So here is what I dreamed last night: I invited Mrs Robinson, Michele Obama’s mother, and her granddaughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, to White Castle where I introduced them all to the tasty mini burgers. The girls loved them. I was very solicitous of them because we were in a small resort on an island made of sand which risked sinking (pretty obvious metaphor there!!) The girls were en route to school with their grandmother and I found their backpacks unbelievably heavy with books. I said to myself, “these private schools ought to get hip to the danger of their young students sinking under such unresonable weight.”

So that was last night. Today I went. To the Hospital of Special Surgery for a. Cortisone shot cause I tore my Labrum (like Arod!) Using the walker the wrong way in my play (“33 variations.”) –totally my fault. I feel like a new person today but last night I used a cane, even for curtain call. Wonder if people just thought I am an over-the-board Method actress!!
All’s well that ends well.

Oh yes, the interview I did with Elizabeth Lesser on Oprah’s radio show will air Monday March 30th at 1pm and will be re-aired that same day at 7pm.

See you next time. I want to talk about how things about the play come to me in my dreams.

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  1. I was just wondering if you ever had dreams about messing up in the play or dreaming that you are onstage and can’t remember your lines. I have had dreams about my dancing days and I would dream that I was up on stage and had no idea of what I was doing. I would be in such a panic and when I woke up I was so incredibly relieved!

  2. Dear Jane,
    Am amazed at your energy. Wish I stay strong wen am at your age.
    May God give you the longest life and toughest courage to explore more into all your efforts.


  3. So, you want to save Michelle and the kids from the sinking White House? :p

    Or do you feel that the play you’re in depends too much on you for its success? Or maybe the dream is about something in your personal life we don’t know anything about. Or probably, a combination (never share a dream with a psychotherapist if you don’t want an opinion).

    Does your injury relate to the broken ankle you had years ago?

  4. yo ms. fonda…..we went to see your play again on saturday night, this was a gift to my friends. again another magnificent evening at the theatre.

    hey….you’re in new york, do as we do when we have remarkable dreams, play the lottery. i don’t know…..think of #s, ask a new yorker how to play, and go with it…

    always the best to you…….

  5. Hi Jane,

    Very interesting dream…..White castle, now I am going to have a craving all day! Hope you feel better 🙂

  6. Dear Jane, I wonder if the heavy book bags in your dream, indicate the girls (all our young girls) sinking under the weight of the patriarchal ideas, and you and the grandmother are aware of it.

    So does the question then becomes, how do we live in the new matriarchal ways of being, while the patriarchal ways of living, even though we might love them, are sinking away, as reflected in mini burgers at White Castle.

    Where is the wisdom to replace our current way of living, we might love it, but it’s sinking and ultimately destructive.

    This is the question for our modern era. The old ways of power and destruction don’t work, but the new way, the feminine way, the inclusive way, has not yet been realized in our culture.

    Just some ideas. thanks for reading.
    Best regards,

  7. White Castle? Lol. Next you’ll be taking Oprah shopping at Target. Ha!

    I’ve always enjoyed your movies but never really considered myself a “fan”. But, I have to tell you, I have really enjoyed your blog. As a mom of 7, I doubt I will make it to Broadway anytime soon but I feel like I am experiencing it vicariously through your blog. And surely, if I ever do make it, I won’t be backstage with Jane and James Earl Jones…so maybe this is better! Thank you for the experience.

    P.S. I sponsor a kids group and we did a skit this past weekend…not Broadway but we did get a standing ovation!

  8. I know it’s an aside (in your dream) but you hit on one of my pet peeves…. the weight of children’s backpacks! They’re supposed to be no more than 10-15% of the child’s weight. I weighed my 6th grade son’s backpack once and it weighed almost 30 pounds. He’s always had to carry way too many books. They can do serious damage to their necks and backs carrying that kind of weight. To his embarrassment, I pick him up now at school to save him one trip anyway….!

  9. Dear Jane,

    What a trooper you are! Doing how many shows in pain?
    Sorry to hear about the labrum tear, as I know how painful they are. Thankful for the relief of cortisone shots,but you must be careful not to Overdue as the pain subsides. Good to hear you have excellent care, what a difference it makes. I’m sure you are a good patient, and follow the doctors recommendations.
    I’ll be praying for a full and speedy recovery.
    What an interesting dream. I agree our students even in public schools are weighed down with books. Many students have developed neck, back, and shoulder problems because of it.
    Look forward to the interview on the 30th.

    Stay Well,

  10. Oh man, I’m sorry, but you had me laughing at the first line up until the point where you stated which “Mrs. Robinson” you were referring to because for a hot minute I was sure you were speaking of Anne Bancroft. Apparently I just do not read fast enough. I wonder what made you dream about taking Sasha and Malia to White Castle for burgers. Seems so random…and kind of hilarious.

    I hear Cortisone shots are unpleasant. I hope your hip heals fast, I imagine that pain in that area could be quite uncomfortable whilst you’re performing on stage.

    Can’t wait to hear the radio interview!


  11. That dream is rich! A Jungian field day. I was in Jungian analysis for a number of years and was told that all of the people in our dreams our projections of ourselves…so perhaps all of the books in the heavy backpacks carried by the Obama children represent a burden that you are carrying? Just a thought – thanks for sharing your dream…

  12. Ms. Jane I’d say your dream was full of worry and compassion for the Obama’s and the future for all of us
    on this beautiful blue mother earth.
    Your heart is good!
    Hey what about that GREAT organic garden at the
    White House. I’m so loving this Alice W. moment.
    Now that gives me hope! Bless that Garden of Eat’in!
    I’m waiting for the first president to say God Bless Earth
    or God Bless Us All instead of God Bless America.
    Shouldn’t we all be Blessed? One World = Peace
    Glad you are on the mend dear Jane. Being a health
    freak may I suggest the supplement MSM but not with
    the glusimine (sp?) Glusimine can raise blood sugar.
    Which concerns me because they advertise it to the elderly all the time and many need to take care with
    their blood sugar. My opinion please NO ADDS for Drugs on Television. A bunch of drug pushers. IMHO
    Living naturely,
    PS When cortisone is used you are not feeling how you
    really feel so take care with that labrum. We know you
    like to give it all ya gut. So be cool girl!

  13. Beats my dream…..dreamed I was being chased throughout my house by an alligator!!!

  14. Hahahahahahahah!!!! I was cracking up at your dream. Just the thought of Jane Fonda in White Castle with the president’s daughters. Ha!!! But hey let me tell you, those backpacks really do get heavy!

    I hope you’re feeling better after your shot. Feel better! And, keep us updated on your crazy dreams,

  15. Moises, your support system, left you so you got a cane to lean on to replace him.
    Malia and Sasha’s heavy backpacks represent the heavy presssure you surmise they must be under living in the White House, so you try to “lighten the load” by taking them out to some simple, relaxed enjoyment.

  16. The Obama girls are from Chicago and have never been to a white castle? wow…lol

  17. Healthy eating-Michelle Obama is soo good! lol Also, I guess it is hard to find a clean White Castle restaurant in Chicago these days…I havent been in ages.

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