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For those new to my blog, I have a dog, an 8 lb Coton de Tulear (pronounced Tulea). Tulea is the name of my dog. Tulear is a town in Madagascar where the breed originated. I got mine 6 1/2 years ago when she was 2 months old. I didn’t want an all white one, too chi chi, so I found a breeder in Montreal called Sara France, who breeds cotons that have color (Though it tends to fade as they get older—the call of the gene pool! Half Tulea’s face was black when I got her.)
The Sara France website is

Anyway, at a dinner party in Ann Arbor last Friday, a couple at the table asked me what kind of dog I have and I said, “Oh, never mind. It’s an unusual breed and no one’s ever heard of it and it’s too complicated to explain.” (I’d had a drink or two).

The man insisted saying, “We’re dog people. Tell us.” So I said, “I have a coton.” and he exclaimed, “so do we!!”

And we did the whole “OMG- this-is- too- amazing- No- one- ever- has –one” thing. “Where did you get yours?” I asked. “From a breeder in Montreal,” he answered. “Not Sara France???!!!” I asked. Again, “OMG, yes, from Sara France.” It was a great coincidence that made us all so happy. Like me, he and his wife bought the dog in the Montreal airport. His is much bigger…about 13-14 pounds, if I recall correctly, while Tulea is 8 pounds. The runt, just what I wanted.

Here are a couple of pictures of their coton named Shaggy. I love the one of the two cotons dancing together! We have since found out from the breeder that Shaggy is Tuleas cousin!.

Shaggy Tulea's Cousin, Photo credit: Nathan Upfal

Shaggy Tulea's Cousin. Photo credit: Nathan Upfal

Shaggy Dancing. Photo credit: Nathan Upfal

Here is a video of how Tulea greets me when I’ve been away. I adore the sounds she makes. Such happiness it sounds like pain. Enjoy!

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