Thank You….

I have been deeply moved by the outpouring of support for me since QVC cancelled my appearance (yesterday morning). The tweets, re-tweets, blog comments, Facebook “Likes”–have all bolstered my spirit and my confidence that truth will win in the end. Thank you all for rallying like you have. It is so much harder to fight back when you’re alone and I feel you all have my back.  We cannot allow extremists to believe they can bully and have their way, especially when ‘their way’ is founded on lies.

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  1. the media/lobbist/ownership like Murdock is getting hammered…i like it

  2. Rock on, Jane. Sometimes adversity is a good thing. This controversy could actually work to bring more attention to the good that you are trying to share with us as women….and perhaps bring some awareness to QVC executives. I have made many a purchase from QVC, but I don’t like how they have responded to you. I think it is QVC that should be boycotted!

    • Thank you Sandra

      • Jane, I am behind you 110%. I spent over $2,000 with QVC last year and phoned to let them know, I will not ever spend another dime with this company. For goodness sake, the V.War ended in the early 1970’s (40 years ago). I have many friends who feel the same way. I also called QVC Corporate offices to express my dismay that they are living in the dark ages and maybe they are the company to have a boycott!!!

        Thank you for your many years of service to all individuals in the entire world!!!

        • Appreciate it, Myke. xx Jane

        • Dear Jane, I also cancelled my membership with QVC on Sunday. I had been a member since 1992 and spent thousands of dollars over the years. I made it very clear that my dollars will be much better utilized with organizations or individuals that are willing to listen to all voices, no matter what their message might be. Anyone who does not agree with a message you do not like or agree with — turn off your television, do not buy a producut or book etc., but realize our coutry was built on the idea that each and everyone of us has a voice and you should have had the opportunity to be heard on QVC. That is why our nation is so great and strong — our Constitution and our First Ammendment gives us that voice (and that right) and your message should not have been quieted for fear of the “mighty dollar”. QVC was cowardly and I for one do not want to be part of such a shameful organization.

          I wish you the best and will purchase your book from another venue. I look forward to ready it.

    • Ms. Fonda,

      I am a USMC Vietnam Vet 68/71, combat wounded, and very proud of my service record. I can vividly recall the incident over which so many veterans reamain incensed about.
      I have to admit, I was one of those for the first few years after leaving the military.
      You have apologized several times over the years and I accept that, you are not the same person you were then nor am I, mellowed would be an accurate description I think.
      It has been a very long time since this occurred and I prefer to get on with life. I have many regrets in life, unfortunatly there are no “do overs” for any of us.
      I wish you well Jane, a class lady, and have nothing to hang your head over.



    • Sandra, please cancel your QVC Account. That’s the only language QVC understands. I just did and it feels great.

      If there’s any question in your mind that Jane was canceled simply because of her political views, see the email I received from them:

      Thank you for emailing QVC. Due to a scheduling change, Jane Fonda did not appear in the 10am show Saturday as previously scheduled. QVC’s Program Guide was updated on Friday, June 15th. Jane Fonda didn’t appear because of her past or current political views or reaction from the online community.

  3. QVC? What’s QVC? I buy Jane Fonda products through Amazon.

  4. We love you here in Atlanta Jane and always will. I’ll think twice before I order from the QVC again….

  5. You certainly have an incredible amount of supporters. I’m not surprised though. You have touched so many people’s lives in the past, whether they actually know you personally or not, and that reflects on how much support you have been given. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. Yep, don’t mess with our Jane Fonda or watch out!

  6. Jane,
    I was really saddened by the actions of QVC. It is really their right to cancel any appearance they wish, but they could have at least talked to you about it first and give you the real reason. Instead they chose to hide behind the scheduling conflict excuse, like any of us believe that.
    Jane, I have researched you and read the good and the bad, but at the end of the day, we all make mistakes we regret. Most of this backlash is from right wing Christians, but even Jesus said in the same bible they use that” he that is without sin cast the first stone.” You have apologized over and over, what else can you do? Why are people so caught up in what happened 40 years ago and look at all the good things you have done since? You have been a true warrior for women and their empowerment. Too bad that people do not look at you as a whole person and not just one thing that you did all those years ago. I look forward to your book.

    • Very nice, generous letter, Lisa. thanks. xx Jane

  7. I was very disappointed to hear that QVC cancelled you appearance and sent them an e-mail to let them know. I also cancelled several orders. Jane, the good you have done in the world far outweighes any choices you made years ago. What a wondeerful spirit you are! I will be buying the book when it comes out as a show of my support for you. You are a blessing!

  8. Jane,

    What a crazy world. Please don’t let any of the crazies out there get you down right now. I’ve been a fan and loved you since I was a little girl in Cleveland. My mom had told me you were friendly with some people we knew (M and A Stern) and whether or not it was true I felt a connection to you b/c of that. And, I always loved your Cleveland mugshot too. Go vitamins! You are one of the greatest American actresses. I read your book last summer. I applaud how you are deep and authentic and not afraid to be a feminist and speak truth to power. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. You are loved by many.

    Hang in there!

    • Agnes, yes, the Sterns were good friends of mine. They often welcomed me into their home. Thanks, Jane

  9. Jane, I think it great that you still represent a threat to those that “complained”. Ideals and the spirit are all thats left us after all is said, and is all that will be remembered after we are gone. If past or current incarnations of the same still ruffle a few feathers, more power to you!
    To paraphrase “Easy Rider”, they don’t fear you as much as what you stand for – true freedom… courage to truly question the society we live in,
    and make this world a better place for all.

    I think the greatest loss, and you have mentioned it many times in your bio, is when we give up our true selves/dreams/ideals for someone elses version of the same. Life should be all about holding onto them as long as we can, never extinguishing the flame therein. As wonderful as your films were/are, I strongly believe you will be remembered most of all for those same strong ideals. QVC is a miniscule bump on a log in the lifelong quest you’ve led so far to make this world a better place than it was when you came into it. One can have no greater goal than that.

    I greatly look forward to reading the new book in Aug.

  10. Dear Ms. Fonda:

    I deplore the outrageous action taken by QVC.

    This is the text of the email I just sent QVC:
    “I cannot fathom your censorship of Jane Fonda’s scheduled appearance! I nor my family will ever buy anything from QVC again. I will make sure to tell my friends about your cowardice.”

    QVC’s treatment of you is deplorable.


  11. I can’t believe that QVC hasn’t bothered to educate themselves about this issue.

    You’ve explained this many times over the years and there should be no reason to dredge this up again.

    I would suggest that you find another “venue” instead of QVC. Your fans will follow you wherever you choose to go. It will be QVC’s loss.

    I’ve always appreciated your candidness in interviews and your wonderful screen performances Jane.

    Thanks and good luck with this!

  12. One can only know how many friends they have when something bad happens. I hope that this bad thing turned out to be useful and even good because you could test the love of your fans and find out that our love is always strong.

  13. I was happy to meet you in your blog a few months ago. I found a nice person.
    Thank you.
    Sorry my English is not too good.
    I admire the strength “to row against the current”
    in this society of conformity
    which makes you think differently to stay out.
    But I prefer to shout out.
    Jane good, go ahead.
    Your site is much more dynamic.
    Nice I will continue to follow with great pleasure.
    A hug

  14. Yet another thing to write about –

    And on this matter, Jane Fonda was and REMAINS correct. Any American has the right to speak their mind and to act on their convictions; but it appears QVC has lost sight of this, that is, until it hurts their bottom dollar, as it surely shall.

    Jane Fonda, you are, and will always be a shining light of what all Americans can, and should aspire to be. Have no fear Jane, we Americans are here and we have your back.

  15. We are with you Jane.

    You stood up for truth.

    They will try to bring you down.

    But do not let them.


  16. My college roommate and I went to see you at an appearance with Tom Hayden in Portland, Oregon in the early 70’s. To be honest, we were just curious to see a movie star in person. What we experienced was a calm, quiet, articulate, intelligent woman (yes, and beautiful, even without make-up) – a far cry from the “strident” (that was the press’s favorite adjective for you, as I recall)protester. Already weary of the war, as many young people were, your well researched and reasoned presentation cemented my opposition. I have admired you and followed your career ever since. I am appalled that QVC would cancel your appearance, and I have written to them to register my disapproval. Oh, and I have pre-ordered two of your books – one for me and one for my old college friend.

  17. I know I am writing from another country but can only hope the UK side of QVC has the sense to realise just how lucky they would be to have someone such as yourself appearing on their show.

    Many people, men and women alike, admire you and the stances you have taken over the years but everyone as they grow older and acquire life experiences evolve, grow and become an ever more valuable person to know and to learn from. To me you are one such person and, if you are invited to come over the the UK to promote your book, I firmly believe you would be feted and QVC congratulated, rather than what you have experienced so recently.

    You have dealt with, and overcome much worse and of greater import through the years, I know you will shrug this off with the same elan you have shown in the past.

    Best wishes, Gill

  18. Jane,
    I just called QVC to register my concern over the cancellation of your show. They said that it had nothing to do with your political views and that the show was just rescheduled rather than cancelled. How cowardly!

    • Joann, they’re lying. Here’s the email I received from them:

      Thank you for emailing QVC. Due to a scheduling change, Jane Fonda did not appear in the 10am show Saturday as previously scheduled. QVC’s Program Guide was updated on Friday, June 15th. Jane Fonda didn’t appear because of her past or current political views or reaction from the online community.

  19. I only see the silver lining here: The people who forced QVC’s hand used to hate you because they thought you were wrong. Now they hate you because history has shown you were right.

  20. Jane,

    I am not going to order from QVC any longer because of this.

    It is so obvious what the owners of these TV stations and companies are all about besides $. Control us all with who we become.

    You have always been a role model for me with your activism on many causes. And your acting is beyond exceptional.

    I will buy your book elsewhere.

  21. I was completely taken aback by QVC’s treatment of this total non-issue. What they are referring to happened 40 years ago! And you have done so many positive and wonderful things for this country and people in it.

    HSN has my business now. And to be honest, I don’t shop either one of them that much. I am more into supporting the local mom and pops.

    That said, these extremist groups frighten me.

    I will be preordering your book on payday. 🙂

    Thank you for being you. The world is a better place because of it.

  22. Joan, there was a time when free thinkers and advocates of tolerance and justice were considered enlightened. Their very existence would enable each and everyone of us to live without fear of reproach for expressing that which makes us human – our feelings. I’m saddened that such narrow minded individuals can politicise a simple shopping channel and in their actions deny others freedom of choice, let alone freedom of speech. I am sure you have inspired many to think better of themselves by virtue of your ability to lead by example. Mark Twain was vilified because of his humanitarian concerns over foreign policy. No one remembers the detractors! You don’t need QVC.

  23. Something that has always intrigued me is how people aren’t able to respect other people’s opinions and points of view, blindly condemning them. This is the basis of why this planet can’t seem to live in peace. On the other hand, I will always admire people like you, who are deeply affected by the maladies of society and who decide to take a stand so that people understand there is no absolute truth. There is always more than one side to each story and the tendency to simplify our acts says more about who is criticizing us than about us.
    The fact that you have had such an incredibly complex life is a reminder that you are still an influencial figure and there is nothing those people can do to stop your spirit.

  24. Love you, Jane! Remember, QVC isn’t the only mass-market outlet out there! 🙂

  25. I,too, was shocked and saddened by QVC’s decision. I was very much looking forward to your appearance! Your honesty and the candidness in your day-to-day actions, your book and blog writings, and in the characters you portray continue to inspire me.

    I look forward to reading your new book.

  26. Jane,

    I just wanted to let you know whether I agree with you or not is not the issue–when we are young we all make mistakes or regret how we have handled an issue–however, to not give you a chance to discuss the situation with the management in QVC is their mistake…as of last night I am no longer purchasing from QVC– I am expressing my American Right with the the dollar to express my displeasure as you did with your voice during a time in which the country did not have one– THANK YOU Jane for standing up and expressing your American Right to be heard!!!!


  27. Ms. Fonda,

    I’m a bi-racial conservative. I align politically very close to the tea party. I’m fiscally conservative yet very liberal on social issues. Stay out of my uterus and everyone should have the right to marry regardless of sexual orientation. Just trying to give you a bit about myself. Politically you and I couldn’t be more diverse. However, I find it appalling that QVC canceled your appearance for a mistake you made decades ago. As a Christian Conservative I believe in forgiveness and redemption. You were young when you made a horrible mistake and you’ve apologized for the last 30 years for it. Enough is enough people. You have done many great things for charity and humanity and it’s just not fair to continue to hold you accountable for a mistake you made that long ago. I think part of the reason some people will not let this go is because you tend to wear your politics on your sleeve which is fine but you tend to describe conservatives in a very negative light and you tend to use every pejorative in the book for conservatives. If you ever showed any sort of respect for those that held a different view than yours politically I think this issue would have gone away a long time ago. I don’t agree with the liberal view of how things should run in this country but I do respect opposing views and always listen. Perhaps try a new approach to conservatism and instead of dismissing conservatives as bigots or ignorant try listening. I respect you and your views and I think it’s time that Americans get over the terrible mistake you made, admitted to and apologized for years ago. Peace Ms. Fonda. 🙂

    • Valarie, I am so glad you have written this and so very happy to know that there are members of the Tea Party like you. I didn’t know. I am concerned and confused by what you say…that I speak of “conservatives in a very negative light. That I tend to use every pejorative word in the book for conservatives.” Hmmm. I would really like you to tell me where and when you have heard this from me. I wonder if it is me or others posing as me. I, too, am a Christian and I tend not to do that. I have spent almost 20 years in the south…Georgia…which was a very important and formative experience for me. I made many friends with extremely opposing political views from me and I had to learn to listen differently and be more compassionate. I know and befriend conservatives. BUT–and this is an important caveat—there are conservatives and then there are people who say dispictible things, horrifying things, disgusting things about me and spread heinous lies. For me, those are not conservatives, they are extremists. From what my publisher, Random House, told me, the calls that came into QVC were not from conservatives. It sounded more like extremists who threatened and shouted Please, Valarie, can you send me the places where you have seen or read or heard me say these terrible tings about conservatives?

  28. we were very disappointed to hear this was cancelled. we were looking forward to streaming it live on facebook.
    we are so excited for the new book to come out.

    i wrote you a comment a couple of weeks ago for my girlfriend about the paley center night…we were there and we just wanted you to know how much you inspired us. my girlfriend was the one who cried with you and you signed her book…we were the only young girls there. the comment still is not not showing on the reply section. i dont know if i am doing something wrong here.
    she really wanted you to know how inspiring you are and how your book has really touched her life.
    i hope this comment gets to you.


    • Thanks, Natalie, I don’t know why the comment didn’t appear. i got it and was very moved and happy with what you said. thank you. that young woman moved me a

      • It just shows how cowardly QVC are, surrendering to fascist organizations for whom peace is a dirty word.

      • Thank you for the reply…so glad to know that the comment actually got there this time.

        She wanted to know if there was a better place to write you a little letter just to let you know how much you have helped her, its very important to her…someplace where she didnt have to share her feelings with the world, just with you. maybe a PO box or something that your fans can write to you?

        we will also be coming to the barnes and noble book signing on the 15th of august at the grove! she is very excited for the new book to come out!

        thank you for everything.


  29. APPALLED at QVC’s actions… more shopping there!

  30. A blessing in disguise, Jane.

    While I’ve never seen QVC, my perception of it is not positive: a platform for selling more junk to an overextended population who already possess more junk than they know what to do with.

    You are operating on another level altogether, and your voice is as meaningful now as it was 40 years ago, when you had the guts to speak your truth. Thank you for that!

    I’m sure that you will find a more appropriate venue, if you haven’t already…one that is in better alignment with your core values. Meanwhile, QVC ain’t it!

  31. Dear Jane,

    All I’ve got to say is screw QVC. They welcomed Michael Vick – the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who tortured and killed all those dogs. And his scandal was recent. And MANY Eagles fans in Philadelphia area never forgave him. QVC was all too happy to sell his merchandise. They have no problem with Michael Vick – yet, they’ve got a problem with you?!

    You’ve done so much to help women, Jane. I loved your video workouts, I bought your treadmill and used it for years – the best treadmill I ever had. And Jane, you wrote the most honest autobiography I ever read. There is no bullshit about you. Too bad QVC is full of bullshit.

    You are drop dead beautiful and should be so proud of yourself for all your many accomplishments. QVC should have felt honored having you on their program. I am just outraged.

    Jane, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and so many thousands of women. I cannot wait to buy your new book.

    One more thing: Like many others, I am trying to contact QVC to express my disappointment. I have their address in West Chester, PA. But, does anyone have the email of the CEO? If not, I will send my complaint via letter addressed to Michael George. Also, I have the name of Claire Watts as U.S. CEO. Jane, should we sent our concerns to the aforementioned individuals via letter to West Chester, PA or do you have email information?


    Jill Scott

  32. That this lives in the present is what is so strange to me. We all suffered from out opposition to the war, in many ways obvious and many ways not. You got pinned as the pinata, and as one of the first very vocal celebrity. Hang in, and rock on Jane

  33. for god’s sake, that was like a million years ago. move on, please. the people who complain are the ones who wear sheets at night. i don’t think they will be missed (if someone german comes on, are they going to get booted cause of the war). idiots. glad to have found your blog. loved your first workout book (which i still have). was addicted to it and your honesty in life. enjoy.

  34. To hell with QVC. You are an inspiration to millions, and your positive energy is further enhanced by their negative actions.

  35. Shame on QVC for their ignorance. I read that in the local paper and i would like to know who their trying to impress.Just remember Jane you have alot of fans out there and they were not impressed. now on a lighter note I had to share with you and your fellow excercisers. I have been working out with you for 28 years after each of my 4 babies and have your original record album from 1981. Of course its been since the last baby who is now 20 I have found Im getting that middle age spread going even though I am active I need to be toned up before its out of hand. so long story short I went to a garage sale this weekend and found an old record player and I am now back to working out with your original. Its the only one I liked so well and how uncanny I still remember the moves as soon as I started playing it. It was the songs and your voice that made me feel 20 years younger and knew I was back on fitness because I love this album. My next goal is to start an excercise class here with my friends once they see my results. So good to be sharing my life with you again….love ya Vickie

  36. I have three overlapping opinions on this controversy, Jane:

    1) The decision to cancel your appearance on QVC says more about others than it does about you;

    2) The admittedly negative publicity will nevertheless boost sales of Prime Time in the longer run;


    3) I’m not sure that QVC was ever right for your image anyway!

    Your book is going to change millions of lives, just like your workouts did and continue to do.

    You are changing not only YOUR generation, but MY generation, AND the generation(s) after mine.

    The decades beginning at 40 were a social and spiritual twilight zone until you sprang up in the 1980s to redefine what it meant to be 40-plus.

    I have this little fantasy about you teaming up with Guthy Renker now, and producing a 30-day self-improvement program called ‘Embracing Prime Time with Jane Fonda’. It could be audio excerpts from your new books, interspersed with new and archive workout footage that would have been re-edited to make for your students a different daily 20-minute workout for each of 30 days! You could have cognitive behavioral therapy-style breakthrough assignments for each day, plus bonus unused material from your last two books.

    I’d be right in line for that, just as I was for ‘My Life So Far’ and just as I am for ‘Prime Time’.

    I wonder if you realize just how much you inspire people!

    • Hmmm. Very interesting idea, Michael. I will marinate in this for awhile. xx Jane

  37. I was so disappointed, but not surprised at what QVC did. I’ve spent many a dollar with them, but NO more. I cannot stand their double standards..they think they represent this wholesome way of life, but they don’t..that is evident to some of the people they allow on their station. The all mighty dollar always seems to win. Wasn’t Montel stopped for having “pot”?? He was on Sunday! I just can’t abide by them anymore! Fake, plastic people!! Anyway..I have ALWAYS admired you..not only are you the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, but you are kind, thoughtful, considerate, loving, funny…I could go on and on. One of my favorite’s that you did was “Stanley & Iris” a matter of fact I just viewed it AGAIN over the weekend. I love that movie! You take care Ms. Fonda and remember that you are not alone and that we admire you and love you. Cinda/Albuq. NM

    • Thank you, Cinda, your message is lovely and generous. xx Jane

      • Dearest Ms. Fonda,

        These glowing comments about your misfortune on QVC are very touching and you have printed many comments from your supporters praising your strength!

        I wonder why my comments can’t be printed if you are so strong. Certainly, a contrary opinion can’t affect your strength while you are under such vicious attach from extremests.


        • Donna, I have printed plenty of differing points of view over the years… when they are not hate and profanity filled. Those that repeat the lies I delete. I do not recall yours in particular.

  38. Hi Jane;

    I am personally getting sick of the media and all concerned in the continuation of judging you based on your past behavior that took place 40 years ago. People just want to demonize someone and unfortunately your one of those that gets that dubious honor.

    I am amazed at how anyone can call themselves a Christian and then point a finger at you. There are two lines in the movie “The Fighting Temptations”; were Beyonces’ character Lilly says the lines… “She is not a Christian. My mama said hollering in a church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a Cadillac”. So, I wonder if those that continue to hold your past against you, will even be able to comprehend those two simple lines; probably not. One cannot change to minds of the willingly ignorant and/or the hateful.

    Also, a true genius who hopefully affected the world in a positive light, Charles Schulz said…“”I am fearful of an overly organized church and I am very fearful of a church which equates itself with Americanism. [It’s] a frightening trend: people who regard Christianity and Americanism as being virtually the same thing.” –Charles Schulz, 1967

    Well, sadly enough, it has come to full fruition. It was at its height, to me, in the 80’s and has waned a bit, but it does still linger on. Let’s hope that people don’t act so much like sheep and start to think on their own. Once they do that, then maybe all of the crap about you will disappear.

    Bottom line, Jane, you will only have to answer to God and not to your “judges” here on earth. And that’s a good thing, because God is a loving God and he will judge you according to His love, not to man’s self-serving nature.



  39. Hi Jane!!
    Well, I certainly wouldn’t cancel the opportunity to interview you and talk about your new book “Prime Time!” Shame on QVC. What were they thinking?
    I had the pleasure of covering “An Evening With…You!” at the LA County Museum of Art in February for
    Then I was thrilled to see you in “33 Variations” at the Ahmanson. You were unbelievable that night and wrote how you were sick with a cold!!
    I wanted to approach you again to inquire about an interview to promote your new book. I host The Women’s Eye Radio show based on the site and we will be back in production in mid-August. (I’ve interviewed many remarkable women: Gayle Lemmon, Lee Woodruff, Maya Soetoro-Ng, Carie Lemack, Kim Barker). We would be thrilled to talk to you about your latest project. I am 45 and also a yoga/spin instructor here in L.A. and I’m pretty sure this book is speakin’ to me!! Plus your tireless work on behalf of women worldwide would be fascinating to our listeners and readers.
    If you are interested, have ANY questions and have room in your schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Thanks for your time Jane. Happy promoting and continued success in all you do!

  40. QVC needs you more than you need them.

  41. So I see my responses were deleted Ms.Fonda. Not sure if by you or a moderator you may have taking care of your site. I thought we were having a nice back and forth of ideas and I was giving you a different angle on perhaps why the media as well as some conservatives cannot just forgive you as you’ve apologized for decades. I guess you are not interested in hearing an opposing view and only want the praise and accolades from your fans. I must say I find it disappointing that my comments were removed. They were not in anyway offensive, Just giving an opposing view. Also found it strange that my comments disappeared when I was probably one of very few tea-party conservatives that was defending you and the ridiculous decision by QVC to cancel your appearance. So for now I suppose I will continue to hold the belief that your own politics will not allow you to listen to opposing points of view and you will dismiss them.

    Have a peaceful day Ms. Fonda!

    • This is confusing, Valarie, Because I wrote you probably the longest reply I have ever written on my blog. I will try to retrieve it. I answer my own mail, posted my reply (I think it was) Monday) after I read it. I was very happy to read you because I did not know that Tea Partyers had the perspective you described. I will try again to find it and send it. Glad you pointed out to me that you found no response from me.

  42. Pre-ordered the book this morning! Keep doing what your doing because you are an inspiration to so many of us!

    • Awwww, dear Laura, thank you so much. It was great having you with us yesterday. I am now sweltering in NM but you are too, most likely, in GA

      • Thanks! It was a great day! I look forward to working with you and G-CAPP in the future! It is miserable hot here and I had to be out in it all morning with a horse issue…not fun…Enjoy NM!

  43. Thank you Ms. Fonda! I appreciate you being courteous in your responses. I wish more of our country could have a civil conversation rather than instantly going into name calling and instantly putting a wall up when someone with opposing views speaks. That was what I was originally speaking about in my first post to you. When you blamed Palin and Beck for the Giffords shooting. I was pointing out that the vitriol comes from both sides. Have you ever heard the venom coming out of some of the hosts on MSNBC? Same thing. Two wrongs don’t make a right is what I was trying to point out. I am not saying all tea partiers have my views but I can tell you that there are just as many of me as there are of the hard core conservative my way or the highway tea partiers. Just wanted you to have a clearer idea of the movement from all sides.

    I was however saddened to see this response to me by Sandra Lee Larsen

    “You are ignorant of reality IF you want political ignorance that the Tea Party supports to ‘stay out of your uterus!’ They are against gay and/or transesual marriage, (with belief prayer can change the scientific/biological person…LOL at stupidity, that a woman’s choice is to be forfited, et al. It is the uninformed who are the bulk of the Tea Intolerance, such as you exhibit!”

    Unfortunately Ms. Larsen I believe it is indeed you that is displaying ignorance and intolerance. I thought liberals were the tolerant party? I must say your response shows otherwise. The tea party does not stand at all for what you stated. I am not naive however and I do realize there is a small portion of intolerant people that have hitched their wagon to the movement and they are indeed intolerant and dare I say bigoted but that is not the majority. Unfortunately the media spotlighted a lot of that ignorance and intolerance while failing to ever fully show what we were out there for. I am not against gay marriage nor are any of my close friends that are in the Tea Party. We are a younger generation of conservatives. Think Megan McCain. Think Margaret Hoover. Perhaps you should go to a rally and see exactly what we are about. Many do however believe in traditional values and believe what the bible says and what’s wrong with that? Our country was founded on Christian values. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong. I believe in my values just as much as you do.

    I am a free thinker and I believe it is okay to strongly believe in some conservative values while simultaneously believing strongly in liberal values.

    Isn’t that what America is about? Freedom of speech and thought? Perhaps you should re-read Ms. Fonda’s responses and learn a thing or two from her. Never once did she disrespect me or my beliefs it appeared she was trying to listen and learn more. Thank you for that Ms. Fonda

    America needs more tolerance on both sides. I for one can only speak for myself and keep my own side of the street clear. I have a clean conscience.


    Thank you again for your response Ms. Fonda.

  44. Sorry for the confusion. I have been able to see your responses but a couple that I wrote were not showing up so I thought perhaps they were too long or what have you. No worries though I see my latest post and it for the most part says what the others did.

    Have a peaceful day and again I very much appreciate the conversation. -)

  45. IF you made a mistake 40 years ago, you publicly apologized for it, and did many good and positive things after that!You stood up for what you believed then, and most of us stand up for what you became after all that! Our Brazilian President, Mrs.Dilma Roussef, was a woman like you when she was young, and she fought the Militar Dictatorship, with the student,intelectuals,artist etc. She did things that many felt was terible! Now, 50 years after, the majority of Brazilians voted for her.The amount of suport you are getting, show us that you don´t relly need QVC! Best regards from Brazil.

    • Yone, I don’t speak Portugese but muchos gracias!!

      • Dear Jane, THANK YOU in Portuguese is “MUITO OBRIGADO”! Muchas Gracias is Spanish, a language very similar to Portuguese!Just because I(with the help of some friends) intend to bring you to visit BAHIA sometime in the future, it is better if you learn the right way!”Muito obrigado” for being so nice in your Blog, to make it became like a comunity,that I am very happy and proud to be a part of.God Bless you.

  46. This is a copy of the letter that I wrote and mailed to the President of QVC July 20, 2011:

    Dear Mr/Ms President:

    I have been very impressed by your company’s ability to sell a wide variety of products via both your TV channel and on-line. Although most of your products relate best to women, I have indeed purchased a few items that I saw on your Sunday kitchen show. I was not disappointed by these purchases.

    However, I was very disappointed by your recent cancellation of Jane Fonda’s presentation on your cable channel. Even though your official reason for the cancellation did not relate to Ms Fonda’s present or past political views, I have no doubt that it did. Ms Fonda, like all Americans, has the freedom in this country to express her views no matter if you believe them right or otherwise.

    I have serious doubts about your company’s ability to understand the vitriol that some organizations hold against Americans who do not agree with their political views. In agreeing to have Ms Fonda on your show your staff should have known that this would draw a few squawks from these organizations. I do not agree with your cancellation of Ms Fonda’s cancellation.

    I guarantee that it will be a cold day in hell before I purchase from your organization again.

  47. Hi Jane. This follows on from my last post to you about you producing a 28-day-self improvement program to be marketed through a two-year infomercial campaign.(I’m fleshing out the idea as I go!) You were so gracious and encouraging about my post, I thought I’d do some follow-up.

    I love self-help gurus to bits, but most of them have never really done anything except… well… sell self-help. But you, Jane, are a different story. You have had a number of successful jobs, and turned over millions of dollars in several contemporaneous professional incarnations. (And that’s a big sentence to write!) Who better to be a life coach than someone who’s having one helluva life?

    Obviously I don’t know what the contents of ‘Prime Time’ will be (I’m literally counting the days until its release), but 90 per cent of what I’ve written below covers what your hard work has already put out there. And with almost 30 workouts to your name (and I don’t even include the wonderful Team Fonda ones that have come out recently), you have a LOT of fitness footage to draw upon (rights issues notwithstanding).

    Speaking of brilliant ‘archive’ material, I recently finished again your 1984 book, ‘Women Coming of Age’. I have read ‘Women Coming of Age’ four times now, and it always delights and enlightens me. This is a superb compendium of fitness and health facts and figures, a magisterial textbook that’s unique for being sewn together by optimism and positively-oriented personal experience. The inspiration and knowledge that you provide within its pages has stood the test of time.

    So I’d love to ‘follow the leader’ closely for a month…

    EMBRACING PRIME TIME, with Jane Fonda
    A 28-Day Program for Designing Your Third Act
    (A Time Warner/Guthy Renker/Jane Fonda Inc. Production)

    Monday / Day 1
    The Road Ahead
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Cardio 1 ********************

    Tuesday / Day 2
    The Workout—Why It’s Here and What It Means to You
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Upper Body ********************

    Wednesday / Day 3
    Starting With Death and Working Backwards
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Cardio 2 ********************

    Thursday / Day 4
    The Biology of Aging
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Lower Body ********************

    Friday / Day 5
    Prime Time Eating
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Cardio 3 ********************

    Saturday / Day 6
    Accentuate the Positive: Cosmetology and Style for Prime Timers
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Total Body ********************

    Sunday / Day 7
    Sex for Sunday
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Beginners: Yoga Zone ********************


    Monday / Day 8
    Purpose and Passion: Moving Into You
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 1 ********************

    Tuesday / Day 9
    Dealing With Depression
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Upper Body ********************

    Wednesday / Day 10
    Looking Back With Love: Reviewing Your First and Second Acts
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 2 ********************

    Thursday / Day 11
    Living With God… and Without Him: Spirituality in the Third Act
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Lower Body ********************

    Friday / Day 12
    A Day for Women (and the Men Who Love Them)
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 3 ********************

    Saturday / Day 13
    A Day for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Total Body ********************

    Sunday / Day 14
    Writing: The Soul’s Repository
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Yoga Zone ********************


    Monday / Day 15
    The Value of Friendships
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 1 ********************

    Tuesday / Day 16
    Lazy Ways and Holidays
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Upper Body ********************

    Wednesday / Day 17
    Role Model Roll Call—1
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 2 ********************

    Thursday / Day 18
    Appealing to the Younger Market: The Unconditional Love of Children
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Lower Body ********************

    Friday / Day 19
    Activism: Pause for a Cause
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Cardio 3 ********************

    Saturday / Day 20
    Locating Your Discovery Channel: The Joy of Curiosity
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Total Body ********************

    Sunday / Day 21
    Role Model Roll Call—2
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Prime Time Intermediates: Yoga Zone ********************


    Monday / Day 22
    Working in Prime Time
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Cardio 1 ********************

    Tuesday / Day 23
    Money Matters
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Upper Body ********************

    Wednesday / Day 24
    Role Model Roll Call—3
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Cardio 2 ********************

    Thursday / Day 25
    Time Management
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Lower Body ********************

    Friday / Day 26
    Bad Reviews and Time Bandits: Dealing with Negativity
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Cardio 3 ********************

    Saturday / Day 27
    Divorce and Widowhood: On Loss and Recovery
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Total Body ********************

    Sunday / Day 28
    Rebirth: The Vistas to Come
    Three assignments, including…
    ******************** Workout for Advanced Prime Timers: Yoga Zone ********************

    [email protected]

    • Wow, Michael, this is well thought out and fascinating but I got to tell you that for the next year at least, I cannot take somethingI think on. I am swamoed with committments including (and most specially for me) acting gigs. But I will keep all this in mind. xx Jane

  48. I’ve read a few of your blogs and I don’t understand why you refer to people offended with your actions in Vietnam as “political, right wing extremists.”

    I am deeply offended by your pictures in Vietnam and I am not a right wing extremist. I’m just a U.S. citizen and a veteran who viewed the above mentioned pictures. You’re assumption that people who disagree with you are extremists is very close minded.

    • I understand what you mean, Jamie. When I speak of extremists, I am referring to the people behind the organized spreading of lies. I hope you read my blog of today to better understand the context.

      • Morning Jane~ I’m glad you clarified just who you were talking about when you said extremists because it definitely has appeared as you were painting about 50% of the population as extremists. That kind of ties into what I was saying about the broad brush in which you have “appeared” to paint conservatives. (I.e. Blaming Beck and Palin for the AZ shootings). You’ve got to admit there is equal vitriol from the leftist carnival barkers as well. Again I am a bi-racial, tea party supporting, marriage equality supporter NOH8, pro-choice, Proud Conservative that believes the country needs to 1. Believe your apology which you’ve made 100’s if not 1000’s of times, 2. Accept it and live the Christian values rather than just preaching them 3. Actually do some research and see for themselves all of the good that you’ve done in the last 30+ years and move on. People make mistakes. Move on people and let this woman have the freedom that some so self-righteous preach about. Let Ms. Fonda have the freedom to live a peaceful life without every time she utters a peep about anything automatically attacking her and dragging up a mistake she make decades ago!

        Peace to you Ms. Fonda! 🙂

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