Flavonoids (hesperidin). Bitter principles (limonene).
    Preparation: infusion, one teaspoon per cup of boiling water.

    Properties: Sedative, hypnotic and antispasmodic.
    Preparation: infusion, one teaspoon per cup of boiling water
    Caution: Do not overdo the dose.

    Properties: Hipotensor.Tranquilizante.
    Preparation: Both infusion and decoction, which is boiled a tablespoon per quart of water for 3 to 5 minutes.
    Precautions: Not to be used during pregnancy. Should not be used or associated with St. John’s wort to antidepressant medications MAO inhibitors.

    Properties: Calming the nervous system, digestive, antispasmodic.
    For heart palpitations and oppression, activates blood circulation.
    Preparation: infusion, one teaspoon per cup of boiling water

    BREAD A LEG, JANE! One day I hope to see you in a show on stage…….kay t

  11. I use B complex vitamins for energy as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D3(4000 units) and spirulina. I can’t handle caffeine either as I am too buzzed to sleep.These supplements keep me energized along with protein at every meal. Good luck!

  12. I don’t know if this will help but when I have trouble sleeping I keep a journal next to the bed and before going to sleep I write down everything I’m thinking whether it is random, serious, funny, or stupid. It seems to work for me so maybe it will for you too. Good luck.

  13. Dear dear Jane, Your mental “blankies” will go away when you begin replenishing the glutathione in your cells. Have you not heard of this? To keep of my physical energy and mental focus, I take a product called MAX GXL from MAX INTERNATIONAL. If you have no other resource – which I find hard to believe – I welcome you to my site: You will have to bear hearing a sales pitch, but the products are there for you to order.

    MAX has changed my life. I was mentally lost in a fog and physically inert when I began taking MAX last July. Now, instead of feeling 70, I feel like 45!

    Break a leg, darling!

    Linda Lee

  14. Hi Jane:

    Try using pure essential oil of Lavender to help you sleep. Young Living Oils supplies 100% pure oils that you can trust completely as they take great care in the growing and manufacturing process. I have used Lavender on my grandchildren for sleep issues, skin (breakouts, rashes, burns etc). If you do a little research (I can send you the info if you would like) essential oils are quite amazing. I have been using frankinsence in my morning shin care ritual (helps boost collagen) and a pleasant side effect is that all of a sudden my heartburn disappeared (I was suffering from it for months).
    Never, ever use sleeping pills as they only mess you up and can very quickly become dependant on them.
    Also talk to yourself before you fall asleep (yourself listens)- say: “I am falling asleep easily and quickly and I will wake up in the morning rested and refreshed.” Works for me every time – sometime on 3 hours sleep.
    Warm regards, Irene

  15. Jane, I do know about a wonderful nutraceutical productline that helps you with the following: promoting vital energy down to the cellular level – without stimulants, mental clarity and focus, management of stress, and joint comfort and flexibility. All things it sounds like you need NOW. I have been working with this company, Univera, for 5 years and I look, feel and perform like someone much younger!…as do all of the people that experience our products. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, and I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time now when I read that you accept that your body has to hurt and other health challenges that occur as we age.
    The website above is a place you can explore and it has my contact information. I would be happy to have a conversation with you about all this as it is something I am very passionate about – just as you are about staying fit through exercise and healthy eating. Also, I met you a couple times, once in Prague in 1990 when you were visiting Vaclav Havel, and again in Portland, Oregon when you were touring your book. We also share the same birthday.

  16. Jane!
    Please be careful drinking that Kombucha. I looked it up and there can be serious side affects. Cardiac arrest for one. Plus, if it’s a help for insomnia it might not be what you are looking for…
    I know, everything is moderation. Just looking out for my heroine.

  17. Dear Jane,
    Try counting backwards in threes when you go to sleep… 100, 97,94 etc. It keeps your mind from thinking about all the other stuff going on in your life. Hope this helps and thank you for sharing your experiences. I really enjoy it. I have a blog on my site about pet therapy you may enjoy. ” Lira The Amazing Pet Therapy Dog” Warm Regards !

  18. Wow, 3 days. Fantastic wish I was in the audience. Just saw one of Samantha’s flicks on DVD, The New Daughter (I think?) with Kevin Costner, she was the best thing in it.

  19. Jane,
    I have been reading your blog since you began. And ta da! I have just purchased tickets to see 33 Variations in LA! I am so excited, since I feel I have had a backseat to your process since the NYC days of the play and to see it here….well, it’s exciting! Thank you for blogging about it all; the experience will be that much richer for it!
    My husband, daughter and I will be there February 12th. Break a leg!

  20. Apples are better for waking you up than coffee. Hope you have good chompers!

  21. Exercises heard to do to energize when tired are the child’s pose, then on hands and knees to arch the back and round the back a few times (cat and dog stretch), then on your back bend your knees lowering the right to the side to the floor then raising it, spread your legs with knees bent and feet off the floor to feel the burn then lower the left knee to the side to the floor and raise and repeat several times. What about the plow? According to your 1980’s exercise album it is good to do when you are tired.

  22. Dear Jane,

    I worked on Broadway as a crew member, it’s a much safer place for me at least, but I always told the actors to relax and put in back of your mind something pleasant or a place you like be (for me a nice tropical beach) that will let your body relax so that you are not that tense. It works for me all the time! I use it when I’m in a very tense situation and I’m able to keep my cool, if I can do it so can you.

    As far as sleeping well sorry can’t help there…I always have that problem since I was a kid. Can’t seem to shut the mind off. So if you have a solution for that, it really appreciated.

    Good Luck. I know that you can do it!!!! I know the creek will not rise, you are very talented actress so no worry.

  23. Yes. Rest and hydration. Water not wine. Maybe I’m not supposed to mention brand names here, but I swear by room-temperature Evian water (please have it in your dressing room), for me a cure-all for everything. Get rest. Cut DOWN (you probably can’t cut it out altogether) on coffee. And, of course, break a leg. We love you. You’ve got a lot of “lovers” out there 🙂

  24. Jane, my suggestion would be decaf Green Tea and Tylenol PM has just been recommended for my sister with a rotator cuff injury who has difficulty sleeping! Also, my son makes Kombucha at home. It’s supposed to have healing qualities. He flavors it with various teas. Good luck!

  25. Benadryl 25mg

  26. Break a leg Jane!

  27. Hi Jane,
    A good alternative for caffeine to give you energy is a vitamin B shot. It gives you a jolt of energy that can last up to a week. Caffeine is never really a good jolt of energy because it is short lived and then you are left with a crash. It wreaks havoc with your blood levels and is not all that good for you in the long run. I suggest you check out Suzanne Somers new book called “Sexy Forever”. It is a good guide to keeping yourself healthy after 40. I am 44 years old and went into an early menopause. I read one of her books called “Breakthrough” and now I see a preventative medicine doctor who put me on bio-identical hormones and now I sleep great and my energy levels are high. I know how busy you are and how hard you work, so it is difficult to have the stamina. You might want to give it a try and get your levels checked, I think it will make a world of difference for you. Best of luck!

  28. I like Kambucha but it would seem there is caffeine in it as its basically fermented tea…
    when i need a pick me up without side effects i drink an oxygenated water called 02cool gives you a noticeable lift for like a 1/2 hour… its available at most whole foods markets.

  29. Melatonin for sleeping and not sure about staying up in evening I am sorry but I have to have coffee…..or maybe a shower and tea?

  30. The most natural is to take a hot bath before bedtime to relax. Yoga is very good too. There are postures that relax.
    To have the dynamism in the morning, fruit (kiwi, orange, grapefruit) rich in vitamin C and cereals.
    the natural is better.Everything will be OK !

  31. Love your blog!

    My suggestion: “Don’t Medicate, Meditate.”

    And, after reading some of the angry, negative posts in reaction to the L.A.Times article, I created this mantra specifically for them:

    “Breathing in, I visualize compassion as a huge white canvas or a cloudless blue sky;
    Breathing out, I visualize my anger and unhappiness as a tiny speck of dust floating freely in the universe.”

    • Jane,

      My husband and I have been taking Tylenol PM nightly for help getting to sleep and staying asleep. It was recommended by my doctor. I am 56 and the doctor said it’s not harmful. It works great for us! We used to use Melatonin but it quit working so well.

      We’re coming to the show Thursday night and can’t wait! It’s my husband’s 60th.

  32. I am 55, take no medications, but on occasion when I get in a jag of not being able to get to sleep (probably hormones…can’t seem to make it to the menopause stage 😉 I take 1/2 of a 5 mm Valium… I know that is weird for a person who probably only takes 10 Advil in a year to mention Valium, but sometimes it is just needed…it does the trick….1/2 of a 5 mm. so we are talking about just a bit to relax you and I swear you will fall to sleep. I have the Valium for flying in small aircraft, I HATE small planes!

    I have tried Advil PM and Tylenol PM just a couple of times…hated them I feel very hazy when I wake up. With 2 1/2 mm of Valium I feel great when I wake up….the key is cut it half! I have never taken prescription sleeping pills and wouldn’t try them. Of course if you need something everyday to get to sleep, this is not for you…but if you just have a couple day jag it will help.

    Many times it is anxiety that is keeping us awake.

    • Funny — I blogged “valium”, but it never appeared. I do exactly what you are suggesting — no hangover & very mild. Been doing it for 30 years & I’m still here.

  33. For all who have recommended Tylenol, please go to healthmasters. com and read about tylenol studies!!! DON’T TAKE IT!!!! It’s a killer.

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