The Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama

I went to the Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama today. Each hanging block represents a county in a southern state and has the names of the victims and the date of their deaths. Some blocks had hundreds of names.

This is an especially powerful statement.

My father, Henry Fonda, watched this lynching in Omaha from his father’s office window which overlooked the square where it happened. It left a deep and lasting impression on the 12-year-old boy. He later went on to make anti-racist film like “Young Mr Lincoln,” “Twelve Angry Men,” and an anti-lynching movie, “The Ox-Bow Incident.”

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  1. I can’t imagine how this may have personally affected your father to witness such an event. The images and statements you provided are so powerful. I think what you do to advocate for change is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us through this site and your advocacy work. It is truly life-changing and eye-opening…

  2. I really enjoyed listening to Bryan Stevenson on Firing Line (last night or the night before). So very impressive.

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