Emotional scene…more that than dancing. My husband is in the hospital because his big shaggy dog caused him to fall down and I am scared because I know I haven’t long and worry what will happen to him when I’m gone.

We shoot all this week in the apartment of my husband and me.

When we danced, Dominique moved with us, carrying the very heavy camera. Stephane, our director seemed pleased with the days work.

My cold is better thanks to the good French doctor–a woman. She took one step into the apartment the other day and sensed Eve (Ensler, whose apartment I am staying in) is a Buddhist.

I am off to call Richard and go to bed.

Assistant costumer, Joan Bich, fixing Claude's coat

Jurgen doing the same

Left to right, Head Hair stylist, Dominic Perot, Head costumer, Jurgen Doering and assistant costumer, Corentin Richard

Claude Rich and moi

Stephane Robelin's family. Can't see too clearly here but the children are absolutely adorable!

Dominique Colin carrying the very heavy Hi Def camera for the dance sequence

Dancing with Claude Rich

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  1. Wonderful photos! Great to see the set, actors, crew, mikes, cameras, costumes, families and dogs! Thanks for sending them out & feel better!

  2. These are the greatest pictures, Jane! You look wonderful! I’m sure it was a very emotional scene to do! It’s just so neat to see pictures from behind the camera! That must be VERY difficult for Dominique to carry that heavy camera!! It does look like he is wearing a harness though! I can see Stephane’s children well enough to see that they are very cute indeed! So glad your cold is better!:)

  3. I just wanted to add that I was surprised to see how many people are standing around as the scene was being filmed!!? I guess this must not be unusual, but it seems as though it would be distracting for the actors!!

  4. To put your full and stimulating life “out there” for us is very generous. Thank you Jane.
    Perhaps you can stop by Atlanta when you return to the U.S. Air France/Delta has a nice Paris/Atlanta connection. Bon Soir!

  5. There is something so thrilling about watching the making of a film, even noticing the “marks” on the floor. Perhaps it makes me smile at the thought of directing my own feature.

    Glad your cold has improved, I know that Parisian Doctors make marvelous house calls, but apart from that a hot tea of basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme works wonders 5+ times a day.

    Fascinated to read the back story you added:

    “I play a retired philosophy professor and so the 2 of us live on our pensions but it’s an apartment we bought years ago when we were earning more and costs were less.”

    Is this background provided in rehearsals or did you work it out for yourself? More of the same please, it looks lovely.

  6. Hi Again! I’m fascinated to read your blog, especially as this movie-making production unfolds. Boy, I’d give anything to read the blog that you would have written while you were filming THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? and your other movies. Thanks for keeping us posted, and I will keep checking in to see what’s happening over there in France.

    I’m glad to read that you’re recovering from your cold these days. You’re a trooper, for sure! That you’re willing and able to keep filming — without missing a beat or calling in “sick” — *AND* keeping up with your family and this blog is very cool and inspirational.

    You remind me of my best friend in the world (although you’re much younger!). Her name is Sally and I met her in 1998 when we were neighbors. She was only 78 then, and we met while we were both walking our dogs in the park. Hers was a Bichon/Poodle mix and mine was an American Eskimo, like the one in my avatar. I offered to groom her dog for free and we’ve been like family ever since. Her only child, a daughter, was killed in a car crash years before I met Sally, so we adopted each other and we’ve been like family ever since.

    I moved back east three years after we met but she and I have spoken on the phone every day since then. Every night between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. she calls me from the nursing home into which we moved her back in 2005.

    She’ll turn 90 on August 2 and I will fly west 2,400 miles to see her. We lived on the same street for What a trip she is. She’s feisty, sharp, quick-witted, and strong as holy heck. You’re going to be just like her when you’re 90, I’m sure. If you ask her “What’s your secret to living such a long and healthy life (despite smoking for 75 years)?” she’ll say, “I ran fast and hid good.” I could go on and on about Sally, but I’ll spare you. For now!

    So with that, I’ll say goodnight.” I’m glad you’re running fast and hiding “good,” too, like Sally. Keep up the great work!

  7. Dear jane~you look marvelous. Glad the cold is better. Staying in a buddhist apt sends healing energy. ~How utterly unself conscious an actor must be. We see you on the silverscreen and it’s very intimate. We see you in a shoot and see all the choatic going on around while you perform your scene, are in character, of the emotion. Weather in cambridge brilliant. Summer plays with spring from cool days to humid but not quite summer weather yet. I relish the cool before the heat & humidity. Oy! Xoxm&lb

  8. Jane, I love reading about your Paris trip and the shooting of your new movie. It is wonderful. Your new hairdo looks great. Can’t wait to see the new movie. I hope it is released in North America.

    I was in Paris, for the second time, last September and adored it. I hope to go back, again, sometime. Best of luck with the new film.

    You look very lovely, by the way.

  9. I love these posts! Thanks for including us in your day!

  10. Jane Fonda,Guy Bedos, Claude Rich, Pierre Richard that is a very interesting mix of artist. The top in fact , this seems not the little film , I was thinking. More of A list actors with acclaimed performances. If your doing it, do it right. I was reading that some characteristics of French cinema include slower plotlines, strong character development, and a deviance from happy or conclusive endings. That would sound like your storyline in the film, you deviance form a happy ending ? Some good French movie that inspired remakes in United States,was thinking that Luc Besson made Nikita in 1990, a movie that inspired the English as Point of No Return (The Assassin), directed by John Badham and starring Bridget Fonda.
    So I do see a Fonda connection of French to English film. I just found the Henry Fonda film I been looking to see for years , online at Showcase – The Petrified Forest Henry Fonda,Bogart and Lauren Bacall, this was LIve TV , that must have been a ride , no retakes there.

  11. You’re simple mervelous!

  12. The haircut is perfect. The French always do the best. Keep it for the future. Refined, modern, timeless, smart…you.

  13. A movie set is a dance too! How you stay in character while all these people stand just outside of a shot is not something I understand. I know that Garbo liked everyone behind a screen -or at least that is the story. Very nice to contrast this with your on-stage experience as a reader of your blog. Wonderful Post.

  14. Good to hear you’re better. You look fantastic. You’ve got fantastic posture, btw. I suppose from all the ballet, not to mention the workouts, but I think ballet probably gives you better posture back. Makes one look younger too.

    I really can’t wait to see the film.
    Take care

  15. Jane,

    The other day they were showing Sunday in New York on TCM and I remembered what a crush I had on you when it came out (I was 16!) and how I feel in love with New York after seeing the film. Here’s it is, over 45 years later and you look better than you did then, and, through your blog, I’m falling in love with Paris!

    Take care — and show them what a real pro can do!


  16. did i post? hum i thinck, it didn’t work, so just passing by, with a big thank and wishing you a very nice evening,i know, i know, nothing very original, but very sincere,sometimes i would feel like writing in french , much more easy, donc encore plein de bonnes émotions sur ce tournage, et un super séjour à Paris,France, is your second land, you’re in a certain way a french actress, for example extraordinary performance in la curée, la ronde to from Vadim, witty interviews of the time , you were living in France! in anticipate pleasure of reading you, have nice stay in Paris, a kiss to Tullea!

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