December 23

It was a really good party from all reports. Two reasons, I think: There were many but not too many people and they had the time and room to really talk. Also, it was a mixture of Richard’s friends and mine, so there was more diversity than usual—at least that’s what a number of people told us the next day. “Blended rolodexes,” is how one friend put it. That sounds like a line from “Up In The Air.” There were people who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Ok so I’ll name drop: My old pal, Warren Beatty, was there as was Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Hugh Grant, Quincy Jones, Robbie Robertson, Frankie Valli (on whom “Jersey Boys” was based), Kevin Spacey among others, Sean had a brilliant idea and invited his friend, Mickey Avalon, to come up with his girlfriend, whose name I didn’t catch.

Me with Mickey Avalon and his girlfriend

Richard had Mickey’s “Do The Jane Fonda” song on one of his compilations so he put it on, Mickey sang to it and I danced. It was pretty cool and soon everyone was doing the Jane Fonda. It makes me feel young and hip to have a song with my name in the title. It was very gratifying because everyone—young and old, from the right and the left—seemed to have a good time.

Happy New Year and See you next time.

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  1. Just one question-with all the visiting and it being the holidays with friends and family-little is written about your brother-as your family gets larger and your brother’s family does too-does it create a separation-a creation of another branch on the Fonda trunk???

  2. Hi, Jane. I wish you all the best for 2010. I hope it is your best year, yet.

    Lots of love
    From Philip Cairns in Toronto

  3. Post Holiday Greetings Jane and Richard!
    My birthday is 12/19/53. I want to thank you for sharing your Holiday happiness with me!! It was REALLY NICE of you to send me some! I spent these Holidays all alone without a card or phone call from friends or family. I feel akin to Richard in a way, because I have not had a tree or too much “famfare” either for a long time now. I did receive a few wishes from friends(like YOU!)this year. I thank God for the internet! While I may be used to suffering my lonely fate, it does not get any easier as time goes by…
    The economy has fizzled here in the middle of nowhere.(Spread Eagle, WI) I trusted the wrong people and find myself completely destitute. Prospects are not good here and Winter here is very long and VERY cold! I do not even like to leave this house… I am staying with a friend who is also 55 and alone. We have been friends since High School. If not for my friend here, I would be living on the streets… and not very well either! Haha! I am lucky to have internet access. Anyway…
    My boredom and frustration here led me to Chicago and the auditions for America’s Got Talent on October 17th!! I left here without even enough money to park my car or to buy gas to get back… I had to borrow small change to even get out of town! Jane, I believe that God was smiling on me that day. I got to Chicago at 1 AM Saturday morning (the 17th) and managed to find an empty space right next to McCormick Place! I didn’t sleep at all that night though. The next morning, I was standing in line when the camera crew came out and told the guy in line next to me not to be surprised when the girl stopped to interview me… and she DID! I sang a few lines for her there and then went inside. I was placed right up front and the girl who interviewed me was there with cameras. I am in two photos taken by the Chicago NBC affiliate that day.
    I finally made it to where they listen to singers… and when I started to sing, the judge stopped me and asked me to sing something else. I did and he stopped me again… and then all the others in the room took their turns. After we all filed out, I was sent right back in to audition again!! I am waiting now to hear from the shows producers. Jane, I just have a really good feeling about this that I cannot explain…
    Sorry to write so much, but you have inspired me to write this for you because I read all your letters entralled with fascination! I actually shed a tear when I read about your tree and all the meticulous care that went into such a temporary thing. I shed a tear because I used to do that very same thing with my sons.
    Jane, I broke my back while working on construction at McCormick Place in 1985. My whole life changed that day. Before my ex-wife took my sons and left me, I used to go out with my four sons and actually cut down a tree in the woods… and I have not had that kind of fun ever again since my sons were forced to move away to Louisiana in 1991. Oh waah, such is life…
    THANKS for being friendly! I am actually awake at 4 in the morning when you send this to me because I am in constant pain and don’t sleep much. I am hoping you kids will vote for me if I do manage to make it to America’s Got Talent next season! I will be the guy singing slightly older songs by people I am sure you like. (if you like Tony Bennett and other songs from the 60’s, etc.) I hope this helps me later in life! hehe hehe Please be careful when you have more fun later, ok?
    Lawrence Mark (Olson)
    ps.. I have twin sons named Rory and Lucas.
    Yes, that makes me the Father of the Olson Twins!
    (I also thank God I can still crack myself up with this silly joke!)

    • You’re a funny guy, Lawrence…ha ha funny, I mean. I pray the audition went well. What a story!! If you make it to “America Got Talent” let me know so I can watch. Stay Strong (and warm). xx Jane

  4. Hi Jane,

    First of all: a belated ‘Happy Birthday’. I was in India, then in Wales and I had no internet connection (unheard of these days, huh?). Anyway, I thought this year would be a special one for me seeing that, due to your blog, I could actually send you birthday wishes at all and on the day!! Well, hopefully next year.
    Like you I am at the beginning of a new decade (I turned 40 in November!) so it’ll be exciting to see what it all brings.

    And Happy New Year. I hope Twenty Ten will be good to you and your loved ones.

    Loved hearing about the tree decorating. Have you ever thought of writing fiction? You are so good with words. What actually are you not good at??? ha, ha.

    Anyway, look forward to more riveting blogs in 2010.

    Best regards

  5. Beloved Jane,

    Happy HAPPY New Year!!!

    Buckets of love and joy and health to you and your loved ones, if we cover that, the year might look downhill from there.

    I so much enjoy reading your chronicles, they make me smile and dream. What a LOVELY time of your life you are going through now, a wonderful and amazing partner, the unconditional love of your children, the melting pot of joy that are your grandchildren, the laughter of really good friends, scrumptious food, and music, ohhh that’s just too sweet.

    Everyone I know seems to have started the year in a really positive jibe, which after the horrid decade behind us, I think is just peachy, that no matter what our current situation is, (jobless or money tight) we are all pulling the PLUS wagon, I was looking at a photo that came out in the press, where President Obama is having a Snow Cone in his Christmas Holiday BREAK in Hawaii, that photo alone made my day, oh, how I love our President, and his wife and their girls.

    Mexico (my country of origin) on the other hand is crumbling into many small pieces, between our failed goverment and the Narco violence and the absolute disdane of the wealthy towards the poor and needy, breaks my heart.

    I have always said, that the problem with the mexicans, son los mexicans themselves.

    Anyway Jane dear, have a BLAST of a New HAPPY year, I am sure you will, but I just want to send my wish for you up to the universe.

  6. It was so interesting to read about your party and your Christmas tree! I was thrilled you HAD a tree and got a real one! Artificial ones are fine too. They have improved in their appearance in recent years, but a real one is always special. Their fragrance can fill a room to add to the holiday cheer! Most people around here take their trees to a place where they can be ground into chips to be used as mulch after they take them down! I’m glad that has gotten to be popular so they won’t end up in land fills.

    Your ornaments and lights must have been beautiful on your tree! Do you have a pic? I had to laugh a little when you described how you and Richard were putting the ornaments on the tree! It’s a BIG job, if one is interested in placing them evenly distributed over the whole tree..but it’s so worth the effort! The thing I like most about a tree is that it seems to be a symbol of hope. There it stands in a room looking colorful and sparkling all over….. giving happiness and enjoyment to all who enter!

    I applaud you for continuing Christmas traditions you enjoyed as a child! Hopefully, your children and grandchildren appreciate this!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

  7. Hi Jane!

    I just wanted you to know that I do the Jane Fonda (and love Mickey Avalon’s song!). I got in shape for my first-ever full-length movie role by doing the Jane Fonda! It’s fun, and I haven’t found a better at-home workout! I still keep it up, every 2 days!

    Thank you for inspiring many gals to get off their asses, motivate themselves, and get healthy!

    Happy New Years!

    Jennilee Murray

  8. I’ve known Richard for 20 years Jane. and ur trainers while I lofted at Voight…lol. tall blonde? can’t remember. I love all Teds shit like best bud Joe hartwick…my bud.

    Jane. have fun babe, ur my goal as a natural beauty. I’m honored to have ur name critisized for being so far from as classy! I love Richard and all we know at the end of our lives is” were we happy”? I trained your dads flight attendent chick…..she was happy….why?????

    mickey avelon..we got dicks like jesus!

  9. lauren! that was her name! I loved her…and miss her. Ur a classic beauty, talent…real talent and u have balls my girl. ask richard. we both have dicks like jesus! my girl. plus, richard knows I can kick his old pals in tennis any day!

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