Broadway and Film Debut 1960

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life 1960 page 1
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life 1960 page 1
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  1. Hi Jane, I love the 3 cover stories Life magazine did on you…this is a very special story showing you at your start and how much you respect your father. “Tall Story” is a perfect example that you had a wonderful future in films. I just saw “12 Angry Men” with your dad for the first time and was spellbound at how Henry held the cast together so effortlessly. thanks, Sam.

  2. I have a very fond memory of you, your father and your brother back around 1960? At 22, I was in NYC from my then home MONTREAL and I attended a SUN eve ACTORS FUND performance of the new play BECKET with LAURENCE OLIVIER & ANTHONY QUINN. Afterwards in walking away from the theatre towards BWAY, I noticed the three of you just ahead of me obviously discussing the play and, as much as I would have loved your Father’s autograph- I had seen him in SILENT NIGHT, LONELY NIGHT with BARBARA BEL GEDDES -,I realized this was a private FONDA family moment so merely trailed quietly behind the three of you! So it was of much interest to me in the coming years to see EASY RIDER; THEY SHOOT HORSES; KLUTE; JULIA; COMING HOME;
    ON GOLDEN POND; & ULEE’S GOLD, amongst many other fine FONDA films! Good luck with the play which I hope to get to see before you close in MAY/JUNE!

  3. I am so loving your blog. I thought I’d comment here, in the archives, since I’ve just discovered these older entries/photos. You have written about your father. About missing him through this experience. I love the way you write about him, and how much you are connecting with him now. And these old photos are so sweet. They way you look at him, and the way he looks at you… there is such pride and adoration on both sides. Perhaps the years ahead strained your relationship but certainly underlying is something so sweet that you seem to be touching now. I wonder if you would be interested in speaking with my friend John Edward, who lives in NY. Do you know John? Look him up. He taps into the other side. Very powerfully. Perhaps you are having your own communication with your dad now. I’m certain he is in the theatre every night. I’m also certain that you know that. Regardless, it is lovely getting small tastes of your thoughts of him during this process, and then to see these photos that in some way capture something that is happening now – the two of you, walking the streets of NY, and appreciating each other. I look so forward to being there in a few weeks, and getting caught up in the electricity of this show. Congratulations!

  4. OMG!You are so sweet!:)

  5. Wow … what great pictures of you and your uber-charismatic father. I found your blog while reading an article about the passing of Natasha Richardson. We would not agree on politics, Jane, but I have always loved you as an actress, and I adore your father in all his movies. My favorite is The Lady Eve, but I will watch him in anything. I think your brother Peter and niece Bridget are excellent actors as well. I am going to trot myself over to my Netflix queue and put some of your movies in the lineup. God bless.

  6. Truly great pictures of you and your father! You look so much like him. I’m sure your father would be very proud of you now, Jane. He loved you so much. I can see that in his eyes when I look at these pictures.

    I wish you all the best!

  7. Great pics Jane, I haven’t gone to this section of your website before. I think that I have read every book there has been on you and your family (good and bad), but I do love your book and Peter’s best. I think because both books don’t pull any punches, ( a bit like This Life by Sidney Poitier), they don’t make any excuses, and tell it like it is. Keep on acting please. We missed you when you weren’t making movies, though through the magic of film, we can always watch repeats of old ones. You and Mr Redford really should do another movie together, I can think of a lot of scenarios for you two! Cheers from Downunder.

  8. These are beautiful photos of you and your father!

  9. These are WONDERFUL photographs! You look so much like your dad! It’s remarkable! I love the way you two look at each other. I see so much love there! I’ve been going through the different categories on your website, and reading the comments, and enjoying the photos! Thank you for sharing these pics. Your dad was so handsome and had a certain presence about him even in these pictures. You are so young and lovely in these pictures with a certain innocence in your appearance!

  10. Great photos. Jane your Dad will always be my favourite actor. Great actor, handsome. I have an old print of him in a Camels cigarette ad. Golden Pond, you and your Dad amazing in that movie….

    Jane I used to work out to all your videos. Thank you for keeping me in shape in my 20’s and 30’s. I am thinking I need to get them out again now that I turned 50! Jane you are stunning. An inspiration. I applaud all your work you have done and continue to do.

    Take Care,

  11. I have a question: Why is The Dollmaker not listed under your acting where your list of movies are? It is one of my favorite movies of all time and I can’t seem to find it even when I ran a search.

    • Leana, I will check ito it. Hmmm. Dollmaker is one of my all time favorites. xx

      • Perhaps because it was a made-for-television film. Your performance was pitch perfect.

  12. Wow, just wow. Great to see your Dad and you together like that. Thanks so very much for sharing? I love Henry Fonda and I love you, oh and Peter too LOL. It’s just so retro and and respectful. Henry looks like a father so proud of his daughters broadway debut. It’s like you can feel the electricity in the air, just by the way you look at each other. Thank you so much Jane for being so giving, and sharing these photos with some of us who have never seen them. It’s an honor to share that day and night with you and the wonderfully talented Henry Fonda!

  13. Jane

    Just registered in your blog.
    Congratulations for all your accomplishments and courage of conviction. You are an amazing and extraordinary woman .. no words can really describe your greatness and grace!!


    Just for the record I will never forget I met your father in 74 while at ucla at a fundraising dinner where he was was the special guest. He arrived driving a vw beetle .. among all those RR and Bentleys .. rolled down his window and asked me where was the venue and then asked me kindly to park his car 🙂

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