Prime Time Health

Most of you who have been following my blog know that besides blogging pretty regularly, I’m also on Facebook, and twitter.  Well now I am also part of  YouTube.  Together with Lionsgate I produced a series of digital health and fitness tips for the new BeFit channel on YouTube called “Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME Health”.   BeFit is a dedicated fitness channel that will feature new fitness information everyday.  I’ve been partners in fitness with Lionsgate since I launched my new workout brand, PRIME TIME, 2 years ago and they’re a terrific partner.  They came to me with a great idea and an opportunity for me to expand into the digital universe and create content.  They asked me to share what I’ve learned over 30-some years about exercise, lifestyle options, nutrition, recipes, etc. We took this knowledge and had fun creating short segments ranging from ten minute core strength exercises to making a healthy breakfast.  I even did one on the value smiling and another on the benefits of owning a pet which I did  together with Tulea, my dog, she’s a natural star!

On set with Tulea

So far there are (4) that you can watch by going to “Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME Health” at this link: You can watch for free, by the way and a new one can be seen every Tuesday between now and September. I hope you will watch the videos, subscribe to the channel and comment. Let me know what you think and if you find the tips useful. I always learn from the comments I receive and I read them all! It’s your comments and questions that help me know what you want to see and learn about. I’m really happy to be able to share this valuable information with you and cant wait to hear from you.

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