waiting for our scene to begin--with Guy Bedos and Claude Rich

Fabienne Gervais, who does my makeup, and whose sister checks out my blog, along with her fellow workers in the here's to you, Fabienne's

The last scene for today, an intense one with Pierre Richard. We are running lines here.

He has the most open, light blue eyes I have ever had the pleasure of looking into.

the clacker

Christine Dejoux, my dialogue coach who helps me get the accent right and Anke Thot. She is assistant makeup artist. Because this is a French/German coproduction, there are a number of Germans on the film. She is one, and really sweet. She is watching out for Tulea here.

His music waffs across the water. Lovely

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  1. I love your photos, find them very insightful,
    The image can be exhibiting some greater perception concering the world and the work.
    Last time I was in France , I took very few photos ,being a visual artist sometime I like to see what image will set in my mind . The or the represention especially that I see aa the Art Image. I been to Derry City in North Ireland a few times , but I fund the imeage I have in my mind is of a young student, The set image I return to as the represention of the experience, I was on my way to the bus station , in Derry City Ireland and turned the corner and there was the red headed girl about 17 , with blue eyes and a light blue school uniform , with the short skirt . I have other images , but when I think of Derry City , that becomes the Icon for me. As in film , the Icon image , is rare but than it exist . The Image of that spirit of solidarity with everyone, everywhere, expressed by the character Tom Joad in Steinbeck’s classic novel The Grapes of Wrath. I like to think my mind sees only the good image not just bad image set in our minds if there is a good or bad image, words like that are not a ture represention of a image right or wrong.

  2. Such nice shots of the actors in this group of photos – coaches, assistants, makeup artists, clacker, Paris – and the ever present lovely Tulea.

  3. Dear jane~looks like you were able to enjoy a delicious parisian stroll today. Romantic music waffing thru eve’s air. I bet you are missing your richard throughout.~tulea hardly looks like she needs looking after all cozy in her denbed! All she needs is her eyeshades!!~what’s for dinner tonite and with whom?~dennis hopper was laid to rest in his “heart home” of new mexico. Your brother along w jack nicholson, val kilnar also attended. Dennis & peter revolionized film forever albeit not evident until “easy rider” was released into the cinema universe. All love m&lb

  4. They’re gorgeous. Very cool. I just love how you include Tulea in all that you do!

    Thanks for sharing those photos and take care!

  5. Hi Jane

    Check out my pictures – Google The Prefab Files.

    Good luck from Ivor

  6. The photograph above the one of the saxophone player is stunning. It would work in black and white too.

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos of the most beautiful city in the world!! Your making me “homesick” for Paris!!!

  8. Hi Jane, just visited here for the first time and wanted to mention, you have a wonderful blog. To put this much detail and offer this much info / pictures etc is very generous. It’s great to see a snapshot of a film set in Paris, too.

    I’m writing this from Melbourne, so it’s nice to think of an Aussie director having a good time working with some great actors on the other side of the world.

    Cheers and best wishes to you,


  9. WOAAAAAW Lovely photos, Jane !
    Thank God, the weather is great in Paris this week.

    Love and admiration.


  10. Loved all the snaps…the besta re the ones by the riverside.

  11. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing your experience there, the working process, the whole thing. As you said, I think earlier, it’s too bad Americans can’t see age as nothing to do with what makes something interesting to view.

  12. Am so looking forward to seeing this movie! And BTW you look great, very photogenic.

  13. thanks for making us living the shooting of the movie,nice pics!! i see Tullea appreciate o lot his french holydays!

  14. très sympa ces dernières photos que vous avez ajoutées aujourd’hui. Guy Bedos et Pierre Richard sont très drôles et vous devez avoir des bons moments de rire avec eux,çà doit vous détendre un peu parce que votre rôle dans ce film est triste et sûrement difficile à jouer. Tuela est une petite chienne qui a l’air adorable et facile !
    elle doit être une bonne compagnie pour vous.

    • Florence, je trouve mon role pas triste, pas de tout! Pour moi elle es forte et positif!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing these behind-the-scenes photos of movie art filming in Paris! Wow..what a combo treat for us. Love your hairstyle and think it will catch on with many others. Hope you are feeling better.

  16. Hi Jane

    Nice to see you looking so well. I watched Coming Home this week. Such a great film. I enjoyed it so much. Keep well

    Sheelagh xxx

  17. Bonjour Jane,

    Je vous admire depuis longtemps et j’ai découvert votre site et votre blog depuis quelques mois sans jamais avoir osé vous écrire.

    Ce journal de bord de tournage est absolument fabuleux pour tout ceux qui aiment le cinéma.

    Je suis heureux que vous tourniez un film en France, ça doit être un excellent projet puisque vous le faites, et avec des partenaires de qualité.

    Peut-être vous croiserais-je lors d’une balade sur l’Ile Saint-Louis? Quel plaisir cela serait 😉

    Bonne continuation et bon tournage.

    Caresses à Tulea.

  18. Pierre Richard has the most open, light blue eyes you ever had the pleasure of looking into? Perhaps so, but what about Henry Fonda’s eyes? I always found them just stunningly open, light, and blue even in black & white. Peut-etre Mr. Richard’s eyes are even more so, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone’s eyes could even come close to Henry Fonda’s in terms of light, open, and blue. Of course, I have never looked into either man’s eyes up-close and personal, but having seen both on screen (TV-screen mostly), my baby blues award goes to Mr. Fonda hands-down.

  19. I have walked past the Hotel de Ville numerous time, but never went inside . . . gorgeous interiors–as most everything in Paris is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jane,

    I went to Jane Fonda’s Workout on Robertson Boulevard for many years. In Studio 1, I would do my mat exercises up on a ledge when the class was crowded, and you did, too, sometimes. I have so many fond memories of Jane Fonda’s Workout. The other night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I was envisioning the Workout in my mind. I remember the three studios, the front desk, the men’s room off the lobby, the women’s dressing room down the hall, where all the stereos were in each studio, the big glass windows, the pretty patio… so many things. I used to sign up in the morning for the 5:30pm class or it was filled. I planned so much of my schedule around going to the Workout, and I loved it.

    Now that I have discovered your blog, it is so lovely, detailed, and generous of you to share the many facets of your life. The pictures are so intriguing, insightful, and detailed. Your creative, adventurous spirit, your strength and honesty, your wit and intelligence all come shining through. Your Atlanta loft… I don’t even have words for it. It looks like a modern castle.

    I watched your family trip to the Galapagos, and it was so beautiful the way your grandson gently petted a lizard.

    Anyway… I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say some kind words, and let you know that your blog, your spirit, and your life are highly inspirational.

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