This weekend I attended two parties, Friday a birthday party for Arnold Stiefel, and Saturday a themed Christmas Party. The Christmas party theme was The Great Depression. I went as Tom Joad, my father’s iconic character from “Grapes of Wrath”and Richard as a corrupt banker. A fantastic big band played the music from that era which people danced to. Danny Elfman sang. He even did scat and he sung in Hebrew. He was remarkable……….

With Arnold Stiefel (the Birthday boy), and Richard.

Me and Arnold

Polly Anthony, Arnold, and Richard

Danny Elfman's rambunctious mother, Clare.

The speakeasy.

This enterprising woman actually found a copy of Variety magazine announcing the collapse of Wall Street in the '30s.

A few flappers.

Me as Tom Joad (well, okay, in eye makeup!), Danny Elfman, Simone and Troy as Bonnie and Clyde.

Simone makes a darn good Bonnie, don't you think?

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  1. Hello Jane,
    The The Great Depression for Christmas, so pertinent. A most seasonably way of interjection of further comment, on a subject of great interest. I wrote again about my meeting with Director Frank Capra, at his lecture back in the late 1970’s. At this lecture we had a film and one audio play, the film was “Meet John Doe”,and the radio version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Capra also directed the radio play with to orginal cast members. It is easy sometimes to forget that both stories are Charistmas stories. If you see life or a film
    but can not hear what the message is you can sometimes go out into the night and not really see or understand what life is about. The conflict
    between cynicism and the protagonist’s faith and idealism. The story of a man who fights
    against corruption and loss of faith and finds redemption. As Tom Joad, you father’s iconic character from “Grapes of Wrath” a man who in the end finds redemtion. A fine way to enjoy Christmas, Jane and a Marry Christmas to you and your loved one.
    with love and care

  2. Very Fine photos Jane. What a great party idea. I enjoyed learning years ago that your Dad and Jimmy Stewart were lifelong mates.

    PS: Have joined Twitter to support President Obama & Elizabeth Warren.

    Jane, I twit and follow you as ..
    John Hay @jollyswagman1

    My Best Wishes
    John Hay

  3. Jane,
    I’d like to be the first to wish YOU a very Happy Birthday on Wednesday. You and I have the same birthday, so I always think of you on that day. My birthday is 12/21/47. I have read all your books, and have seen all your movies. You are such an inspiration!
    Wishing you the best birthday ever!

  4. Is there a reason you called Danny Elfman’s mother rambunctious? That is not a very nice thing to say and I’m sure Danny and his mom won’t be happy to read it.

    • Lisa, I disagree…she is a youthful, playful, rambunctious woman and all who know her would agree. It’s not a bad word at all.

      • Unless you’re dead, rambunctious is always a good word!

      • Rambunctious is a compliment. My grandmother lived to the age of 92 and I would always use rambunctious and vibrant to describe and it certainly was meant with love and respect.

  5. hi Jane,
    I think with the make up off you would have looked even more like your father. Fantastic.
    All the best

  6. Hello Jane,
    reply to my own comment- Wanted to report that I changed a few things in my blog post, added a more logic set of reunion of words to the discussing the experience. I also wanted to state the film ” The Grapes of Wrath” by John Ford, should be view at Christmas just like Frank Capra’s “Meet John Doe”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Tom Joad — Protagonist of the story, fit well in the themes of the other films. Tom undergoes the most significant transformation and sets out on a course of public action.
    Just needed to get that out,
    thanks Jane

  7. Happy B Day, Jane,

    Grapes of Wrath is one of the best, most moral films ever made, IMO and still extremely relevant today.
    (I liked photos of the Coton from Nov., too.)

    Also wanted to say that I hope you write another book, because I enjoyed your autobiography so much.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY JANE! I had just viewed CAT Ballou; which is a great movie, and I remembered it was your birthday. You have a lot to be thankful for: NY born; me, Syracuse, NY a distant parent, and maturing young ladies. I discovered a really neat movie with your dad, The mad Miss matton. In college, in the 70’s I encounterd the grapes of wrath all over the US….You have made a difference; and I wish you the very best of everyhing. Kathryne V. Cool Bless you and yours.

  9. Looks like a fun party. I have been watching your interviews this last week and I must tell you what an inspiration you are. I too have had breast cancer, since 2000 with a couple of issues in the last couple of years, I am 64. I am the director of Spirit of the Wild Horse Foundation, for the Preservation & Protection of Our Wild Horses. Located in Southern Colorado at the New Mexico border. If you have time, the next time you visit your ranch in NM, I would love to give you a wild horse tour. Visiting wild horses up close is a magical experience, they have healed my heart and soul.

  10. And now wishes for a happy and peaceful 2012
    With admiration.
    Next always so well.

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