James Earl Jones saw the show tonight with his wife and they came backstage after. I had not seen them since 1994 in Moscow where we were for the CNN/TBS (Ted Turner’s vision) Goodwill Games. He looks teriffic as does his wife. They loved the show and were full of bravos for Zach Grenier who plays Beethoven.

Also backstage came the beautiful red head twins, Kimberly (my Pilates teacher) and Katherine with their husbands.

They are the nicest women. If everyone in the world had their moral fiber we’d be in good shape.

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  1. Saw the show last week when we were up in NYC from the wilds of Canada — thought the show, the cast and you were great!! I’m so glad others who had seen the show had spread the word. Congratulations all!

  2. Jane you are glowing!!! I can only imagine your joy every day as you perform your heart out and then embrace those who love you. Now, here’s a shallow question…what lipstick are you wearing in today’s photos??

  3. Wow! What a delightful surprise to find *my* pilates instructors smiling out from your blog. My classes are private (..er… well… alone in my living room on my i-phone), so it’s shocking to realize that these lovely teachers have other students at all, let alone students like you!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. If you’re not busy Monday night, try to see
    Four Score and More at Alice Tully Hall.
    James Earl Jones narrates A Lincoln Portrait,
    as your father did. It’s a rousing, patriotic
    program – very enjoyable – and only lasts 1
    hour. It’s wonderful to have you in the city –
    but it’s too bad you don’t have the time to
    take in all the goodies…. I loved your play –
    saw it St Paddie’s day.

  5. Jane,

    I think it would be nice if more people had moral fiber in general.

    It’s so lovely to read that all these people are coming to see the show. Looks like you have a great support system.


  6. Hi Jane
    I love the photo with James Earl Jones.And your mention of the Goodwill Games.That was such a wonderful creation by Ted Turner,and i remember the last one,held in New York.
    I hope the Chinese gymnast,who was hurt,had recovered.

  7. I like your hat! tres tres chic πŸ˜‰

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