For information on purchasing or leasing the loft please contact Niki Paris or Kevin Steward at 404 377 2869, niki @, or visit their website at .

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This is my entry “hall.” To me it is a womb with a narrow birth channel and then you enter the wide open sunny loft to be born again.

Looking into the kitchen

That is the door to a guest bedroom. I collect the great vernacular artist, Thornton Dial.

This is my bedroom. One-of-a-kind bed. There’s a mirror under that oval canopy with wooden tassels. I’m the only person I know with a glass fireplace! The light from the fire bounces off it and reflects and is gorgeous.

That’s a Thornton Dial animal bench

The loft has the most amazing view of Atlanta’s skyline—and a beautiful sky line it is! When the sun rises the buildings turn pink. And sunsets can be spectacular.

All photos are by Nathan Martin:

Anyone who wants more information on purchasing or leasing the loft to contact Laura Crumley, at [email protected] – 404-475-6026 or Tina Hunsicker at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty – 404-931-3944.

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  1. I’m so glad that you have taken this inspiring initiative. How exciting to see the next chapter of your life unfold and to hear about the upcoming films! What a grand loft, btw 🙂

    Change can be bittersweet. I just moved home to Louisiana from Birmingham with my year old Irish Setter, Connor. We’re lending aid to the oil spill damage/recovery efforts on the coast.

    How is Tulea adapting to all of the excitement? I was hoping Connor would get to meet her! It was a treat sharing a seat across the aisle flying back to Atl from NY.

    Have fun in Paris!

    Btw, I recently read this book by a tenacious French activist: “To Hell and back – The Life of Samira Bellil” Thumbs up!!

  2. First let me say I have a painting by your dad, which is hung here at my home in Kona, Hawaii (tho we will be taking it to our second home in San Luis Obispo next month) It is of a jacket on a coat rack, you donated it many many years ago and we bought it at a charity event.
    Secondly, its interesting to note that you went modern or contempory in your new digs – so did I on my second home – maybe its an age thing, I am around the same age as you. I love mine, do hope you love and enjoy yours.
    Adele McGee

  3. The art.
    This reaffirms how little we really know about you.
    Besides the Warhol, can you tell me the names of the other artists. The collection is breathtaking and the loft so elegantly displayed the pieces.
    My love to you.

    • Most paintings are by Thorton Dial. There’s also an art lamp by Frank Geary

      • I am a big Thornton Dial fan too! My late uncle, Ben Apfelbaum, was a friend of Dials and has left me several pieces from large paintings to charcoal on paper works. I cannot possibly display or keep it all. Are you ever looking to purchase other Thornton Dial artwork? Do you know folks who are? I hate the thought of these works of beauty sitting in my basement! Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

        • Rebekah,
          I live in Alabama and am starting to collect Thornton Dial works. Please let me know what you have that you might like to sell. My e-mail address is [email protected]. Thanks in advance. richard

  4. your home looks wonderful, a bit like mine, which I just tore down and rebuilt in a very contemporary way. Love it. Also love the painting by Henry Fonda that adorns one wall. Purchased it in 86 from a friend, no regrets there.
    I will enjoy mine, you yours!!
    Adele McGee

  5. I just finished watching “Sunday in New York”…loved it and decided to google ‘Jane Fonda’. And I found your blog! How fun to read it and see your photos of Paris. One of my favorite movies is “On Golden Pond” – just love every moment of that movie. Another favorite is “Barefoot in the Park”. You were so beautiful and still are, inside and out. I am so glad you continue to make movies… Blessings to you.

  6. You really did a disservice to your fans when you didn’t do much after Monster. I saw Monster 3x and the film made my day…yes, a simple and perhaps uncomplicated film did this for me. Made me happy, made me laugh out loud. I kept waiting for you to do something else….and you didn’t. Of course you may not have wanted to do more film and as you say the roles were not there and Monster was an excellent film with great writing and premise. I wanted to see the same face on the screen as in Monster and now we cannot ever get this. But you will continue to wow filmgoers with the future. I wish you and Ted could have gone the distance…he really was/is your type. You are a Zoomer! Wish I had just a fraction of your opportunities….Go, girl and Peace be with You. Always.

  7. What a stunning space. The colors are soothing and elegant. Just gorgeous.

  8. One of my favorite loft spaces in Atlanta.

  9. Thank you for introducing me to the artwork of Thorton Dial – it has encouraged me that he is a self taught artist.

  10. Jane, I have tried everything. This is the last place i can think of that maybe you will look.
    I love your most recent hair-do, as I have loved all your others. However at this time in muy life, I prefer to go shorter, and I just love your new do. I live in Atlanta, and was wondering if you got your new style at one of the salons here. I would so appreciate it if you could pass it along with the name of the hairdresser that did your hair.
    Thank you and it woulod be most appreciated.

    • Hair done by Matthew Shield at Sally Hearshberger in LA

  11. OMG – right out of Architectural Digest. Needless to say I couldn’t afford one of the closets, but it costs nothing to admire your sancturary. BTW, saw you on Oprah yesterday – besides looking fab, your comments re: the 3rd act struck a chord. I’ll be 61 next month and am struggling (maybe I should say endeavoring?) to become the person I want to be. Thanks for being such an inspiration. And I’m looking forward to your new DVDs – would you believe I have ALL of your ‘original’s from the 80’s? All the best.

  12. i have a couple of painting,s done by your dad had no idea he was a great artist

  13. This loft is a long way from the one in Barefoot in the Park, one of my all time favorites 🙂 Just thought I’d share. Have a great Day.

  14. You have a beautiful apartment and glad that you maintain an apartment in the South. We are glad to have you here. I also really appreciate the art that you collect. I have recently started an outsider collection with Mose T’s, Jimmy Sudduth, Clementine Hunter and of course a few Dials. For great photography from an artist originally from Alabama, but now at the Corcoran in D.C. is William Christenberry. You might want to look into him, I believe you will really enjoy his works and shows (mostly found at different museums). His sculptures are great, but too expensive for me, but his photos are truly inspirational. Best of luck.


    • Thorton Dial…one of the greatest rtists of the @0th (and now 21st centuries.

      • On a recent trip to Atlanta, I saw the great Thornton Dial show at the High Museum, and I can say that I went because of this blog. It has effected me and my panorama photos in a big way, for the better I’m sure. He puts his heart and soul into his work. I’m getting to rely on the High to see the best black artists’ art.

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