I did it myself. It took 2 days. I put the TV music station on a listened to cool jazz. My college music.

Here’s the tree with lights off.

…and lights in

Some of my longtime favorites: This one has a miniature crèche inside.

Tulea’s decoration

A gorgeous, hand blown Frabel ball that refracts the light gloriously

A salted martini for Grace

Ever since I watched “My Octopus Teacher” I’ve fallen in love with octopii so I found this octopus ball. The yellow one behind it with mirrored circles I made in 1965 while filming “Barefoot in the Park.”

I made The panda With my grandkids when they were little.

These lovely wooden figures came from Germany and I’ve had them for 70 years!

Someone gifted me this: It’s me as a workout angel!

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  1. Jane, forgive me for being more upset than ever, you publish the comments of mine that you decide, you know that I do not have any problem, I understand that there are many, I am unemployed and operated on one foot because I had a tumor in the tendon. And for the same reason I cannot walk much, it has been a great lesson for me, health and being able to fend for yourself is the greatest treasure you have, the rest comes and goes.

  2. Iam 76 yrs old, new member, started yesterday 12/24/20. Jane has been an example on how to take care of yourself at the same time be an activist to make social changes. I am impressed with members’ different background. What a beautiful tapestry of culture from all over the world. Congratulation Jane. For me, what make your tree so beautiful and significant is the representation of your life history you are sharing.

  3. I like you tree. For the past few nights I have been watching YouTube clipa of you and Lily on YouTube. I think I watch almost all of them. You both are great together. I remember the first time I seen the both of you as a kid. I am 53 now. But I seen you at the show in On Golden Pond I loved that movie. Anyway I just wanted to say I feel the love you and Lily hav3foe each other and it’s neat.

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! I see two golden statues peaking out from behind the tree. You will need to make room on the shelves for your newest, well deserved, honor coming this weekend! Congratulations!! 💗

    • Yeah. Been wondering about that. Hardly any space.

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