It’s challenging to do two two-show days back to back. In New York we have 2 shows on Saturday and Wednesday but the Ahmanson is way downtown and I imagine it’s hard for people to get here mid-week for a matinee.

Sleep between shows is what saves me. Thank goodness I am able to do that…put in ear plugs, curl up with Tulea under a cozy blanket that I was given as a gift for doing The Talk.

The opening went well and reviews are good and we’re relieved that it’s over and we can relax into the show. Moises has gone to New York to begin rehearsing “Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo” with Robin Williams. I will get to see it in April. I was a little jealous and feeling bereft when he (Moises) left but I’ll get over it. Still, I wish he was here cause I have a few new ideas that I want to show him.

It’s a little like old home week these days- many old friends coming to see the show. Tonight, David Zeiger will be here. I met him in 1971 at a GI coffeehouse in Kileen Texas near Fort Hood. He made a terrific documentary about the GI Movement during the Vietnam War, “Sir, No Sir!”

I just learned that Mark Rydell, the director who directed “On Golden Pond“, is also in the audience. And friends John Taylor, bass guitarist with Duran Duran ( named after the evil scientist in “Barbarella”) is here tonight with his wife, Gela, founder of Juicy Couture. I will have to race out of the theatre to try and make a brief visit to the pre-Grammy party given every year by Clive Davis so I may not have a chance to visit with these friends. I’ll only stay a few minutes, though, cause tomorrow our matinee is an hour earlier, at 1pm so I’ll need to get to bed as soon as I can. The next 2 days are going to be really hard but I will talk about that tomorrow. I’m writing this during a short break and I have to get ready to go back on stage.

hasta mañana

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  1. Congratulations Jane !!! Wish I could have been there with my MOM.I want to THANK you for someting you did 38 years ago…In 1971 You met a young Latin girl from Ecuador who came to United States to follow her dreams.Unfortunately she Married an Abusive Man with a Drinking Problem.She found out she was pregnant and decided to leave him to raise her baby on her own.You were interviewing for a Live-in Nanny for your son & daughter.You Picked her up in your Volvo and interviewed her while you ran errands,she tried to hold back the tears but was so emotional and afraid of how she was going make it on her own with no job,no place to live, and a kid on the way that she broke out in tears.She told me you pulled to the side of the road,turned off your car and asked her what was wrong.She apologized for being so emotional and shared her situation with you.She told me you gave her a hug and told her “Dont Worry…Your gonna be ok, your coming home with me”…and hired her as your nanny.Do you remember that? Her name is ELBA and shes my MoM.After I was born she left your employment to raise me and start her own journey of motherhood.She told me you held me in your arms and sang a lullaby in French.I wish I could remember that but I was just a newborn.So THANK YOU for Helping her get back on her feet in what was probably one of the scariest & most challenging time in her life.THANK YOU for saving me from an uncertain childhood. I ve always thought of you a guardian Angel since my mom told me that storty. Ive followed your Career and Thought to myself “If I ever get a chace to meet her, I just want to give her a big hug and thank her for her role in my destiny!” We tried to get tickets for your Play but were not able to.If you ever have a public appearance we would love to see you and give you a BIG hug & Kiss…Hope this message reaches you…God Bless James =+)

    • What a great story. I hope you get a chance to see Jane again now that you’re an adult.
      Jane, I attended your event last nite @ lacma and it was truly amazing. Thanks. I sat in the front row and it was amazing. I’m looking 4ward to seeing the play! You are truly inspirational(:

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