Grapes of Wrath Opera

This is going to be a powerful event. So much talent. There’s the 160 member Collegiate Chorale with members from eighty-year-olds to high school students. There’s the 62 member American Symphony Orchestra. There’s the script by Michael Korie based on John Steinbeck’s book and the music by Ricky Ian Gordon. There’s Nathan Gunn playing Tom Joad and Victoria Clark as Ma Joad and Christine Ebersole as Mae the waitress. All so powerful and (alas) timely. I feel honored to be part of it. I went to lunch today with Christine Ebersole and Michael Korie and they are both so utterly fascinating and profound. I’m sick and on antibiotics but I know I’ll feel better tomorrow and, even if I don’t, I am so glad I agreed to be in this. Dad would be happy. There’ll be more photos tomorrow. I have lots of friends coming.

Ted Sperling conducting

The American Symphony Orchestra and the Collegite Chorale

See you then

For more info and to purchase tickets please visit:

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  1. Jane you seem to be workholics.You may have benefitted from zen meditation course which you did in Maxico last year.Perhaps it seems you follow Zen literally like ‘Eat while you eating and sleep while you are sleeping.’Everything just you do it without attaching any tag to it.It seems that you got the “secret” to tap energy from the cosmos.

  2. Break a leg! Wish I was there, but have just come back from Miami and to go back to the States again today would be difficult.
    Hope it all goes well.

  3. Get enough rest Jane.

  4. I cannot express how much your dad’s film affected a 10-year old boy just beginning to learn about the truth and lies that make up the “American Dream” back in 1960. I was a quick study, and I have been involved in most of the activist movements of the last 50 years. Every time I think about his concluding lines, “look in their eyes ma, and you will see me there” (paraphrase), it gives me sustenance to carry on. Thank-you for continuing on the tradition. Now go gulp more vitamins so you can knock ’em out tonight. Love you.

  5. Gosh Jane — what a great thing that you can honor your father this way. He will be so proud; I hope that you can feel it! I know that he will love that you are doing this. How blessed you are to have this opportunity. I know that you will feel a special power from doing this.
    You go girl!!
    Enjoy! and relish this moment

  6. I see you chose not to post my criticism of the quality of Ms. Fonda’s narration during the concert version of “Grapes of Wrath” at Carnegie Hall on March 22. Is criticism not acceptable on her blog?

    • Dear Barry, I do post criticisms on my blog as regular follower of my blog know. Honestly, I never saw your criticism and would appreciate your resending it. Thank you. Jane

  7. Miss Fonda, I was in New York City when I bought a ticket to the Grapes of Wrath concert. You did a super job with your narration, and I can’t imagine anyone criticizing you…but what I loved most was how you, too, seemed enthralled and captivated by the singers and the narration. I loved your black dress, too–you looked beautiful! It was a “thrill” for this country mouse!

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