It’s been a long year and it’s gone by in a flash…If you feel what I mean. Endless yet fleeting. Is it just me? I don’t think so.

I am at home with my 2 grandchildren, one 18 and studying to be an architect. One 15 and still exploring. Both extraordinary people: Smart, curious, kind. Totally different in personality. I got my pal Jonathan Hanousek to cut my grandson’s hair. Almost fainted when I saw how handsome he is now that I can see his face. He wanted to, I didn’t force. We will spend a quiet, meditative evening. I like rituals to mark the passing of things. I write what I want to rid my life of on a piece of paper, fold up the paper, put it in the fire and watch it go up in smoke…gone. Done.

Then I write down something I want to achieve in the new year, fold the paper and watch it go up in smoke…up into the ether, the realm of wishes. I will be with loved ones. It’s the best way to usher in the new. No parties. No pressure to have a scene. Ir rarely works out.

It warms my heart that so many of you have responded to my HBO documentary, “Jane Fonda In 5 Acts.” When women tell their truth it is universal and it is revolutionary. We’re not supposed to tell our truths.

I am trying to figure out why I rarely blog any more. When I started, 10 years ago at age 71, I blogged every day. But my life was simpler then. I was in a Broadway play which absorbed every nook and cranny of my psyche and I blogged about what it was like to go back to Broadway after 40+ years. My life feels more complicated now. Heck, the world is more complicated. I cannot bare to write about trivia when we are facing an existential crisis and I cannot find words to describe or clarify the crisis because everyone all around are trying to do that and most are doing pretty well. The best thing is not to read people’s blogs or instagrams or tweets but to read good books and magazines and articles that help us understand what’s at stake…or things that give us hope and inspire us to be our best selves. If I can do that just a little I will have done my part.

I feel a new book brewing. Each chapter will address something different that I want to write about. Not all serious.

Anyway, short though this is, I wanted to touch base with my online friends and wish you all a New Year that moves you forward and upward as a human being…against all odds…you can do it. 💕💕

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  1. Hi Jane
    Firstly send my thoughts and prayers to the family. On the passing of your brother Peter. May he rest in peace. What legacy he has left the world. All my love and Respect to you and the family. Susanx🙏❤️

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