He is 11 years and he has never sent me an email. He lives in Atlanta and I now live in Los Angeles. So I miss him terribly. I gave him an ipad for Christmas hoping we could correspond. Well, today it happened. It made me so happy. I’ve posted his self portrait on a previous blog. He is very creative and thoughtful. Reads books — big, chapter books, like crazy.

Today’s show was, for me, the best one so far. It felt wonderful, easy, everything worked. The stage manager thought so too. Now I am about to start the second show. When it’s over tonight, I go have a costume fitting for a L’Oreal commercial I film tomorrow. Up at 5:30 am!! I’ll be staying in the hotel where we start shooting so I won’t wake up Richard. When the filming ends at 6pm, i go to the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art where a week- long retrospective of my films is taking place and i will be interviewed on stage about my work. I will be glad when Monday is over and things will lighten up.

Tulea’s not with me today and won’t be tomorrow either. Too much going on but I miss her. It felt strange to take a dressing room nap today without feeling her little warm body lying next to me.

I know there is much more to say but I am about to go on stage.

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  1. Hi Jane-
    First of all– that’s great about your grandson emailing. The wonders of technology have made it so easy to reach out.

    I just wanted to say that I was at. Sat. Night’s performance and was sooo impressed with the play and most especially your characterization . You were just mesmerizing and I could not get over just how authentic and true your performance was. So thankful that I went and got the chance to see you on stage.

    You are an inspiration to not only women in the world but also men (like me!) who aspire to live life to the fullest. I look forward to more of your work (and your new book) in the future.

    Love , Life and Warmth,
    Chris in Los Angeles

  2. Wow, that’s a self portrait of your grandson?? He did it himself? Amazing. It’s beautiful.

    Funny you had John Taylor from Duran Duran in the audience. It was through one of their videos in the early 80s that I got to liking you. They used clips of Barbarella in their video and I asked my mother (I was young at the time) who you were and she replied that you were the same actress who stars in Barefoot in the Park, which I loved (and still do) and which was shown endlessly on TV back then – like the Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz. Or so it seemed.

    Glad the run of the play is going well. I’m now on reserve and praying that I’ll get LAX stopover and can come to the play. Even though I saw it in NY, I was so impressed I’d like to see it again.

    Take care

  3. Those emails between you and your grandson are very special. I would suggest you print out on paper the emails and put them away in a special place. When your grandson gets older, you can give him all of the emails that you shared between the two of you. This young generation is slipping away from letter writing and will not have those special memories to hold in their hands years down the road. He will appreciate that he has something when he is older. And tell him to keep on reading! Reading is the key to success!

  4. A very sweet blog today. I know your grandson love his grandmother. I hesitate to call myself a fan because I can’t help but think about that Kathy Bates film. But I will say that I have followed your career (through the media) and have enjoyed your work. It is nice to follow you on twitter to get a more realistic view of you.
    I love twitter as a way to keep up with celebs. It is the first time you guys are able to go straight to your fans without being moderated by the press. It’s give you control of your image like no other time in history.
    I look forward to your next post.
    Reese Mitchell

  5. What a lovely story! I am quite sick but your blog post always cheer me up (and I watched Coming Home in the afternoon, that did not cheer me up but that’s a great film and performance of yours). So thanks! You have a real healing power. Congrats on your success with the show! I can’t see it here in Hungary πŸ™ but I would love to watch it on a DVD or something. Don’t you know if I can order

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. I know your emotions! My grandson is 8 but his mother (my daughter),for whatever self-serving reasons and resentment, to a great extent based upon jealousy that keeps him & his younger sister away from me…including, much to my sad disappointment, Christmas Day. My gifts remain tucked away, with regret. Your relationship is one I envy, knowing that days & nights – for us – have evaporated, yet realizing there have been short times when my grandchildren & their GrandMoM have shared. My hope is that those few memories are indelible upon their hearts.
    Enjoy your good fortune!

  7. Sure can ‘identify’ with your feelings about getting emails from grandchildren!..I’d include children too!

  8. I love getting emails from my grandkids and one of them has a great blog I can visit. Wonderful way to stay in touch. Congrats on the first email!

  9. Your nerves about appearing at LACMA — and your long day — were for naught, you were wonderful. My write up:
    Cheers, Debra Levine

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