This morning two big announcements have been made. First, as Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau meets with President Obama this week, they have made some huge announcements in regards to Arctic Protection and Indigenous rights.

An advance report says, “commercial activities will occur only when the highest safety and environmental standards are met, including national and global climate and environmental goals, and Indigenous rights and agreements”

IF they are serious about this, that means NO ARCTIC OIL. Because there can be no arctic oil if we are to meet the goal of the Paris Summit: a world that doesn’t warm more than 2 degrees celsius or 3-4 degrees farenheit. 

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  1. Good morning:
    Just tried to reply to your email regarding the Inuit, however, it was returned. Can one actually reply?
    Evie Marlin

  2. I saw this mews and was very happy about it. Now…for the follow through! 🙂

  3. Great initiative! I saw part of the meeting (press conference) on CNN and I´m really hopeful that Trudeau and Obama ARE serious about what they said, but I also appreciate the people there up north who fight for their/our environment.

  4. Howdy Jane: Yes, humans cause pollution incl CO2, influencing climate, but there are other major causes too, eg fires, volcanoes, ocean currents, sub-ocean vents, earth’s hot molten inner core, changes on the sun, collisions with space objects, agriculture, de-forestation. Earth’s history has climate changes incl before humans existed, eg tropical conditions & dinosaurs in Alberta, thick ice sheets during ice ages covering most of North America, etc.
    Yours Truly, Brian V.

  5. The corp buck especially if its oil will win

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