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Most of you who have been following my blog know that besides blogging pretty regularly, I’m also on Facebook, and twitter.  Well now I am also part of  YouTube.  Together with Lionsgate I produced a series of digital health and fitness tips for the new BeFit channel on YouTube called “Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME Health”.   BeFit is a dedicated fitness channel that will feature new fitness information everyday.  I’ve been partners in fitness with Lionsgate since I launched my new workout brand, PRIME TIME, 2 years ago and they’re a terrific partner.  They came to me with a great idea and an opportunity for me to expand into the digital universe and create content.  They asked me to share what I’ve learned over 30-some years about exercise, lifestyle options, nutrition, recipes, etc. We took this knowledge and had fun creating short segments ranging from ten minute core strength exercises to making a healthy breakfast.  I even did one on the value smiling and another on the benefits of owning a pet which I did  together with Tulea, my dog, she’s a natural star!

On set with Tulea

So far there are (4) that you can watch by going to “Jane Fonda’s PRIME TIME Health” at this link: You can watch for free, by the way and a new one can be seen every Tuesday between now and September. I hope you will watch the videos, subscribe to the channel and comment. Let me know what you think and if you find the tips useful. I always learn from the comments I receive and I read them all! It’s your comments and questions that help me know what you want to see and learn about. I’m really happy to be able to share this valuable information with you and cant wait to hear from you.

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  1. i ruin myself starting with K rations in know, twinkies and Dr. pepper cola type of breakfast…now i have paid the price…type 11 diabetes..i am on medication (pills) to control it..but no starchy foods..steel cut oats was one of my i have to eat eggs scrambled with bell peppers and a few sprinkles of bacos bits for flavor.. I go to the gym and walk at least four times a week to help control diabetes…i have tried a lot of your recipes and found out small portions wont trigger diabetes too much..i would appreciate if you post a diabetic segment for old food sugar sinners like me..(millions of us)

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  3. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the tips. I just watched the one you did for the butt and I want you to know that that one can make a change for my mother. She had brain surgery 15 years ago and partly because of that she gained a lot of weight. Recently, she lost 30 pounds and was able to stay with us a couple of days. The only problem is that she has difficulties getting up from the bed, which is too low for her. Tomorrow I will visit her and will practise with her the butt exercise. I will let you know the results, bye for now,


  4. These videos are great! I am looking forward to Tuesdays when a new lesson will be shown! Eating healthy is a must for me, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Maybe I will learn a little something from you!
    I watched “The Newsroom” last night. I’m already hooked! I love how they use the news from the past in the show. It really allows the audience to connect to what is happening. I can’t wait to see your appearance. I can’t remember what episode you are on, but I’ll be watching for it.

  5. Love the videos – thanks! You are such an inspiration and role model. If all the videos are not yet filmed, I’d love to see a daily stomach/core workout and also a stretching workout.

  6. I am having difficulty in watching the Jane Fonda’s latest videos since they all say on the screen “unavailable”. Why?

  7. Awesome! I will definitely watch! 🙂

  8. “If it’s lost, we can get it back!!” I appreciate those words. (Sometimes it is difficult for me to smile—my brain being so hardwired with stress—but being reminded that I can keep practicing is helpful.)

  9. Jane,
    Watched your “Butt Lift” YouTube. The exercises you demonstrated were excellent (glad you demonstrated with a chair). One of the biggest problems in the older age group is poor balance and associated falls. Falling accounts for a huge percentage of morbidity and mortality in older individuals. Strong gluts are essential to maintaining balance. I hope docs and physical therapists use your videos to motivate patients to strengthen these muscles.


  10. Oh, loved the one with Tulea. I lost my beloved dog in February. She was a wire-haired mini-dachshund. Not a common breed in the States, though not as rare as a Coton.

    Pet ownership confers so many healthful benefits and the data are showing individuals who grow up around animals have fewer allergies and problems like asthma.

  11. Dear Jane
    I love the fact that these clips are covering all aspects of good health, not only exercises to help get in a size smaller jeans which many instructors concentrate on but also nutrition, daily habits and positive attitude!
    I like the way that the mini workouts include an information section, telling us why the exercises will be beneficial, for example the muscles worked during the “butt lift” segment are used amongst other activities for walking upstairs. They will be great for when I come in after a walk and I am warmed up!
    Your clips on staying active and smiling are inspirational. The information is given clearly and concisely. And you look so good the advice clearly works!
    I hope that after September you are able to make more of these tips as they are so full of good ideas.
    I have been following your advice for many years and am enjoying a healthier life as a result. Good health is priceless. Thank you, Jane.

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  14. I highly recommend “Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare” by Matt Heineman and Susan Froemke. These filmmakers also made “The Alzheimer Project” on HBO.

    As a physician, I am appalled by our health care system. A system that does not support preventive care, healthy nutrition, counseling on end of life issues, home care or wellness teaching. The culture of the car conspires against us. I have noticed in countries with advanced mass transportation, the people are thinner. They walk more. Fresh produce is abundant and accessible.

    BTW, are you still involved with collecting African-American quilts? (entirely off topic).

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  16. I started doing your yoga video in Feb. of this year. I am a 67 year old female. I do it 3 times a week and walk 2.5 miles five days a week. Is this enough to keep me in good shape or do I need to add something else? I am not over weight (5’6″ and 135 pounds) but I do have some extra fat around the middle. I know that some of this is part of growing older or do I need to lose some weight and hope that some of this belly fat goes away? I love you yoga video and am so glad that I bought it. I encourage everyone to get this video.

    • sounds like you’re doing all the right things, Sherry. if you’re concerned about extra fat around the middle then perhaps reduce your caloric intake along with the walking and maybe increase your walking time or the intensity of your walking—thus burning more calories and consuming less calories. xx

  17. I just watched your “5 Minute Abs” at YouTube. Excellent. Then I checked all the other ones and wonder if they will be available on DVD sometime in the near future? I use your “Prime Time” DVD’s and enjoy them very much.

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