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Even though I finished doing press last week in New York, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to write. I do however have lots of photos to share which I’ve been trying to take as often as I can.
I’m promoting the release of my latest workout DVD’s from my PRIME TIME fitness line. The latest in the now (4) DVD series are: “Firm & Burn” and “Trim Tone and Flex“. I’m thrilled that the new DVD’s are out now and I can share them with you. I hope If you do them you will share your progress with me. Remember, exercise is one of the most important components for healthy aging, and its never to late to start.

Rosie Show Green Room

My visit to the Rosie Show in Chicago which we taped a few weeks ago will air tonight on OWN! Rosie is shooting her show in the same studio where Oprah did her show! Rosie and I are friends, and I loved seeing her. Her show is really good so I hope you will tune in tonight.

With the glam team Matthew Shield and Collier Strong in Chicago.

I walked out to find they had pulled these photos of me for the set.

Backstage at Rosie

with Rosie O'Donnell

A great audience!

While New York I visited the Today Show with Matt Lauer, The View, Joy Behar, Piers Morgan, Dr Oz, The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb, and Anderson Cooper. Some of these have already aired, some have not. I appreciate how many of you comment on Facebook and Twitter while you watch these appearances, and many of you in real time! I will add links (whatever is available) to where you can watch past broadcasts online at the end of this blog.

The Today Show Set

View of the Christmas Tree at 30 Rock from the Today Show set.

Harry Conick Jr was the guest after me on the Today Show. Here he is waiting, If you are wondering why he seemed tired. Its cause he’s doing a Broadway show, and this was a really early morning. I know how he feels.

Here I am in New York with Roman Keitel, Richard’s godson, (son of Daphna and Harvey), Roman is showing me his iphone game at which he excels. We made a deal: when he comes to L.A., I’ll take him to The Magic Castle (I adore magic & am a member) if he’ll teach me to play his game.

I admire Dr Oz so much. We learn so much from his show. Last month he presented me with the Shape Magazine Fitness Icon Award. Last week I was thrilled to talk with him about Longevity. The episode airs tomorrow!

Richard is a big fan of the Dr Oz Show and came with me to the taping. Ain’t I the lucky one?

Dr Oz tapes in Rockefeller Center. I couldn’t resist photographing some murals on the wall and ceiling. It is such an impressive building…all art deco. The murals were just refurbished

I ran into Oprah at the Dr Oz Show! She’s going to India with Deepak Chopra soon. Now that should be a transforming experience for her and that means, soon for all of us, cause you know she’ll pass along the wisdom she acquires!

Anderson Cooper has a great new show too. A beautiful set overlooking Columbus Circle. We managed to surprise him with some on set fun. Tune in to watch this Friday December 16th. Anderson looked swell in that baby blue sweater that matched his eyes. He is a very good and easy to talk to interviewer.

Hmmm? What do you suppose I will be doing in my Original Workout leotard with Kathy and Hoda? Find out the Today Show December 29th!

Below are some links that you can view online. Remember to check out my official Twitter feed @JaneFonda and my Facebook Page for additional updates, links, videos, photos, etc…



PIERS MORGAN: view clips here

Whew! More soon….

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  1. Jane Fonda – Now there’s a person who is on top of their game!

    You inspire people.

  2. I just finished watching you on Rosie. I always enjoy you… As you spoke about your mother, my eyes started to cry. Thank you for talking about it. I have grandchildren too and am ever vigilant, although I know I can’t control their world. I will remember what you said about having control of my response. Thank you.

  3. Hello Jane,

    So interesting to see you on so many outlets,
    and understanding of you loyal friends. You unwavering allegiance to friends is very inspiring, and a area that most people don’t know or are aware of. I think that is a very fine trait and one more distinguishing feature of your personal life. Rosie O’Donnell, pictured is one, when during some hard time, you counted her as a friend. But I know that in the Industry, people often look out for themself, first over their image above all others. It is loyalty, both emotionally and intellectually that make the quality of being. I know this is part of how you feel about life and people.

    with love and care,

  4. Loved your interviews. Well, truth to be told, only the parts I could see. You can’t see any outside the USA. I really was disappointed not to see you on The View. Especially with Whoopi (She was the first world-famous actress, BTW. She was so cooool.)

    Are you looking forward to this year’s award season? Have you seen any of the “Oscar baity” movies? Once you talked about being excited about The Tree of Life.

    Anyway I’ve seen The Help. Viola Davis was fantastic. That lady… my goodness. I also loved Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain. Also, I’d LOVE to see MELISSA MCCARTHY nominated for Bridesmaids. I’d say she even deserves an Oscar. 😀

    I also really hope to SEE YOU PRESENT AT THE OSCARS, PREFERABLY BEST PICTURE! You know I was considering blackmailing the producers to ask you to do that. If you presented an award with Vanessa Redgrave for instance (as a Julia reunion), I would just die. 😀

  5. Loved you on Rosie and the pictures of the murals are fabulous. I too am a big fan of magic and the Magic Castle is the best.

  6. I watched several of your interviews these past couple of weeks and I have to say The Rosie Show was the best. I loved their introduction of you. And the conversation between the two of you was so relaxed. It was like story time! You shared so many interesting little stories of your life. Fantastic! The Piers interview was a bit more tense, mainly at the beginning. I think when he realized that he was not going to get you to talk about something you didn’t want to the interview then became more relaxed. Both interviews were great to watch and as always, very interesting plus inspiring. The rest were just way too short! (Too bad Joy’s show will end. :() I can’t wait to watch the Anderson one! I’ve always enjoyed watching Anderson as a reporter. I’m curious, have you ever been interviewed by Barbara Walters?
    By the way, Richard’s godson is one lucky kid! I have always been fascinated by The Magic Castle. It is a place I will never be able to enter, so forever will remain a mystery to me.
    Oh, and I really want to see The Dollmaker! Where can I get it???

    • Susan, Barbara Walters has interviewed me many many times over a 40 year span. xx

  7. What a whirlwind tour! Thank you for pointing out the many benefits of exercise BESIDES weight loss! Mental clarity, reduced stress, better sleep, improved joint function, on and on! OK, I also read that we absorb 28% less fat from the foods we eat if we exercise before meals, but who’s counting? I can’t find the Trim. Tone & Flex at stores. Have you cut a deal with Santa? Happy Holidays!

  8. Jane, I saw you on Piers Morgan and Dr. Oz and it was a joy watching and listening to you. You were so poised and natural and even injected some humor. It’s great seeing you so relaxed and happy. Your ranch is probably surrounded by snow, as are we in the mountains east of Albuquerque. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Anderson Friday. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos everywhere you go. Inger

  9. Jane I just read you joined the new Aaron Sorkin series! I’m so excited. Was that the secret acting adventure you were talking about? 😀 Will it be a regular or a reccuring role? I kind of hope regular so that we can see you every week but I also kind of hope it’s only recurring because your appearances
    will be more special. 😀

    I just send you a break a leg with this new adventure! 🙂

    • Thanks, Daniel. I may only be in one episode but it is special. That was not the “secret”, no. Stay tuned.

  10. Dear Jane,

    I saw you on Dr. Oz and Rosie and you captured my heart.

    My mom was a ballet teacher and recently passed away.
    Your quote on your blog by Hafiz brought me so much peace:
    Has known God,
    Not the God of names,
    Nor the God of don’ts,
    Nor the God who never does
    Anything weird,
    But the God who knows only four words
    And keeps repeating them, saying:
    “Come dance with Me.”
    I just know my mom is in heaven continuing the dance.
    Thank-you for being such an inspiration to me.
    oxoxox Traci

    May God Bless you and keep you safe.

  11. Jane, I think you are amazing. You look beautiful (as always) and are such a positive, up beat role model. I am so jealous that you had work done…I would if I could. Thought it was interesting that you had hip and knee replacements. Aging can be difficult and you do it with such grace. Thank you.

  12. I just read that you will be doing a HBO series!!! I am very excited to have a show that is going to be fantastic! (I hope it isn’t on past my bedtime. :)) What is the name of the series? When do you start filming? When does it air? Jeff Daniels will be in it??? I love that so many of the acting greats, such as you, are entering the field of television! What a huge acting adventure!!!! Can’t wait to watch it!!!!!!

    • Susan, I only appear occasionally but it is a truly brilliant show. It will really raise the bar for TV series. Wow! Yes, Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterson (who I just shot my scene with), Emily Mortimer, Alison Pil…all are brilliant.

  13. Oh my goodness Ms. Fonda! I am watching the recorded episode of your appearance on Rosie. The moment I saw you take the camera out and pronounce you were taking the picture for you blog, I reached for my laptop to see if you posted the picture of the audience, and you did! That is fabulous! How fun is that! Thank you for being such a great example in what living life fully looks like. 🙂 @JennyQ (twitter) XO

  14. Jane, I loved your appearance on Rosie’s show. You seemed so open and relaxed. I was touched by how you spoke about your mother and father. I consider you one of the most brave women on the planet. You’re always willing in your work and in your personal life to share… and to confront fear and life head on.

    You look vibrant and amazing!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Peace and love in 2012.


  15. Jane,
    I very much enjoyed your appearance on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show. (Love his show, too). Just tonight I am watching you on the Rosie show and that also is enjoyable. I look forward to the OWN show coming up soon.

    You look great, by the way.

    Wishing you a happy New Year (and birthday) and I do hope we see you more on TV as you do a great inspirational and down-to-earth interview/appearance.

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