For information on purchasing or leasing the loft please contact Niki Paris or Kevin Steward at 404 377 2869, niki @, or visit their website at .

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This is my entry “hall.” To me it is a womb with a narrow birth channel and then you enter the wide open sunny loft to be born again.

Looking into the kitchen

That is the door to a guest bedroom. I collect the great vernacular artist, Thornton Dial.

This is my bedroom. One-of-a-kind bed. There’s a mirror under that oval canopy with wooden tassels. I’m the only person I know with a glass fireplace! The light from the fire bounces off it and reflects and is gorgeous.

That’s a Thornton Dial animal bench

The loft has the most amazing view of Atlanta’s skyline—and a beautiful sky line it is! When the sun rises the buildings turn pink. And sunsets can be spectacular.

All photos are by Nathan Martin:

Anyone who wants more information on purchasing or leasing the loft to contact Laura Crumley, at [email protected] – 404-475-6026 or Tina Hunsicker at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty – 404-931-3944.

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  1. It really is beautiful, thanks for letting me see it. But how do you get those big couches through the narrow “birth channel” hall? I guess only a woman would know 😀 x

  2. that is beautiful Jane Fonda! I love how you compared the entryway to a womb. I’m a huge fan of your work and I love that your twitter icon is your mugshot. you’re an inspiration to feminists and bloggers everywhere.

  3. I have to say, that must be one of the most stunning apartments I have ever seen. What magnificent taste you have!

  4. What a gorgeous place! I’ve never heard of a glass fireplace and can imagine it’s quite intriguing to watch the fire interact with the material.

  5. What a very beautiful home. I hate to see you leave Atlanta, but life is a journey. And your life is certainly more interesting than most.
    The best to you.

  6. Fantastic! Did you use a local designer? I have had the hardest time finding people to help me with my Atlanta place.

  7. It’s just lovely, and very tastefully done. I love the simple lines, and the light, airy feel.

  8. Jane, you’re a goddess, so I will tread carefully, and with the hope that I’ll make you smile.

    It’s a stunning residence – awe inspiring. My only criticism is the opening phrase .

    “This is my entry ‘hall.’ To me it is a womb with a narrow birth channel and then you enter the wide open sunny loft to be born again.”

    I speak from experience. Birth channels are only narrow before the birth. After wards they look like a slaughterhouses sluice. xx

  9. How beautiful, it looks like a spread from
    Architectural Digest. Am glad you will be making movies again, I enjoyed your last two. The French film coming up sounds especially interesting.

  10. NIce view Jane , both inside and out.
    I had a few frist part time jobs out of Graduate School , one was waorking in a Fine Furniture or high end furniture store , the other was working in a Fashion Design college.

    Having earn both a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting and a Masters in Educational Media both jobs wer in my gerenal area of studies.

    The furniture store was very well known , in was in the Sundays LA Calender every Sunday, concerning the new works. The store was once a lagre Sears store, in the 50’s , I recall and was often used as a field trip by the Art schools in the area. The store was later taken over and became Danica , owned by Robinson’s. I do enjoy good Furniture and this looks like your use of space and color is right on the money.

    Some interestng people work in furnture , one of a kind work , McCabe the guitar making, make wonderful one of a kind works of furnture and Harrison Ford is a Cabinet makers that make s individual pieces of furniture. I truly wonderful place to create and live, I m sure ,having been homeless for a long time now I do have a point of view of space. good photo work as well , tells the story.

  11. Dear Jane: yor house is a beutifull home. I hope that you enjoy it. Kisses and thanks for to bring us part of you life. God bless you.

  12. Jane, write me into your will.;-)

  13. Jane,

    All I can say is, Wow!

  14. Spectacular!!! You have impeccable taste. The glass FP is awesome!

    hate to see you go….Carey

  15. It is lovely but .. reminds me of an ocean liner.

  16. Dear Jane,

    So when are you going to invite me over to give me a personal walk though tour?

    Best Wishes,


  17. Your loft is so beautiful and full of light everywhere. Good luck on your move. Change is good.

  18. OMG! Unbelievably stunning!! Love the Andy Warhol prints on the wall.

    • Wow, Jane, what a gorgeous apartment! I can understand why you would find it difficult to leave the place.

      But good luck with finding a buyer and a new place in Los Angeles.

      Are producers stupid! I know that you’re wanting to make movies, again, and I’m not even a producer. Where is your agent? Isn’t it their job to promote you and get the word out that you are available? If you don’t work, they don’t make a commission, right?

  19. Have you ever been featured in ‘Architectural Digest’? I am sure you must have been – I seem to recall an article from a few years back.

    The loft photographs very well and I must admit to some surprise at how clean and minimalist it is – I am not sure what I was expecting, but I have to say I like the curves and the room heights. The windows too are stunning. Truly a very peaceful, restful place.

    Someone is going to be an awfully lucky buyer.

  20. Heavens! That’s stunning.

  21. very cool, jane, like living in a melon. where’s the Orgasmatron? 😉

    love, karyn

  22. I bet there’s plenty of atmosphere that can be created here at night with all the halogen lighting.

  23. My whole apartment is a 3rd of the size of your bedroom. Your place is bigger than my university library. I’ll pay you $350.00 a month to stay there.

  24. I think you should just lease it and not sell… you said you love it so and one never knows…you may want to come back to it one day. Whatever happens I wish you the best. Thanks for sharing.
    PS: If you do sell be sure to find that someone who loves it as much as you [email protected]!

  25. Wow — that is the most stunning apartment I’ve ever seen. I love the colours; the white, pink and beige. And all the lovely curves and lines. Very uplifting and spiritual. Beautiful.

  26. A baker’s paradise. I don’t think I’ve never seen a residential kitchen with two ovens.

  27. Hi Jane,
    Good luck with the move to L.A. As cabin crew I sometimes fly to LA and we stay in Redondo Beach and I absolutely LOVE, during the week, to rent a bicycle and ride along the beach from Redondo to Venice and back. It’s fantastic. So peaceful during the week and you cannot believe that behind those houses and dunes lies one of America’s largest cities. Other than that I really don’t know LA, but it seems a bit daunting. But you’ve lived there before, so you know how it is. Will you live near the beach? I’ll wave when I pass by on my bike 🙂

    All the best
    ps still haven’t managed Atlanta yet, but I guess there’s one less reason for me to go there now.

    • I have done that bike ride many many times, Jason. This time I’ll live in West Hollywood. Less of a trek to get to where I need to be. Won’t be there much, though. I’m filming in Paris in June and another movie in upstate NY in July, August. xx

  28. Jane!

    Oh you’re one of my big inspirations in life. Your book was so empowering. Thanks for sharing your journey with such radical honesty. Hoping someday to meet you. Safe travels.


  29. Dear Jane –

    I enjoy your blog very much. If you are so inclined – I would love to hear all about your relationship with Andy Warhol (and having your portrait done by him).


    • I knew Andy prety well. Got to know him during my first marriage to Roger Vadim. Then, when I was married to politician Tom Hayden, I asked Andy to do my portrait so we could auction them off to raise money for Tom’s Senate campaign. Thanks god they weren’t all sold. I kept the very valuable artist’s proofs…the ones that are different than all the others. Sitting for him was fun. He used an enormous antique poleroid camera, painted my face with clown white makeup and chose the red white and blue one as the main print that he made 100 lithographs of because he said he thought me a true patriot.

  30. OMG Jane! Your loft is killer! What astounding artistic gifts you have. Love all the art – the walls, the animal benches, the cactus(cactii?) on the tables, the Andy Warhols (I’m sure there’s an interesting story there), the lavender touch, the sensuous swirls, the bedroom and on and on.

    So, you’ll be registering to vote in California soon?

    • That’s right. Holy smokes! Gotta register to vote and change my drivers license and…whew!

  31. Living in both London and Manhattan I suddenly wish I lived in Atlanta! Pink is rarely warm and difficult to work with, but in your loft it actually warms the space up. I was excited to see all of the photos just by your womb reference. It was probably the most creative and inviting entrance hall i have ever viewed. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your loft. As everyone else had said, it is stunning, so light, airy and looks like it would be great for just relaxing or, on the other hand, hosting a party.

    Good luck selling/leasing it quickly.

    So you may not want to share this, but I was wondering if you and Richard will get a place together or if you want a place of your own? In any case, I hope that you find a home in California as beautiful as the one you are leaving in Atlanta.

    • I have been shacked up at Richard’s for 9 months. That word, Shacked up, makes me laugh. It’s so not what I expected at my age. But nw I have rented a small place of my own. I have so many books and I need a space to out my personal stuff though I left my furniture in Atlanta in case the loft is rented. I can see Richard’s place from my back window though. maybe I’l get a telescope!!

  33. This place is amazing ! No wonder it’s so hard for you to leave Atlanta. It must have been wonderful living in a place like this. Makes me want to refurbish my appartement 🙂
    Last year I had booked a flight to Atlanta and had to cancel it due to problems with my back (economy class at almost 6′ feet tall is hell, when you’re in trouble with the back…).
    I know one day I’ll make it to this town, in the meantime I’ll keep looking at lovely pictures and reading posts about Atlanta 🙂 Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • It is a womb, yes, with the birth channel and everything. That’s how I thought of it when I designed it.

  34. Lovely place, Jane! The light at different times during the day adds so much to its appeal! I can see why you would hate to leave it!:( Maybe you’ll end up leasing it so you can hold onto it! Thanks for sharing these photos with us! I’m so excited about the film you’ll be doing in France…please continue your comments about things that go on during the filming! I enjoyed your comments so much about the funny and unusual things that happened to you while you were doing the play!!

    You’ll always have a “little bit” of Georgia in you wherever you go! You know that, don’t you? I’m excited for you whatever you do!:)

    I usually sign S.King, but I decided to start using my first name too!

  35. Jane, I have been thinking about your Atlanta loft. When you’re 80, you might not want to make movies, anymore. That loft would be a great place to retire to. If I were you, I would keep it, rent it out and get a smaller place in LA so that producers know that you’re still in the game.

    I know that LA agents tell their actors to live in LA but, let’s face it, so many established actors live in New York, or in states other than California, and they still work.

    Your place is too beautiful to give up. You might regret it, some day, if you do sell it.

  36. Interesting that you like the smooth hyper-modern curvilinear look in the walls and floor but the textured collage type art work and sculptures, as I also saw at the old G-CAPP. It is kind of like an art gallery design. The lamp shades are surprisingly plain and old fashioned. I have one just like the ones next to your bed. I remember NY in the 70’s as lofts were very popular, and one I visited had a circular staircase. It was really cool to live in a loft! I think they were designed for partying, for entertaining lots of people. Funny how everything goes in stages…I first saw your house when it was under construction, and now it goes on the market to close out the decade. I am sure you will make many more cool movies all over the world in the decade to come!

  37. Wow nice loft!

    Well I am glad to hear that you are coming back to the big screen. As far as I am concerned you committed the biggest crime in movie history when you decided to retire many years ago. It’s been agony for both audiences and the industry itself. What were you thinking; a larger than life talented actor and remarkable human being like you does not retire… ever lol!!

    But welcome back I hope you will also produce your own films like you used to and cast (in one of them at least) your incredibly talented son who more than deserves to be a A list actor.

    Good luck with your new life in LA Jane…


    • So sweet Jean Francois. I won’t be producing my own films anymore. It takes too long and I am not so young to have all that time. Your words make me happy. Thanks

      • Oh wow vous avez répondu a mon message je suis flatté! Merci Jane ! J’attends maintenant avec impatience votre nouveau livre, vos nouveaux films et vos nouveaux fitness DVD’s.

  38. SO excited you’re making another movie!!! … AND its with Catherine Keener! You’ll be so great together! All the best for your move and time in France! Your loft is absolutely beautiful!(love the floor-to-ceiling book case) but its your ranch I’d struggle to tear myself away from!) Something I’ve been meaning to ask is whether you think writing your blog has had any affect on your life/career? Just curious. Very happy for you.

  39. Jane, I’m a 30 year old male born and raised outside the New Orleans area and lived in Atlanta for many years. I grew up with your material… from the work out tapes and the movies, like 9-5. As a child my mother had your stuff all over the house – and to this day she loves you.

    Let me be the first to say, I truly think you have found the Fountain of Youth. I met you years ago at a fund raiser in Atlanta and I thought you were 25 to 30 years younger.

    I’ve loved your work, I love your energy and spirit and truly think you have helped change a great part of this country for the better.

    Much Love and Respect!

    Dennis Branch

  40. Lovely & serene……

  41. Hi Jane,

    I’m wondering if Eve Ensler has seen your womb in Atlanta, and if so, what did she think?

  42. Jane back in California. Jerry Brown running for Gov! I’m 11 and happily so. West Hollywood, like San Francisco, will never forget the work you did with Harvey Milk against Briggs. Welcome back Jane!
    More Jane Fonda movies! I sense I may be able to take my parents to see 33 Variations at some point in Los Angeles (?); I enjoyed seeing it in NYC. Again I welcome you back to CA!

  43. I cannot believe (yes I can; it is YOU) how utterly beautiful your Atlanta home is/was. And I am glad you will be making movies again. We missed your movies, that is for sure. Just as Jean Francois said.
    I just bragged about your loft apartment, Jane Fonda, to my penpals in Haarlem, Ntherlands. I think it is exquisitely feminine. A loft is a cold wide open room. But you turned your space into a wonderful home in which to live and entertain!! All of the comments are great too, of course. Thank you for being you!

  44. I’m sure it’s difficult to leave such a beautiful home near family but look forward to the new adventure. My favorite part of your home is the wall of books around the fireplace. I’m such a book nut that I can’t imagine not being surrounded by my books. I can’t imagine people who have no books!! Looking forward to ANY films you do.

  45. I am totally honored to meet you. 🙂

    LOVE your loft! It is so comforting and warm.

    Best of luck to you. Please post pics of your new home, too. 🙂

  46. Love the Thornton Dial works! You have wonderful taste in art.

  47. Jane –
    Your loft is simply amazing!
    I love the Poncey Highlands neighborhood.
    I hope it sells/leases quickly!

    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting you at the Monster-In-Law premiere/fundraiser for GCAPP.

    Although you’ll be in CA, I can’t imagine the events without you! Will you be returning for them?

  48. Jane,

    Atlanta will miss your wisdom. You are a heroine to so many of us in our late 30’s and 40’s. Most of my circle of friends have seen EVERY Jane Fonda film there is (many times) and have read your books of course with fascination. We feel very close to you and yet we’ve never met. As a neighbor of yours, I can say I certainly wish I didn’t have a house I already adore so I could buy your loft. It is gorgeous. We, of course, ride by your building often and salute you.

    We are looking for a second home in West Hollywood as well and considering a massive renovation on one of the bird streets. Hope to run into you there!

    You will be missed,


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